Battlefield 5 Beginner's Guide

While Battlefield V is free, you can download and learn how to play this FPS with our Battlefield V Beginner's Guide

Battlefield 5 Beginner's Guide | 8db4c39e pre sale of battlefield 2042 900x503 1 | married games tips/guides | battlefield, battlefield v, dice, electronic arts, multiplayer, singleplayer | battlefield beginner
Battlefield 5 Beginner's Guide | battlefield, BATTLEFIELD V, dice, electronic arts, Multiplayer, singleplayer | Battlefield beginner

Starting out in Battlefield V in one of its multiplayer modes can be devastating for players who are used to battle royale type games, especially those contraction shooters or similar titles. This is a totally different game when you enter the stages of large-scale warfare, especially when you bring new mechanics to the game and have to worry not only about your own safety, but also that of your team.

With multi-stage battles, multiple objectives constantly being contested, lost and regained, and a sea of ​​enemies bringing their own knowledge of shooter-type games, there's plenty to do if you want to survive. There are a lot of things you need to know before getting into this game, and luckily for you, we'll give you these new Battlefield V beginner tips that should keep you alive - at least long enough to make your team proud, whatever. form.

Enjoy that the game will be free on Amazon Prime and enter the Battlefield V battlefield without paying anything.

Battlefield V Beginner Attention: Stay on target (seriously!)

This is common sense, but it bears repeating: stay on target. Battlefield V will certainly let you kill as many soldiers as you like, but it's not a deadly fight. There are currently no modes that focus only on kills. So there's no reason to go out on your own and shoot enemies when you want. You are not Rambo.

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Eliminate the targets you need, but remember that the object of the game is to complete objectives and earn points. Points result in evolution. So keep this in mind when you feel like going out for a kill and ignoring the objective of the game. Your squad will try to remind you of this when you want to Rambo yourself.

Be smart about capturing goals too. Don't plant yourself in the middle of an area and wait for the goal to be achieved. You can climb somewhere, hide behind platforms, peek around corners or crouch. As long as you're close to him, you'll still capture the objective. Standing still or exposed where you are easily visible means certain death. You won't be useful to anyone then.

When it comes to classes, be flexible

There are four different multiplayer classes in Battlefield V: Scout, Support, Assault and Medic, each having their own specializations and weapons. Progressing with each class unlocks new combat roles and weapons. So it's wise to train with each class and try something new every now and then.

As well as opting for a different hero in Overwatch when your main one has already been chosen, you may need to fill several spaces in the heat of combat that others may not be as proficient with. If you spend most of your time in the Assault class skill tree, which uses assault rifles and physical dexterity, you'll get a little rusty when you need to take on the role of Medic.

That doesn't mean you can't pick one that works for most of your matches, though. Take some time to learn about the classes and what kind of game is best for each one before deciding which one will be your main one. If you're not willing to be a support for your teammates, you should play Assault. The reverse is also true: if you're more interested in shooting targets from a distance, don't opt ​​for the Assault class. That's the job of a Scout player.

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Battlefield beginner v

Fortifications are important

Fortifications are a new addition to the traditional Battlefield series. They bring you closer to what you see in games like Fortinite. They also allow you to change the map around you to prevent enemies from hitting you or your team. Alternatively, fortifications allow you to build useful stations with items you and your fellow soldiers need.

You can erect barbed wire to protect your bunker, cover the windows, place sandbags to keep the walls upright, and much more in an attempt to keep yourself safe. This includes creating trenches where none previously existed. It's an ingenious way to stay safe. Due to the destructible nature of the game, you'll constantly be dealing with enemies working to drive you out of your safe havens. This is one of the only ways to keep building them again.

Make sure your BuildTool is easily equippable and don't be afraid to use it often enough. You may see gray outlines when looking around the map and minimap. They indicate where you can build Fortifications. If you're not in a position to build something immediately useful in terms of keeping others at bay, focus on helping your team stay alive.

Build Refueling and Medicine Stations where teammates can stock up on medical supplies and ammunition. Then rebuild them when they are destroyed. Build stations near the strongest part of your base, or you'll have to constantly erect new ones as enemies knock them down.

Don't waste ammo and health stations

Each map is filled with various special stations found in different locations. You can reload medical supplies and ammo here to ensure you are in the best possible condition while fighting enemies. You never know when you'll find yourself in a situation where there's no Doctor or no one who can potentially protect you, so make it through these situations by filling up your own supplies and stocking up whenever possible.

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Even if you've only exhausted a few bullets, go ahead and grab more for your next opportunity. Heal yourself accordingly, because there's no way of knowing when the next bullet will make camp in your skull – and you wish you'd had time to replenish your health instead of watching the match while waiting for your respawn. As mentioned earlier, you can also build your own stations. This should give you a useful strategic advantage if you urgently need help.

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Work together to quickly destroy tanks

Tanks may seem invincible, but they're relatively easy to eliminate if your squad works together. And if you don't nip them in the bud, vehicles will do disastrous damage.

You can do this by gathering anti-tank weaponry like the Panzerfaust 100 (or dynamite, in the blink of an eye) and flanking the tank from a good distance. Don't worry about shooting ahead. Aim for the sides and back to get the most damage from each rocket you launch. If you can't fully disable the tank, you can disable it enough for its occupants to go out for cover elsewhere. Make sure you get them too. They probably won't be too happy with you for destroying their mobile war machine.

Complete special assignments and daily orders

If you want to progress through the game at a decent pace, you need to do a lot more than just play normally – even if you've been playing for hours on end. Pay attention to daily orders. They alternate each day (as the name implies) and are smaller challenges that should be easy to complete. Special assignments are more of a series of tasks that you complete over a longer period of time.

Both challenges reward you with Company Coin, the Battlefield V game currency. It unlocks additional weapon and vehicle progression options, as well as weapon skins, cosmetics, and other little things to spruce up your soldier. Orders and assignments are also great for keeping things up to date after the XNUMXth Conquest match you play in a week.

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don't forget to level

Also, you can earn Company Coins just by leveling up. That's right! All you have to do is play as you normally would, with no special goals in mind. Earn XP by killing, reviving teammates, completing objectives, offering assists and many other normal things you would do in a round of Battlefield V. Just level up and watch the money come in. Every time you move up, you can earn 500 Company Coins, which isn't a bad thing.

Battlefield 5 Beginner's Guide | 270c983c battlefield v 1 | married games tips/guides | battlefield, battlefield v, dice, electronic arts, multiplayer, singleplayer | battlefield beginner

Get ready to enter the Battlefield

Battlefield V o last game released by EA and this time in World War II. Cutting-edge graphics, engine bordering on perfection and a woman as the main story. This game brings one of the best online multiplayer experiences a fan of the saga could have. It's not just about beautiful graphics, but about being able to enjoy the game's origins on a state-of-the-art console.

“Enter humanity's greatest conflict in the air, on land and at sea with all game content unlocked from the start. Choose from the full arsenal of weapons, vehicles and devices. Relive the fiercest battles of World War II. Don't just be one more on the battlefield with the cast of Elites and the best personalization content from Years 1 and 2. ”

Battlefield V is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now, tell us what you think of Battlefield V in the comments? Do you like FPS games? Take the opportunity to read more about Battlefield on our website.

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