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Businessman, 29, Married Games founder, developer, gamer, enthusiast and a complete NERD, Juan still likes to pick up his guitar and get a good sound at Rocksmith.

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Eneba presents – the best 2021 xbox games so far | 9112f7b0 hitman 3 | married games tips/guides | hitman, it takes two, mass effect, mobile, multiplayer, resident evil, singleplayer, xbox |

Eneba presents – Best Xbox Games 2021 so far

Ariana grande keeps animation of the fortnite event | 67283e09 image | married games news | battle royale, epic games, fortnite, fps, mobile, multiplayer, pc, playstation, xbox |

Ariana Grande keeps animation of the Fortnite event

Call of duty: what does it mean to put in warzone? | 24bd8ba5 untitled | married games news | activision, battle royale, fps, infinity ward, multiplayer, pc, playstation, raven software, warzone, xbox | pro warzone

Call of Duty: What does PR mean in Warzone?

Pubg: new skin from football sensation son heung-min | e7d093b0 son heung min pubg | married games news | battle royale, fps, krafton, mobile, multiplayer, online, pc, pubg, pubg mobile | son heung-min

PUBG: New skin from football sensation Son Heung-Min

New gears of war comes with nextgen graphics using unreal engine 5 | 50bb8a27 image | married games news | gears of war, new gears of war, unreal engine, unreal engine 5 | unreal engine 5

New Gears of War comes with nextgen graphics using Unreal Engine 5

Blender: how to install screencast keys | aa1a6b2c maxresdefault 1 | married games tips/guides | blender, linux, mac, 3d modeling, pc | screencast keys

Blender: How to install Screencast keys

Pedro pascal and bella ramsey are cast in the series of the last of us | 15f41708 image | married games news | hbo, playstation, sony, the last of us | The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are cast for The Last of Us series

Games: launch in January | 3079d81f image | married games tips/guides | epic games store, gravity heroes, hitman, nintendo switch, playstation 4, redout: space assault, steam, teratopia, the king of fighters, the medium, xbox game pass, xbox one, xbox series s, xbox series x | launch

Games: launch in January

Disgusted users ask for cyberpunk 2077 refund after faulty path | 5e374f1f whatsapp image 2020 12 12 at 23. 47. 00 | married games news | cd projekt red, cyberpunk, cyberpunk 2077 | cyberpunk 2077

Disgusted users ask for refund of Cyberpunk 2077 after flawed path

Destroy all humans! Fun with alien weapons | 49c30cd0 b0a2 11ea acac 42010af00be0 | married games news | destroy all humans

Destroy All Humans! Fun with alien weapons

Cloudpunk will win a collector's version | 84d1d6a1 af4a 11ea aef2 42010af009f0 scaled scaled | married games news | cloudpunk

Cloudpunk will win a collector's version

Vigor: new game mode in season 4: warlords | 464c43a1 b0b1 11ea a6ca 42010af009f0 | married games news | warlords

Vigor: New game mode in Season 4: Warlords

Desperados iii officially launched | cb3b009c desperados iii pdvg cover | married games news | desperados iii

Desperados III officially launched

Minecraft receives update on the nether | a18ad6e8 soulsandvalley | married games news | nether

Minecraft gets Update on Nether

Luna: the shadow dust - review | 356b4f0b lunamulticat e1588266396187 | married games reviews | luna: the shadow dust

Luna: The Shadow Dust - Review

Dead by daylight - how to face the cannibal | 99414eb9 1 | married games tips/guides, news | cannibal

Dead by Daylight - How to face the Cannibal

Dead by daylight - how to face the nightmare | 2449e57d a0e837 bd1ce327b5384aed837aa620d9f9738c | married games tips/guides, news | nightmare

Dead by Daylight - How to face the nightmare

In other waters - review / analyze | 4996080d in other waters cover | married games reviews | in other waters

In other Waters - Review / Analysis

Castlestorm ii officially launches on July 31 | 541aff19 ac10 11ea acac 42010af00be0 | married games news | castlestorm ii

CastleStorm II officially launches on July 31

Foreclosed - the new cyberpunk action shooter | 1c2c64d5 1 | married games news | foreclosed

Foreclosed - The new Cyberpunk Action Shooter