Free Fire Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro in 10 Minutes

If you also want to become a pro Free Fire player? So let's help you! We have an article with some tips for beginners, but here we will share with you more than 20 tips and tricks from the Free Fire professionals, with which you can quickly become a pro gamer in Garena's game.

There are two types of players in Garena's Free Fire: professionals and beginners. To know which is which is not difficult. The most experienced in the game know well the strategic points to and position and which weapons to pick up or leave behind. So, so that you too know how to become one of these seasoned gamers, we're going to give you these tips from the pro gamers so that you're no longer just an easy target in the middle of the real battle. So, without wasting any time, let's get started.

Free fire tips and tricks
These tips are for those who don't want to waste time

Free Fire Tips and Tricks to Stop Being Noob

Maybe you are a beginning player too. That's why you're reading this article now, but don't worry, whoever the pro gamer is today, they were novices once too. But they continued to play the game continuously and today they dominate the game's tricks.

Follow all the Free Fire tips and tricks below to improve your performance in Free Fire matches. Once you've put these tricks into practice in Free Fire, you'll also be on your way to taking on professional players.

Use a combination of short and long range weapons

Free Fire has over 30 weapons, and each weapon has different damage and fire speeds. So you need to have two weapons. A weapon to kill a nearby enemy and a weapon to kill a distant enemy. You can use any SMG ammo gun to kill nearby enemies and an AR ammo gun to kill enemies at long distances.

Select a safe place to land

Free Fire has many maps, but most players play on the Bermuda map. You have to select a safe place to land before jumping out of the plane, where no other player will fall. If you land at a place like Peak and Clocktower, a lot of highly trained players will land with you as well, and they'll kill you first because you're new to the game, so you need to think about the right place to land.

We advise you to land in any corner of the map as no one appears at the end of the map. This trick will also increase your survival time in Free Fire.

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This vest has charm but does not protect

Never run without a helmet and vest

Helmets and vests play the main role in Free Fire. In the game, helmets and vests are available from Level 1 to Level 4, so keep in mind that whenever you fight someone in Free Fire, you have at least a level 3 helmet and vest. any helmet and vest then you will die quickly.

Try to play with friends who know the game.

If you play with a good team, you will soon be on a par with professional players. Also, a team of experienced players will help you to protect yourself better. If you experience any problems, you can also ask them for help with the voice chat feature. If you don't have a more experienced player on your friends list, you can play Ranked Match in Selection mode. In Squad mode, you'll find all kinds of new and professional players that you can play with.

Never use the golf cart and amphibious cart to scroll the map

Both vehicles are not good to use in Free Fire as they have a very low speed and you will be hit by all the bullets fired by the enemy. You can use a monster truck or sports car instead of these vehicles because they have very high speed and also keep you safe while you are in them. The monster truck is the best vehicle in Free Fire as it doesn't explode quickly and has a lot of HP.

Use only detective Panda as a pet

Free Fire has many pets, and each animal has different abilities, but the detective panda is the best pet in Free Fire. Detective Panda will give you ten health points whenever you kill enemies. When you don't have medical kits, the panda detective will help you a lot.

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The duck may have style, but the panda helps you with HP

Never catch Airdrops without a Gloo Wall

You can easily get a Gloo Wall in Free Fire, and it's a lifesaver item. Whenever you're looting an airdrop, place Gloo's wall around it and pick up the drop. Whenever you go to revive one of your teammates, use the same method. It will protect you from enemy bullets.

Use land mine when camping

When you start playing Free Fire, it's a lot of fun to hide in a house. Landmine can be very effective for you if you also like to seek shelter in game houses. Place the landmine on the stairs of the house, on the doors or anywhere that gives access to the place where you are hiding. If the enemy comes, he will die alone because of the trap. You can find land mines very easily in places like Clocktower and Factory.

