Best Website to Watch Cartoons Online for Free in 2022

Watch new, modern and classic cartoons for free

People love to watch cartoons, regardless of age; a child is always alive within us. Cartoons are a great stress buster and can help people relax in tense moments after a day of work or study. Turning off your mind and laughing with cartoons is one of the best things you can do.

Whether it's your childhood classics like Woody or Bugs Bunny, more modern cartoons like Rick & Morty or The Simpsons or anime like Naruto. However, it can be an arduous task to find some decent free websites to watch cartoons online in HD or with English subtitles. But they do exist, like the Cartoon Network or toonjet.

To make your search easier to find the best free websites to watch cartoons online. We've compiled a list of online sites that offer fast streaming of cartoons, classics and modern animations in high definition for free! If you have any doubts, just leave the comment on the site.

Watch drawings on these sites for free

The Internet has made a wide variety of cartoons accessible to everyone. These cartoons, both old classics and new releases, can be watched anytime, by anyone from anywhere in the world. It's incredibly easy to find the cartoon you want to watch, jump to the episode you want to watch, pause, rewind or fast-forward the episode you're watching at your convenience. All thanks to the websites that made it possible to watch cartoons online.

There are a lot of options available to you today. Thus, cartoon fans have an abundant supply of cartoons to last a lifetime. However, in this article, we would like to list the best sites among them all. So, we are going to present you a list of sites that we believe are some of the best places to visit if you want to see some good cartoons online. See our list:

Amazon Prime – Designs, games and free shipping on your purchases!

Amazon raw
Amazon Prime

How to start talking about the best place to watch anything other than Amazon Prime. The site provides thousands of hours of movies, series, cartoons and much more! Not to mention that Amazon Prime still gives free games to its subscribers and is not a R$2 indie game at These are quality Triple A games! Games such as the Jedi Fallen Order, Control, tomb raider and others.

Famous series such as The Boys, Modern Love and American Gods are part of its catalog, in addition to famous films and documentaries, whether they are originals from the streaming service or those already established. If you want to enjoy all these contents, without leaving the couch in your living room, learn now how to download Amazon Prime on TV.

So if you're not a Prime Video subscriber yet, your chance is now. Subscribe now to Amazon Prime, which in addition to exclusive movies and series also gives you free shipping on your Amazon purchases, access to thousands of songs and even several free e-Books for you to read without paying anything. What are you waiting for? Accessing Amazon Prime through this link, you still get thirty days free to try the service without paying absolutely nothing!


Don't forget that you can also watch cartoons on YouTube, including 2D animation! Youtube is a huge platform with an extensive library of cartoons, making it one of the top free sites to watch cartoons online. YouTube has a large number of daily active users, exceeding 30 million, and has more than 5 billion videos in various categories.


You can find any kind of cartoon and all possible categories just by searching the name or category in the search bar of the YouTube, who even created a kids app for curating kids-themed cartoons and videos in a separate mobile app designed for kids. YouTube has collected a huge database of cartoon videos that anyone can watch for free. There are numerous channels dedicated to movies and cartoon series. You can also find animation movies and random creative drawings from drawing professionals de todo o mundo.

The site works perfectly without signing up, but if you sign up, you can go back to watching cartoons where you left them the last time. YouTube is free for everyone. However, there is a premium version of YouTube where you can enjoy ad-free streaming and you can even play it in the background. And be able to download all the cartoon videos.

How many types of cartoons are available? YouTube has no limitations on the type of cartoon and has just about every type of cartoon you can imagine.



Toonjet is another free website to watch cartoons online. The site is dedicated to a library of classic cartoons with the entire collection of legendary cartoons from Tom and Jerry from Cartoon Network to Mickey Mouse from Disney. The site also has a lot of contemporary designs like the series of Pokémon and Samurai Jack and mostly all the 80's and 90's era masterpieces.

There is an option to register and log in to keep a history of all your watched drawings. But if you don't want to subscribe, you can still enjoy the cartoons without limitations. The Toonjet website is free and you don't have to pay for any subscription. How many types of cartoons are available? The site has a huge collection of classics and allows you to give feedback on any of the episodes and rate the cartoons. The problem is that you probably won't find anything in Portuguese.


At you just need to search for the cartoon you are looking for and “kaboom” can start watching your favorite cartoon online for free. The interface is highly interactive and easy to navigate. As with any other free site, you will have to live with a few ads here and there. Cartoons are divided into categories such as dubbed, subtitled, movies, series and other types of cartoons.


The site is free for everyone to enjoy free cartoons, but as it has been banned in some countries, depending on where you are, then you will need to use a VPN to access the website. And how many types of cartoons are available? Cartoons are divided into several categories such as North American cartoons and japanese anime, which make it easy to explore your favorite cartoon.



KissCartoon is an amazingly designed website that hosts a sizable archive of cartoons. The website has earned its place among the top free websites to watch cartoons online with an impressive user interface and easy cartoon library search.

