Ultimate Guide to Winning All Pokémon Unite Battles

Each role in Pokémon Unite has strengths and weaknesses. You will need to play correctly to perform well against your opponents.

To start understanding our Pokémon Unite battle guide, you need to understand the roles that Pokémon can take on during a fight. There are five different roles for playing Pokémon Unite: Attacker, Multipurpose/Versatile, Defender, Speedster/Runner, and Support. They each have a different balance of stats and are better at doing specific things in the battle arena. In order for your team to work efficiently and come out victorious, you will need to use your strengths and help others when it comes to their weaknesses.

Not all Pokémon with the same role are the same. Some are much better at their function than others. We'll see which Pokémon are the best in each role, along with how best to use them in battle. With that knowledge, you'll soon see how this is one of the best Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch and one of the best Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch. best games on mobile.

Pokémon unite battle guide
Each in their role

Quick FAQ

How do you earn Pokémon Unite?

Your team wins in Pokémon UNITE by scoring the most goals, not defeating their opponents' Pokémon.

What Pokemons are available in Unite?

Blastoise, Blissey, Gardevoir, Zeraora, Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax among others. See the full list in the article

Is Pokémon Unite free to play?

Pokémon Unite is free for everyone and offers cross-platform gameplay.

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What are the Pokemons available in Unite?

Pokémon Unite | Characters

Your nameFunctionDifficultyPrice (Aeos coins)Price (Aeos gems)
ZeraoraSpeedster/MeleeSpecialistobtained by missionobtained by mission
Charizard Versatile /MeleeBeginner6000345
EldegossSupport / RangedBeginner6000345
Lucario Versatile /MeleeSpecialist10000575
machamp Versatile /MeleeIntermediate8000460
wigglytuffSupport / RangedIntermediate8000460
Alola NinetalesAttacker/RangedIntermediate8000460

Roles in Pokémon Unite

In the mobile and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, Pokémon have one of five roles assigned to them: Attacker, Multipurpose/Versatile, Speedster/Runner, Defender, or Supporter/Support. Their moves and abilities are correlated with how best to play them on the battlefield. We'll see what type of player is best suited for which role, which Pokémon in that role are best, and exactly how each role should be performed to be most efficient.

Each Pokémon in Unite has a different balance of stats: Offensive, Endurance, Mobility, Score, Support. These different balances determine how best to play them. It's also worth noting that there are three lanes in the arena: Upper, Middle/Jungle and Lower. The function you choose will perform better on some tracks than on others.

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Who should play as a striker?

The attacker role is probably the easiest to control. Players focus on doing a lot of damage to opponents. These are also the players who should help defend goals and help their friends when they're in trouble.

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Forces: The highest damage per second (DPS) of any other Pokémon function to quickly deplete opponent's HP.

Weaknesses: Almost no Toughness, which means they can be easily knocked out if they're not careful.

Best attackers to choose

Alola Ninetales: Alola Ninetales' Dazzling Gleam freezes opponents in place, temporarily allowing you to attack without being attacked. Blizzard's attack also deals ranged damage, allowing you to stay out of harm's way.

Pikachu: Pikachu is probably the easiest Pokémon to play, which makes it a great choice for beginners. It attacks quickly with electricity and can even temporarily paralyze opponents to deal more damage while they can't move.

Cinderace: This rabbit uses ranged fire attacks to hit opponents at close range. This makes it easier for him to get out of trouble.

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Best Striker Clues

There are three different tracks in the arena: Upper, Jungle/Middle and Lower. Each of these paths handles differently and offers different types of challenges. Attackers should stay in the upper or lower range as this leads to more wild Pokémon and gets them to goals faster.

How to Play as an Striker

Since you don't have a lot of Stamina, Speed ​​or HP, you need to fight at least one teammate wherever you go. A defender or all-rounder is your best friend, as they have a better defense, and you can attack alongside them while staying safe from a distance. Avoid one-on-one battles as this will likely take you out. Stay close to your goal so you're ready to bounce back and defend your side from opponents.

Multipurpose or Versatile

Versatile players have balanced stats, meaning they can do pretty much anything they want on the field. This is a good feature for people who are experienced in all other styles of play and can help their allies. It's also a good role for people who don't want to get stuck doing the same thing throughout the entire battle.

Strong points: balanced stats mean they can transition to any other role whenever they want. This means that more strategy may be needed to play well, but it can be very powerful if done correctly.

Weaknesses: The opposite is also true, as they don't stand out in any stats, potentially making them weaker than some opponents. That means there's a steeper learning curve to playing them effectively.

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Best all-rounders to choose

Lucario: Lucario can move behind opponents quickly and do a lot of damage, both at a distance and up close.

Machamp: Machamp is a strong melee fighter whose Bulk Up movement increases his attack and mobility.

The best Multipurpose tracks

As MFPs are the most balanced Pokémon in the group, they can go anywhere they want and succeed. Use them to help teammates take down wild Pokémon or score points.

