How to create and sell items in Roblox in 3 steps

Created or want to create something cool and want to win some Robux? So, learn how to create and sell items in Roblox

Roblox is a different MMO. He takes the initial idea of ​​a Minecraft, for example, and extrapolates as much as possible. Not only can you create your games, your maps, your characters and your world, you can do it in different ways, without being limited exactly to the cubes and squares of the famous Mojang game. Here you can, if you know how, create games in a much more realistic style, recreate games or completely innovate in a style to make the game you've always wanted.

In addition to games, Roblox also allows you to create different items and clothes and style decorations as you imagine and, best of all, you can earn some Robux (Roblox's money) by selling them. And what's better than earning money while you're playing? So, in this guide, we'll teach you how to craft your items in Roblox and then how to put them up for sale, as well as some general gameplay tips. Follow the guide and start planning where you're going to spend.

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How to create an item in Roblox?

Go to Create > Build New > Download the template of the item you want to create, following the tags in the example outline > Save as PNG, JPEG or BMP > Upload to website. You can create an ad to sell it.

Can I sell items on Roblox?

Only Roblox Premium Membership can sell in-game items

Can I resell items on Roblox?

Only Roblox Premium Membership can resell in-game items

What items can I sell on Roblox?

Only “limited” and “limited exclusives” items originally created by Roblox.

How to create items in Roblox

Creating items in Roblox requires some experience with 3D models and image editing software. If you need a good, free image editor, here's a list of several free editors you can use. What you'll need to do is use the files you can download directly from the site, following the color markings to create your own look. You also need an image (preferably in .PNG format) to stamp your custom item. See the step by step:

  • Go to the “Create” option, which is the third button to the right of the “ROBLOX” logo button in the upper left corner. This is where you can find a template.
  • Click on "Build New" and select "Shirt." You can also simply find “Shirts” in the existing list.
  • Look just to the right of the "Create" button. There should be a title that says “Create a shirt”. Below, there is a text that says: “Did you use the model? If not, download it”. The last three letters of the “Download Here” text are hyperlinked to the template image. Click to grab the model image, which will open in a new tab.
  • Customize your template. The solid-colored square (and rectangular) parts in Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, and Pink are the model parts. You need to have some experience to learn how to work with the model, but the red areas are the front of the torso and arms, yellow is the right side, green is the left side, teal is the top, pink is the background and blue is the back.
Items in roblox

On each model, notice that the parts are “folded” and wrapped around a Roblox character's body, arms, and legs. Here are the sizes of each part of the model:

ShapeSize (width × height)Clothes
big square128 × 128 pixelsFront and back of the torso
tall rectangle64 × 128 pixelsSides of the torso (D, L)
Sides of arms / legs ( L , B , R , F )
wide rectangle128 × 64 pixelsUpper and lower torso
small square64 × 64 pixelsUpper and lower arms / legs ( U , D )
  • Save the file as PNG, JPEG or BMP.
  • Go back to the "Developer" button and go back to "Create a shirt".
  • Locate your model. Below the words “Did you use the template? Otherwise, download it here”, click on “Choose file” and select the file where you saved it. Enter the name you want to give the template. The name can have symbols.
  • Click on “Upload”. It may take a while to load your shirt. If you load your shirt when the servers are not so busy, for example in the morning, it will take at least thirty seconds, and you can end up in that amount of time depending on how busy the servers are.
  • Pay for an ad to advertise your shirt, if you wish. Under “Create a T-shirt” or Inventory or Character, click on the shirt title and you should find a page with your shirt title at the top. Click the configure button and select “Advertise” (unless you want to put the item up for sale, if you haven't already. If desired, click “Configure this shirt”).
  • The ads come in banner (728x90), skyscraper (160x600) and rectangle (300x250). Create your ad in any program and again customize it according to your choice, but the entire form will appear on the screen.
  • Upload your ad by clicking "Choose file" to the right of "Upload an ad". Next, the ad title is the text that appears when you hover over the ad. Then click on “Upload”.

Bid a price on Tickets or Robux for the ad. The ad will run for twenty-four hours; then it will automatically be removed. If you want to know more, you can read on wikia from Roblox on how to make various other types of items.

Items in roblox
How the clothes should look on your model

How to Sell Items Created in Roblox

Currently, only an account with a Roblox Premium subscription can sell private items. Also, as with trading, only items marked as “limited” and “limited exclusives” can be sold. If an item is “limited” or “limited exclusives”, there will be an icon flagging it as such below the item's photo when viewing its detail page or browsing the catalog.

To sell an item that meets the above requirements, first go to the details page. Once there, click on the three dots above the box containing the price and the Buy Now buttons. Then select Sell from the displayed menu. You will see a box that allows you to set your price. Attention: Be very careful during the pricing process. If you set the wrong price and sell (a cheap price can cause the item to sell almost immediately), Roblox cannot reverse the transaction.

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How to resell items purchased on Roblox

Only Roblox Premium members who have upgraded to a subscription can resell previously purchased items to other members. To become a member of the Club, login to your free account on the Roblox homepage and click on “Creators Club” in the top toolbar. You can resell your items with an updated Club subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased in monthly, semiannual, annual and lifetime plans.

What Items Can You Sell

Club members can only resell “limited” and “limited exclusive” items originally created by Roblox. Limited items include avatar clothing or accessories that were sold for a limited time and are no longer available in the Roblox catalog. Limited Exclusive Items are also avatar products that have been sold for a limited time, but are released with a serial number that indicates their craft number (such as number 2 out of 100).

In the catalog, limited items are marked with a green banner and the word "limited", while limited exclusive items have a green and yellow banner and the words "limited exclusive." You can also search for limited and limited unique items in the catalog directory on the left.

If you are already a member of the Creation Club and wish to resell a limited or exclusive item, click on the item you wish to sell to start the sale. Your inventory is located on the "My Roblox" page. After clicking on the item, select “Sell item” from the menu and enter the selling price (on Robux or tickets). Click "Update" and "Done" to finalize the sale. once the system is updated, you will see your item (with your name) in the current Roblox catalog.

Tips and Warnings

You don't need to be a Club member to purchase a limited or limited exclusive item, but only Creator Club members can resell them. BC members also have the option to create their own unique avatar items and sell them for any sale price.

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Several adventures await you in Roblox

Roblox is the ultimate virtual universe that lets you create, share experiences with friends and whatever you want to imagine. The game was developed by Roblox Corporation and is available for PC, iOS, macOS, Xbox One, Android, Fire OS, Mac OS, Mac OS Classic. Join millions of people and discover an endless variety of immersive experiences created by a global community!

In the mood for an epic adventure? What to compete against rivals from around the world? Or simply want to spend time and chat with your friends online? An ever-expanding library of community-created worlds means there's always something new and exciting for you to explore every day.

Be creative and show your unique style! Customize your avatar with hats, shirts, faces, gear and more. With an ever-expanding catalog of items, there's no limit to the looks you can create.

Now, leave it in the comments: Did you manage to create a cool item in Roblox? Did you sell it for a good price? Do you play Roblox often? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about Roblox on our website.

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