5 Shotguns used in CoD Modern Warfare and Warzone

As one of the most used weapon classes in Modern Warfare and Warzone, with a variety of shotguns that offer something unique when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

Large ammunition loader and a semi-automatic firing mechanic, it is super important to find the right combinations of accessories to improve your low damage production. Check below about the best shotgun.

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Origin 12

Shotgun | origin 12
Shotgun | Origin 12

 Origin 12 has the least damage of all, but the semi-automatic aspect of the weapon negates this completely, thanks to the speed with which you can shoot. So if you put yourself in hand-to-hand combat situations and try to get in the face of your enemies, you will surely dominate the game. Check out the statistics of this shotgun below.

Origin 12 shotgun shotgun basic information
CoD Modern Warfare | Origin 12

Shotgun 725

Shotgun | 725

The break-action shotgun is currently one of Modern Warfare's most powerful weapons, with its dual-shot cartridge capability proving deadly at any range. Check out the statistics for this shotgun below.

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725 basic shotgun information
CoD Modern Warfare | 725

Shotgun 680

Shotgun | call of duty®: modern warfare
Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare

The 680 model offers more ammunition, but at a higher recoil cost. With the Double Time privilege, you can zoom through enemy lines and get up close and personal. The Model 680 may take a while to recharge, but it is a guaranteed death from a blow within a certain range. Check the statistics below.

Basic information of the model 680 shotgun
CoD Modern Warfare | 680

Shotgun R9-0

Shotgun | r9-0
Shotgun | R9-0

Using a 14-cartridge double-tube magazine, the American R9-0 Shotgun can fire two shots before pumping to deliver a devastating double blow.

R9-0 shotgun shotgun basic information
CoD Modern Warfare | R9-0

VLK Rogue

Shotgun | vlk rogue
VLK Rogue

VLK agile 12-caliber magnetic rifle with many modification options for range, stability and maneuverability. Check out the statistics of this shotgun below.

Basic information of vlk rogue shotgun
CoD Modern Warfare | VLK Rogue

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So what did you think of these Shotguns? Comment on your favorite in-game!

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