How to play as an all-rounder

Stay close to an attacker and you two will be a force to be reckoned with. The versatile ones also go well with the Supports to take down special Pokémon like Rotom, Drednaw and Zapdos. As a transition player, you'll want to stay on the front lines to take down enemies, score points and protect your own side. Just don't face long-range opponents alone, as these are the ones that are likely to take you down the fastest.

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How Speedsters Play Style Works

They are high speed Pokémon, perfect for scoring points. Use your quick attacks to move quickly from one end of the battle arena to the other.

Strong points: has the greatest mobility of any Pokémon role in the game. This makes them good at dodging attacks, scoring and confusing enemies.

Weaknesses: They don't have as much HP or Toughness as other roles, so they shouldn't try to fight other Pokémon alone.

Best Speedster to choose

Zero: Zeraora's Spark (Lv 6) can be used three times in a row and has a long range, allowing you to ambush enemies from a distance. The discharge attack (level 8) deals AoE damage and provides a shield for the user. If opponents happen to become paralyzed when hit with Discharge, they will be hurt even more, so aim for a combo.

Zeraora and his shocking abilities
Zeraora and his shocking abilities

Gengar: Gengar's Hex ability allows him to disappear and reappear at a specified location to poison any opponents in the designated area. This allows him to jump over opponents or easily get out of harm's way. He can also throw poisonous mud at opponents with the Slime Bomb. His attack becomes devastating when he uses Slime Bomb and Hex right after.

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Best Runs for Runners/Speedster

Since these Pokémon can run faster than the others, they can easily traverse the Jungle area of ​​the arena or any path to quickly reach their allies.

How to play as a Speedster

Use the julgle area to quickly move between the top and bottom lanes. Find areas to score points that are not protected. You can also use this mobility to step forward and help your teammates score points or defend your area. If things start to look difficult, use your dash ability to run away or get directly behind opponents and deal massive damage.


Defenders are basically tanks that have a lot of stamina. These Pokémon assume the role of goalkeeper or goalkeeper, fighting against opponents and preventing them from scoring points.

Strong points: High resistance makes them last longer against opponents.

Weaknesses: low mobility and attack.

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best defender to choose

Snorlax: Snorlax can take many hits while defending his opponents. Its rest ability helps restore health, while Heavy Slam helps stun enemies.

Slowbro: Slowbro has high defense and can use Surf to fend off enemies. His Telekinesis Move also prevents enemies from moving for a short time, while Slack Off allows him to regain HP.

Best Clues for Defenders

Defenders are best suited for the upper and lower lanes of the arena. This allows them to patrol objectives and push opponents back.

"Excuse me, could you step away from my goal?"

How to play as defender

Defenders can stand their ground and prevent opponents from successfully scoring points. However, they don't do much damage. That's why it's better to be friends with an attacker. The two of you will balance your weaknesses to become a strong strength.

Use block or stun attacks to stop Pokémon in their tracks and be prepared to be the first to face the enemies. Your skills also allow you to protect teammates when they're in trouble.

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Support & Admin

As the name implies, this is the role of those who like to help their friends succeed. Supporters buff, heal allies, and apply status conditions to enemies.

Strong points: can place shields, heal allies, and put status effects on opponents.

Weaknesses: They can't do much damage and don't have much HP.

Best Support to choose

Eldegoss: Eldegoss is especially good at healing allies and improving your movement speed. Both Synthesis and Pollen Puff can heal enemies while Cotton Guard helps protect allies.

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Wigglytuff: Wigglytuff can remove negative status conditions and make it harder for enemies to get around. Sing slows down enemies while Pound and Rollout are attacks that can reduce the opponent's health.

Best Tracks for Supports

Walk mainly through the upper and lower lanes with your allies to help them out as they defeat enemies and score points.

How to play as Support

When playing as Support, you should never go anywhere alone. Stay with one of your allies and help heal and protect when they need to defend against opponents or score points. Brackets are ideal for taking down special Pokémon like Drednaw, Rotom and Zapdos. Focus your energy on keeping your allies alive as they face these special Pokémon, and your entire team will benefit from it.

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Your Role is Critical

By being aware of your Pokémon's weaknesses and playing to its strengths, you and your team can do massive damage. Don't try to get out of your role. It's no use if you're playing with a Support Pokémon and want to go score points or destroy enemies. You might even make it, but make sure that as long as you try to do something that isn't your role, that spot on your team will be vacant and that will only give the opposing team an advantage. The game is a game to be played as a team, so stay where you are best and make sure it benefits you and your entire team.

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These tips work regardless of whether you are playing the mobile versions or the Nintendo Switch version. Work as a team to score goals, defeat special Pokémon and emerge victorious. Pokémon Unite is available for Nintendo Switch, Android e iOS. Now, leave it in the comments: What is your favorite pokemon to play in UNITE? What is your favorite function? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about Pokémon on our website.

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