PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Check which console is best for you!

Last week, Sony and Microsoft announced the prices of their consoles in the Brazilian market; having prices very close, we are still in doubt in the fight PS5 vs Xbox Series X. Now, with the values, we can make a good comparison and take you, the consumer, a good guide to buy your long awaited next generation console.

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S


The three consoles are quite different in style and also in size. The S Series is much more compact and weighs just 1,93kg, and Microsoft claims that it is 60% smaller than its bigger brother Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X has a cobblestone shape, and it has a color dark, reminiscent of the One X, weighing 4,45 kg. Both can be used horizontally and vertically.

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The Playstation 5 has a black and white design, which also has a led strip that highlights its contours. Being more flashy than its rivals, the PS5 weighs 3,9Kg in the digital version and 4,5Kg in the version with disc player.


The three consoles use processors manufactured by AMD, and all have the Zen2 architecture, with very similar specifications. The consoles are likely to perform very similarly, both on the S, X and PS5.

In numerical terms, the Xbox Series X is ahead, with an eight-core processor and 16 threads. In speed, the Series X processor can also reach up to 3,8GHz with the eight physical cores, and 3,6GHz in the activated threads. The Series S, on the other hand, has a processor with the same profile, but that delivers 3,6 GHz of frequency in the eight cores.

Ps5 vs xbox series x: zen architecture 2

Playstaiton 5 also uses a 16-thread octa-core, which works at 3,5GHz speed. The PS5 processor can also take this speed down in situations where the processor is not being used much.

Video card

The graphics card for both three consoles has the same origin, and is a Radeon from AMD, of the RDNA2 architecture, which was customized by the manufacturers to meet their respective needs. The consoles will be equipped with RayTracing technology, and more advanced ones. The Xbox Series X also leads the way in this, reaching 52 GPU cores, with a fixed speed of 1,825GHz. The console promises to have a graphics power of 12 TFLOPS.

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The PS5 comes just below with 36 units running at a speed of 2,23GHz, which cannot be lowered and will feature 10,29 TFLOPS.

Finally, we have the Series S, which has a smaller and simpler graphics card, which has 20 computational units, which will run at 1,565GHz, and will have an expected performance of 4 TFLOPS.

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