Psychonauts 2 Review/Analysis

Psychonauts 2 Review/Analysis: Psychonauts 2 it's quite an experience. Everything can be carefully created, focusing on details that we sometimes miss. Everything inside this game was well thought out, very well distributed and also executed. The setting, the backgroud of the characters, details that even extend to the soundtrack that guides us in more intense and relaxed moments. And that's why this game makes us think it's much more complex than it looks at first glance. But that doesn't mean it's always something enigmatic, it's simple, but thought of in a very different way!

The game is a development of Double Fine, which was also the same studio that made the first version of Psychonauts back in 2005. Over the years, more precisely 16 years, we had a continuation of what was already good. But this time in a more recent generation of consoles and with much more power. Psychonauts 2 is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Playstation 4/5 e PC. And, also, it can be found in the catalog of the Xbox Game Pass from August 26th.

Psychonauts 2 review/analysis
Psychonauts 2 Review/Analysis

Psychonauts 2 was not announced until mid-2015. During this period, when it was in development, the developer was bought by Microsoft. Your first game got off to a pretty rocky start at launch. The game was always very good, but it took a while to be recognized. The game only came to stand out after being released for several platforms, thus, reaching a larger audience and recognition was a matter of time, there was no other!

The sequel, which was released on August 25th, 2021, has everything to go off right away due to the success of Xbox Game Pass. In addition to also integrating other Playstation programs, and the Xbox service is also for the PC. And, after the release of the game, we at Married Games were able to play the game and pass on a little bit of the idea that Psychonauts 2. Fasten your seatbelts and have a good read!

Psychonauts 2 Review/Analysis

How does it unfold?

Psychonauts 2 review/analysis
Psychonauts 2 Review/Analysis

To begin the analysis, we must highlight something: It is not necessary to play any games prior to Psychonauts 2 for the story to make sense. The games I refer to are Psychonauts and Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. The latter is an exclusive version that only those who had a Playstation VR could enjoy the game.

The game starts at the same time as the first game. The protagonist of this adventure is Razputin Aquato, a little boy who is only 10 years old and turns in his thirties to try to integrate in a spy movement called Psychonauts. But for that, Razputin had to eat a lot of rice and beans (in a figurative way) to be a real part of the group. So, so that he could be integrated little by little, he started as a kind of intern and learned from the rest of his colleagues.

Just like in any secret organizations we see in movies, there's a person who works as an informer bringing and bringing information. In this case, the story develops in looking for who is the person who is leaking information and trying to resurrect Malígula who is a great assassin. Something that you will understand better later on. The situation becomes more difficult when the leader of that organization is not hitting the head right after a kidnapping. That's where Razputin Aquato's star shines.

At this point, the player should be aware of one thing: the game requires a lot of attention and you can easily get lost in this game. Most of the time, you will find that everything flows in a linear fashion. During this time, Razputin goes through people's minds to do good: to help them overcome some kind of fear and/or trauma. But all of this has a purpose: to get important information for the game.


Psychonauts 2 review/analysis
Psychonauts 2 Review/Analysis

The game is very simple in terms of commands and gameplay. In Psychonauts 2 you practically jump, punch and activate telekinesis. Let's not forget that it is also possible to move some objects, shoot some rays against threats. The highlights are due to levitation and making the character glide.

Something to stand out in the gameplay is Raz's interaction with objects found in the environment, as well as with NPCs. Depending on your interaction, you can earn a progress advance. Another interesting stop is the dialogue you get throughout the game, some make you situate yourself on something or contextualize a situation that you got lost.

As you progress, Raz learns many things that can be useful in the course of the game. Some skills are extremely important to solve the puzzles. What is caught is knowing how to choose which one to use according to the situation you find yourself. In order not to become varzea, you can only use up to four abilities at a time. Between skills, you can create memory connections, create some combos, etc.

The game understands how long a player can take to master these skills and new ones are only presented once you have put what you know to the test. If you are new to this style of gameplay, learning may seem a bit slow, but after a while you can start to master it. If you are a veteran, everything becomes easier.

This game has a point that bothers about character control. Quite commonly, I died over stupid things because simply some commands weren't working as they should. Nothing too glaring, but in some situations they were a little uncomfortable. The spawn protected is another thing that left me frustrated in the game precisely because it doesn't exist, different from what happened in the first game. Many times I just showed up in the middle of a bullshit already being beaten, without pity or pity.

These are very basic things that I could notice but that didn't affect my gameplay at all. Everything was great, and these points are just details overshadowed by the beautiful plot of this game.

The point of Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 review/analysis
Psychonauts 2 Review/Analysis

Remember I said at the beginning that the game is quite an experience because of those impressive details? So that's where it starts to become evident. As they are minds, each one is a different world according to the person's personality. This is the most daring part of every adventure because there we address issues such as mental health, sexual orientation, anxiety, bipolarity, etc.

It's all very well done and creative, but the same cannot be said for the bosses. It ends up being a bit repetitive, without a lot of emotions and it also ends up not being so interesting. But when we talk about a construction in the characters' backgroud, whether in the protagonist or in non-playable characters (the ones from NPcs) everything was very well elaborated.