You can filter cartoons by series, movies, genres, in progress or with advanced filtering options. Although the site has some annoying ad policies that always annoy the viewer; otherwise, the site plays at high speed and streaming of cartoons.

Do I need to sign up? No, you don't need to subscribe to enjoy the wide range of cartoons. There is a subscription option for users to enjoy more filtering options. The site is free and anyone can watch cartoons easily and there are almost all types and genres of cartoons available on the site such as comedy, action, science fiction, adventure, fantasy and more.


Cartoonito is a complete entertainment solution for kids. The site has cartoons as well as short stories from the Cartoonito club. There is a list of songs and different learning materials for kids such as painting activities, crafts, riddles, basic math operations, learn to character creation and tell their stories.


Cartoonito gives an educational touch to the site, where cartoons become the learning medium for children, along with light entertainment. You can leave your child in front of this site and let him explore activities that interest him. There is no need to sign up and yes, the site is free to watch cartoons online. There are various types of cartoons as well as cartoon games available on the site.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon network
Cartoon Network

This is easily the favorite site for kids to watch cartoons online. O Cartoon Network has over thirty thousand cartoon movies and videos while more are uploaded every day. Not only children, but also adults can enjoy the cartoons on this site, as in addition to timeless classics, there are still several animations from the 90s.

A fantastic feature of this site is that you can filter videos by the character you prefer. Do you like 90s cartoons? You can find it there! Like more modern designs? There are also drawings like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Bear Without Course and more. There are no pop-up ads while the cartoon is playing. No, you don't need to sign up and the site guarantees a free cartoon streaming service. You can find any cartoon ever produced and aired by Cartoon Network. Therefore, there are various types of cartoons available on the site.


The net Disney is a pioneer in cartoons as we see it today. On Disney's website, you'll find lots of fantastic treats for your cartoon cravings. You can enjoy all cartoons categorized as free by Disney. You can search all programs by name from A to Z and find the program you like the most.

Unlike Disney+, which is a streaming paid, on the Disney website you can see animations for free. The catalog is different, but you can still watch a lot of cool stuff.


Some of the famous cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and more are available for free on the website in HD and Disney Junior does not require you to sign up. There are many categories and types of cartoons available on the site for you to enjoy.


Nickelodeon is an excellent and famous platform for kids to enjoy cartoons online in HD for free. The user interface is straightforward and designed with vivid and striking colors to attract children's attention. The collection of cartoons available on the site is limited to Nickelodeon cartoons only and allows you to listen to the radio or play various online games on the site.


The site will allow you to search for your favorite cartoon and watch new videos and TV shows on the site. You don't need to sign up for streaming cartoons and the site is free to watch cartoons online. Nickelodeon has a wide range of cartoon types to suit all tastes.



Fox is another fantastic entertainment site where you can watch free cartoons online in HD. Cartoon lovers will undoubtedly enjoy browsing this site as you can easily find the latest cartoons on Fox. It hosts some of the popular cartoon TV shows like Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, The Simpsons and more.

Do I need to sign up? Yes and no! The site allows free access for 60 minutes. After that, you will have to connect to your TV provider to enjoy unlimited streaming from the website. How many types of cartoons are available? The site has a limited archive of cartoons, but the ones available are very famous and enjoyable.

Now, if in addition to watching cartoons, you also want to do your drawings, alone or together with your children, and have fun creating your own stories, then we have a special article on the website that will help you learn how create your characters, master the fundamentals of drawing and colorization and script creation and, who knows, even turn this hobby into a source of extra income.

Quick FAQ

What is the best site to see drawings?

The best sites to see drawings online for free are:
Amazon Prime – best site for videos, series and drawings,
Youtube – thousands of free options and varied videos,
Toonjet – vast library of classic designs,
WatchCartoonOnline – drawings available dubbed or subtitled,
KissCartoon – find what you want to watch easily with site search,
Cartoonito – educational cartoons for children,
Cartoon Network – best cartoon channel,
Disney – see the best Disney cartoons and the great classics,
Nicklodeon – cartoons, online radio, games and more,
Fox – cartoons for kids and adults alike,

Where can I see old cartoons?

At WatchCartoonOnline you can view various types of cartoons, both modern and classic for free. It brings together cartoons such as Animaniacs, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, The Jetson, among others.

Where can I see Disney cartoons?

The best place to see Disney cartoons is Disney+. Disney's streaming service brings together the company's cartoons, animated films and series in one place, in addition to productions related to its latest acquisitions such as Marvel and Star Wars.

Open TV still shows cartoons?

Currently, open TV has little children's programming and few channels still offer cartoons. SBT and TV Cultura still have some children's programming, but these are increasingly rare.

Now, leave it in the comments. Did you know the sites? Have any recommendations? Talk to us and take the opportunity to read more about drawings on our website.

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