12 Foolproof Tips for New World Beginners

See our compilation of tips for new players and find out everything you need to know before going to Aeternum

Looking for tips and a beginners guide in New World? Amazon has finally released its much talked about MMORPG, so it's time to embark on this “new world” and start leveling up your new characters, discovering the mysteries behind the world in search of Azoth, making new friends, new enemies in the battles in PVP and PVE. New World is a great success and Steam DB showed that the game has become 500 simultaneous players goal right in the first hours of release, second only to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with 684 players.

If you've never played the beta before, this puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to figuring out how to level up quickly and decide which New World weapons are worth investing your time in. For the most part, it's easy to learn as you go along, but there are some beginner tips that will enhance your experience as you begin your journey in Aeternum.

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Quick FAQ

How much does New World cost?

The game costs R$75,49

How Much Does New World Weigh?

Amazon recommends at least 50 GB free storage

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Can I login to Any Server?

Yes, but South American servers are recommended

Can I switch characters on servers?

Originally not, but due to overcrowding on some servers, Amazon will allow you to switch characters on different servers for a while.

I chose the wrong attributes, can I reset them?

Up to Level 19, you can reset your stats for free.

Can I reset my weapon's attributes?

Can reset for free up to Mastery level 10

How to Raise Gun Level Fast in New World?

PvP is the way to go if you want to increase your weapon mastery as quickly as possible.

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How to have two houses in New World?

Reach level 35 to gain space for a second house.

How to Level Up Fast in New World?

Defeat monsters along the way.
Accept the city's quests.
Accepting faction missions.
Increasing skills.
Before logging out, rest at a camp to earn bonuses.

Tips For New World Beginners

Before logging in for the first time, there is one thing you should know; after finishing the tutorial, you'll be randomly on one of the four starting beaches in four different territories, and this is where you'll pass the first 12 or so levels. So if you're planning to play with friends, you run the risk of falling apart from them early in the game. Now, if you're ready to get started – here's everything you need to know.

Controls and User Interface

Most of the controls are self-explanatory, but there are some things you might miss.

  • To save your items, select them and press the 'S' key;
  • Hold the left crtl key to cast an effect on yourself – this allows you to heal with Life Staff, for example;
  • Press 'U' on a settlement or safe area to tag you for PvP;
  • Press 'Y' to choose a location for your camp; press 'E' to build it

We also recommend enabling the 'show extra skills cooldown' game setting as this opens a radial timer in the center of the screen to show you when your skills are available again.

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Storage and Manufacturing

Each time you return to the settlement, store your resources in the storage shed. As you build in that particular settlement, you automatically use the resources from that town's storage shed. However, if you travel to a different settlement, your resources will be left behind, although if both settlements are under your faction's control, you can transfer your storage to another allied settlement for a fee.

You can increase the weight you can carry in your inventory by equipping a backpack. They can be made at Equipment Stations using the crafting skill. We recommend that you make a 'thick leather adventurer's bag' as soon as possible. They require 45 thick leather, 25 linen and ten iron ingots.

You can convert craft materials common in others using faction store common material converters. In beta, it was actually more efficient to buy materials and convert them into whatever common-made ingredient you needed, as it was the cheapest common-made material.

New world beginners
Can you gain blacksmith levels by making a bunch of daggers?

trying to find out how to make linen? First, you need to find hemp, so open your map and select 'resource locations' on the left – you can see the types of areas where hemp breeds. Harvest the hemp with the sickle and then turn the fibers into flax on the loom. As you improve your collecting skills, you become able to track back certain items – the higher you are in each skill, the further away you can detect them.

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Free resources, like milk and leather, are available daily in all the settlements your faction controls. You may check all trading posts from any single trading post, so you can decide if it's worth the trip to another settlement to get the best price.

if you are asking how to make fish fillets in New World, this couldn't be simpler – just have one fish in your inventory. It is also possible to obtain fish oil from recovered fish.

Equipment and Combat

Everyone starts with a sword and a shield equipped, but when you decide to try out some new weapons, you'll probably leave that shield strapped to your back. In fact, it doesn't do anything for you except increase your equipment load. Your gear load is what determines the armor class you are wearing, and each class offers different benefits:

  • Light roll dodge, 20% damage bonus
  • Normal - sidestep dodge, 10% damage bonus, 10% crowd control
  • Heavy - slow dodge, + 20% crowd control, 15% block

If you're after the best equipment, we recommend equipping faction, as it is relatively easy to get. If you're completing multiple PvP missions at the same time, keep an eye on your faction tokens – there's a 3.000 token limit initially until you unlock a higher limit, so make sure you buy enough to stay below that limit, even that you can't equip it yet.

there are five different types of enemies in the game and nine types of damage. See how they all interact:

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EnemyTo strikeMomentumWhippedFireIceNatureEmptyRayArcane
old-15%+ 20 %-40%+ 15 %+ 30 %
corrupted+ 20 %-15%-40%+ 15 %+ 30 %
Angry Earth+ 20 %-15%-30%-40%
Lost-15%+ 10 %+ 15 %+ 30 %-40%
beasts+ 20 %

A new game deserves a new keyboard

If your weapon has a gem slot, you can convert the type of damage your weapon deals by equipping New World gems. When fighting enemies, you can tell the effectiveness of your damage by the color of the number that appears:

  • blue means reduced damage
  • White means no modifier
  • Yellow means increased damage
  • orange means critical success

In addition, you must choose and level your weapon as soon as possible, as each of them can also be upgraded and the sooner you choose what you want to use, the faster you will make your equipment stronger. Don't be indecisive for too long or experimenting too much. It's best to take the one you like the most and focus on it.