And everything has a purpose. In this case, Psychonauts 2 is actually a game about doing good. And we see this perfectly in Raz. A 10-year-old boy who decided to be part of something that helps to overcome insecurities. It's like he's in people's minds just to make it all right. And, this isn't just a lesson for Raz, it's to make us reflect on how helping others is helping yourself. And nothing represents it better than Raz himself. As if it were a will of its own, worthy of a person who has a good heart.

If you play Psychonauts 2, in the first hour you will identify because it's all about insecurities. Everything done just right so it doesn't trigger anyone. We found this from a game that was crafted with the utmost creativity and empathy. All your insecurities, video game players, you find in this game, represented by game elements. Even the villains, you shouldn't eliminate them, like in traditional games. We need to understand that villains need help too, and at that point, you come to like them a little bit.

needs to be discussed

One thing that hits this game is ease. Yes, we are talking about how easy the game is. The title takes a long time for us to feel the difficulty, the most difficult puzzles only appear after a good few hours of gameplay. This is something that bothered me because it goes against my personal taste in games, especially when it comes to games of this genre.

A great example to use is that when we arrive to solve a challenge or puzzle, a character mysteriously appears, handing me on a tray what is needed to solve that puzzle. Or, just make a minimal effort to remember something back there that helps resolve something. This is a stop that is worrying and to reflect on the future of Psychonauts and other similar games, since the creator of the game said that we only have bosses thanks to a little help from Microsoft. Can you imagine what it would be like?

Maybe it's really a flaw in the game that no one likes so much: you need more cutscenes explaining stories, contextualizing everything without letting you even try it yourself through the gameplay itself.

Worth it?

If you're reading this far, it's because something caught your eye, besides wanting to know the verdict, of course. Well, I want you to know that yes, the game is a great move if you take two things into consideration. The first concerns the availability of the game. We are talking about a recent release that costs a lot here in Brazil, something that is standard in games. You are finding the game for R$249,00.

The investment is beautiful if you are an Xbox Game Pass user, whether on the console or on the PC. If you subscribe to this service, you have a gold mine. Psychonauts 2 is a great game and being part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog on launch day is great for both you and the industry that needs to know more about the game. I, author of this text, took just over 17 hours to complete the game and I can say that the experience is more than positive.

The other point is: If you like games that make you think for a long time, don't even think about it, just buy this game because, as was said in this review, the game is fabulous when it comes to topics such as empathy. Something that is completely necessary, especially when it comes to young people and adults. These things should be taken more seriously. And this game brought that out, beautifully illustrated and worthy of my money. The game is beautiful, and if you play it, it will probably have a little place in your top games of life.

Psychonauts 2 Review/Analysis

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Developer: Double Fine
Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Playstation4/5 and PC.


More on Psychonauts (first game)

Psychonauts is a platform game created by Tim Schafer, developed by Double Fine Productions and published by Majesco. The game was released on April 19, 2005 for Xbox, April 26 for Microsoft Windows, and June 21 for PlayStation 2. It was released on Steam on October 11, 2006 as an “Original Xbox” via Xbox Live Marketplace and in the GameTap service. On November 5, 2009, Psychonauts also became available through the Good Old Games online distribution service through its partnership with Majesco.

Psychonauts is based on the actions of Razputin, a young man with psychic abilities who escapes from the circus to infiltrate a summer camp for those with similar powers to become a "Psychonaut". He discovers that there is a sinister story in the camp that only he can prevent from happening. The game centers on the imaginative and very strange minds of the various characters that Raz comes in as a Psychonaut-in-training/"Psycadet" to help them overcome their fears or memories of their past, to gain their cooperation and advance through the game. . Raz gains various psychic abilities during the game that are used to attack enemies and solve puzzles.

Although the game received great acclaim from critics and gained a large following, Psychonauts suffered from poor sales and Majesco suffered financial difficulties related to Psychonauts and other games in its catalogue.

About Double Fine

Double Fine Productions, Inc. is an American video game developer at Xbox Game Studios based in San Francisco, California. Founded in July 2000 by Tim Schafer shortly after his departure from LucasArts, Double Fine's first two games – Psychonauts and Brütal Legend – underperformed publishers' expectations despite critical praise. The company's future was assured when Schafer turned to several in-house prototypes built over a two-week period known as the “Amnesia Fortnight” to expand into smaller titles, which were licensed by publishers and had commercial success. 

Schafer has since repeated these Amnesia Fortnights, using fan voting mechanics, to help select and build smaller titles. Double Fine is also credited with boosting crowdfunding interest in video games, having raised more than $3 million for the development of Broken Age, at the time one of the biggest projects funded by Kickstarter. The company continued to develop its independent developer status and promoted efforts to help other smaller independent developers through its influence, including becoming a video game publisher for those titles. 

Double Fine was also able to acquire rights to remaster some of LucasArts' previous adventure games, including Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle. Double Fine's website also hosts seven webcomics, which are created by members of the Double Fine art team and are collectively called Double Fine Comics.

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