Play only with useful characters

Characters play a vital role in Free Fire. Without the right character, you will never be able to become a pro player. Free Fire gives us the right to use the skills of four characters at the same time, so you must use the correct combination and this combination of character skills will help you to win the game. See some suggestions of skills and characters most used by game professionals

  • DJ Alok Capacity Boost: Increases movement speed by 15% and restores five HP per second for 10 seconds. Alternatively, you can also use CR7 Chrono and SKYLER characters instead of DJ Alok.
  • Any character with the Muay Thai ability: Aincrease fist damage by 400%;
  • Character Joseph: Movement speed increased by 20% when taking damage;
  • Michael Character:Get 60 EP for each kill;

Use Glider Like a Pro

In the last update, Free Fire removed Glider from the ranked game, but Glider is still available in the classic game, and using Glider, you can go to the roof of any house on the map. You can also hide anywhere using it. The observatory is the best place to find the glider.

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Choose a good place to land

Be aware of the surrounding noises

You should know that many players can fall close to you and, at first, it's important to equip yourself and look for the best available items to defend yourself. But how do you know if there's someone close to you? By the sound! Footsteps, the noise of gunfire, the noise of weapons reloading or being dropped, doors opening, or anything else that makes a noise can give away a possible enemy nearby. So, the best way to know if someone is around is to pay attention to your surroundings, and for that, a good headphone is essential.

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Extra Free Fire Tricks

Never share your account name and password with anyone: If you've passed this on to someone else, change your password now. If you don't change your account password, you risk losing your game account;

never use the mods do aplycativedthe free fire: Application mods almost never work in online games. So don't use apps that promise you cash, diamonds or any extra perks that you would normally only get by paying to protect your data and your account;

Never buy diamonds: Buying diamonds individually or in bundles might seem like a good idea in the short term, but for the value and benefits, it's better worth buying a subscription right away. Think carefully about the value and benefits and you'll see what's best for you;

Never use guest account: If you change cell phone, you will not be able to log in again with the same account.

Always login with Facebook accounts: in addition to tying your account security to your Facebook account, you'll be able to know how many people on your Facebook friends list are playing too;

Quick FAQ

How to get to Heroica in 1 day on Free Fire?

You cannot reach Heroic or Grandmaster in one day. You will have to play at least three to four hours of Free Fire every day, and every day you need to win a minimum of 20 matches to reach heroic rank. You can use a double rank token, which will increase your rank very quickly.

How to level up in Free Fire?

Leveling up your Free Fire account immediately is a little difficult task, but if you play Free Fire continuously for two years daily, you will easily reach level 70. Free Fire only has a few players who reach level 100. If you are one new player focus on improving your skill. Your Free Fire level will also automatically increase.

What are the best places to pick up items?

In every match in Free Fire, the high level loot keeps changing, so it's hard to say which place is best for level 3 loot or higher. Even so, you can land on Peak, Mill, Clocktower and Factory. There are many tier 3 items available at all times. If you need a fast Level 3 Loot, you can use the reward token.

How to land faster on Free Fire?

2 Level: 30% increase in gliding speed in skydiving. 37% increase in dive speed after opening the parachute.
3 Level: 45% increase in gliding speed in skydiving. 50% increase in dive speed after opening the parachute.

How do you jump out of a plane in Free Fire?

Once the plane is above the ground, the possibility of jumping out of it will appear on the screen – just press the “EJECT” button.

How many levels are there in Free Fire?

The level of average players in the game ranges from 45 to 55. To encourage players to grind for their levels, Garena offers numerous rewards as an incentive.

Which character runs faster in Free Fire?

Joseph is one of the best characters in Free Fire because of his speed. He is significantly faster than his opponents in a fight. Your movement and running speed can be increased by 20% when taking damage.

Who is the poster girl for Free fire?

Kelly is a female character in Free Fire Battlegrounds. It is available at the store for 2.000 cash. An avid sprinter, Kelly runs faster than other characters. This bonus is only effective when running, not walking.

If you follow all these tips and tricks and practice every day, you too can become a Free Fire pro player very quickly. Tell us if you missed any tips and if they helped you improve the game.

Download Free Fire and test your skills

Free Fire is a battle royale developed by 111dots Studios, and can be played online on mobile. Up to 50 people fall on an island and must seek resources, equipment and weapons to defeat other players. In addition to the Google Play Store's “Best Game by Popular Choice” award in 2018, the game's championships were also the third most watched content on YouTube. The game can be downloaded by App Store e Google PlayStore.

Now tell us: What did you think of our Free Fire guide? Did any tips help you survive on the map? Leave it in the comments and enjoy to read more about Free Fire on Our site!

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