Don't get attached to useless items either. Get rid of anything you're not going to use that you can't convert into materials. Throw it away as there is no NPC you can sell these bad items to. So you won't use it? Throw away.


camping is essential
camping is essential

You can set up camp anywhere outside of a starting region. You'll be able to respawn in your camp if you die, and you can also heal and cook in the camp – once you unlock a higher camp level, you can unlock better recipes for wherever you are.

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Don't forget to keep an eye on your leveling guide – this is where you get quests to upgrade your camp once you've reached the appropriate level cap. And while you're away from camp, we recommend eat regularly to receive the status of 'well fed', which heals your HP over time.

How to Travel Fast in New World

Azoth is a powerful mineral with a few uses:

  • It allows you to travel fast – the cost depends on your weight limit and whether your faction is in control of the territory.
  • Crafting – You can infuse your items with Azoth as you craft them to increase your gear score and chance for perks or gem slots.

You'll get Azoth when you complete the main quest, but it's not available, so don't spend your Azoth carelessly – it's worth saving and using it strategically. You can also quickly travel to the places you stayed for free once an hour. So, don't forget to mark these quick travel points before starting your trip.

As mobility is not as simple in New World as in other games, take advantage of being close to the City Wall and take as many missions as you can. This will make you spend less time searching for quests and delivering them and going back and forth. Take advantage of being at one point and do as much as you can there before setting out on your journey, as missions will be your main fuel for leveling in the game.

Manufacture, Harvest and Mine Everything

Features are critical in New World. Not only can they be used to craft items, sell for gold or complete quests, but if you've been actively trying to level up your trade skills from the beginning of the game, then you'll have skills suited for later parts of the game.

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Whenever possible, take advantage of the resources around you and get it as soon as possible. If you have no use for these items, sell them at the Trading Post, but they are definitely worth collecting for the XP skill.

Store your resources as often as possible

As you collect resources, there will come a point where your inventory will need to be depleted. If you put resources in your storage, you can still use them to craft while in that specific city or in other cities belonging to your corresponding Faction.

travel light

Being overloaded with too much weight makes traveling almost impossible. But even if you can walk, having a lot of weight is a bad idea to move around Aeternum. If you are planning a quick trip, the less weight you have, the lower the cost of a quick trip. Be sure to store everything you're not using before you travel quickly so you can reduce your cost.

Your PC can't handle New World? Want to upgrade? Take advantage of these offers

Take advantage of the factory

The Trading Post is an amazing tool to get weapons or powerful tools, but there are many other reasons to make use of this market. You can quickly purchase resources that can be delivered immediately to complete City Quests, for example. This is a great way to level up quickly without having to venture out of a location.

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Complete Minor Quests

Many players in New World will go straight to story missions to advance through the game. While that's great, you'll want to do side missions along the way. They may not give you as much XP as possible, but they will take you to places around the map where you wouldn't be. This will give you more map coverage, XP, and will generally give you more of what the world of Aeternum has to offer as you work on the main story of the game.

Remember, Respecing is free until level 20

New players can Respec (zero stats and spend on others) for free up to level 20. This means you can easily try out all weapons and find the right playstyle for you. Make sure you do this so that when you reach level 20 you are prepared and ready to continue with your chosen style of play. You can still do this later in the game for a small cost, so there's no need to stress out, even if you change your mind later in the game.

Make use of both weapon slots

You can find a variety of weapons to choose from right from the start. There are no defined classes in the game, so instead you should figure out which weapons you want to use and adapt your build to your preferred playstyle. You can choose a sword and bow, for example, or perhaps a staff and hatchet are more to your liking.

Weapon mastery means you can unlock active and passive abilities tied to a specific weapon type. At first, you'll probably want to focus on a leveling build, but as you progress through the levels, you should think about the weapon combination you want to use to handle more difficult content.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Operational system10 64-bit Windows
ProcessorIntel Core i5-2400 / AMD CPU with 4 physical cores @3Ghz
Memory8 GB of RAM
Video cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 or higher
DirectX12 Version
RedeBroadband internet connection
Storage50 GB of available space
Other remarksInternet connection required to play, offers in-game purchases

Recommended Requirements

Operational system10 64-bit Windows
ProcessorIntel Core i7-2600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1400
Memory16 GB of RAM
Video cardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390X or higher
DirectX12 Version
RedeBroadband internet connection
Storage50 GB of available space
Other remarksInternet connection required to play, offers in-game purchases

Explore The New World

Is there a fast teleport on the way?
Is there a fast teleport on the way?

N is set in the mid-1600s, where players colonize a fictional land called Aeternum, created in the mold of British America, along the Atlantic Ocean. Players can mine resources, craft items, and fight with and against other players.

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For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum was the source of fantastic legends – and now you've found it. Shipwrecked, without supplies or allies, you'll need to make your way into a dangerous world where the fundamental laws of life and death don't apply. Magic flows through Aeternum. Brings life: miraculous healing, reanimation of the dead and strange flora with magical properties. And that brings horror: the power to cause unspeakable destruction and the slow wear and tear of the soul through countless cycles of death and resurrection.

In such a land, your destiny is whatever you make of it.

Now, leave it there in the comments: What do you think of New World? Did you manage to play the beta? Are you enjoying the game? You can enjoy and read more about MMOs is about N on our website.

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