Netflix in June: 30+ Releases for the Month

There's nothing to watch in the Netflix? Don't worry, the month of June arrives with a new launch truck for all tastes. It has anime, documentary, fantasy, romance, drama, classic, and many other things. Check this text for a list of the main releases of the month on the streaming platform:


Three Meters Above the Sky (2nd season) - 03/06/

“Two young people from very different worlds fall in love during the Italian summer by the Adriatic Sea”. The series is based on the eponymous book by Italian writer Federico Moccia released in 1992.

This is for those who like romance. Regardless of social class or anything else, Summer and Alessandro just want to live love in the best possible way. What barriers will be placed between the couple this season? You'll have to watch to find out!

Sweet Tooth - 04/06

"On a perilous adventure in a post-apocalyptic world, a lovable deer-boy sets out to find a new start in the company of a grumpy protector." Sweet Tooth is the new Netflix original series, one of the most anticipated premieres of the month.

Based on the DC comic, released in 2009 and written by Jeff Lemire, and produced by Robert Downey Jr, Sweet Tooth tells the story of Gus, what they call a hybrid, a generation of children born with animal traits. He sets out in search of a safe place to live, while fleeing people who want his harm.

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While the series seems to take a completely different direction from the original story, there's still plenty of anticipation for the release, which promises to be exciting.

Feel Good (2nd season) – 04/06

“Stand up comedian Mae Martin faces the relationship with her girlfriend and faces the challenges of sobriety.” The series, created by Mae Martin herself, reaches its second and final season.

Mae Martin, the real life one, is a Canadian actress and comedian, gender fluid and bisexual. The series' Mae is very similar to the real one, built with true traits in a fictional world. The story tells about her life, with several problems, such as alcohol and drugs, going through her relationship with her mother, played by Lisa Kudrow (the Phoebe from Friends) and with her girlfriend, George.

What are the new challenges that will appear in Mae's life, and how will she manage to move forward despite everything? It's worth watching to check it out.

The Masters of Frying - 09/06

"Crazy about food and always looking for fun, critic Daym Drops goes after the best fries in the United States."

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Yes, there will be a lot of frying and mouth watering on this program. For those who like food shows, it's a full plate (literally!). Through this series you will get to know the best fried foods from all over the country.

Lupine (part 2) - 11/06

"Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, gentle thief Assane Diop wants revenge on a wealthy family for an injustice done to his father." This is another one of the Netflix originals, and it's already been revamped to a 3rd party.

Set in France, it's probably Netflix's most successful international series, and one of the month's most anticipated premieres. Arsène Lupin is a famous French thief, created by writer Maurice Leblanc at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. And Lupine is Diop's main inspiration for his achievements.

A series that breaks from the standards of “good guys” and “heroes” and follows a thief, who, of course, has reasons to steal his victims, but is still a thief. You, as a Netflix fan, have probably watched the first part and are really looking forward to this release. If not, it's because you haven't watched, but there's still time to marathon before the new part arrives, run! Will Diop succeed in his revenge?

Love, Marriage and Divorce (2nd Season) – 12/06

"The lives of three successful women working on a radio show turn upside down when their marriages are threatened by secrets and twists." Yes, Korean drama fans, this is your moment!

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He follows, as mentioned in the synopsis, three couples, with women aged 30, 40 and 50 years respectively. Their lives seem perfect, until the walls begin to crumble and whether in their professional life or in their marriage they start to face problems.

Since the first season premiere, he has divided opinions. In South Korea, the country of origin, the series aired on the TV channel Chosun, being the channel's highest-rated drama. Yeah, you'll have to watch it to make your own conclusions!

Supermothers (5th season) - 15/06

“Maternity leave ended. With the return to work, four mothers need to reconcile children, bosses, love and the hectic life in Toronto.” This one is already well known, as it is in its 5th season!

It is a comedy series about the lives of four mothers, and how they manage to reconcile their professional lives with their family (more specifically, their children). If you need a good laugh, it's a good idea.

City of Penguins - 16/06

"In a picturesque South African town, a group of eclectic and endangered penguins gather to mate, form families and mingle." This is for anyone who likes animal documentaries.

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In City of Penguins, you'll be able to accompany African penguins, endangered animals that fight for the survival of their species.

Katla - 17/06/

“A year after the eruption of a subglacial volcano, mysterious elements of prehistory emerge from the melting glaciers. Prepare for unbelievable consequences!” This one is for those who are looking for a good series of suspense.

Katla is the name of one of Iceland's biggest volcanoes. It erupts every 50 to 80 years and is covered in ice. The series is also Icelandic and portrays the city of Vik, a year after the Katla eruption, when, mysteriously, a person is found among the ashes. And that's just the beginning of the bizarre mystery that follows on the spot.

Spooky from the trailer, it's a series that mystery and supernatural fans can't leave behind!

Black Summer (2nd season) – 17/06/

"In the early days of a dark zombie apocalypse, strangers band together to survive and return to those they love." Another horror, this one about zombie apocalypse.

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It's basically what you'd expect from a zombie apocalypse series: a bunch of people trying to survive among half-humans. If you like the theme, go for it!

Elite (4th season) - 18/06/

"After three young people from public school are transferred to a prestigious elite college, the conflict between classes ends up leading to a murder." Another one of the most anticipated in the catalogue. And it's more of a suspense.

At first, Elite may seem like a clichéd teenage series, with rich little snobs. This is the environment of Las Encinas. But then a crime happens, and everyone becomes a suspect. History will unfold this crime, and gradually reveal who the real criminal is. Can you find out?

A curious point of this new season of Elite is that several actors from the main cast have left the series, and new characters will be introduced to the public.

Another novelty is the “Elite Week”. In the opening week of season 4, but before the episodes are released (from the 14th to the 17th), four spin-offs will be available, called “Short Stories”, showing Las Encinas students during their vacation.

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The first short will be titled Guzmán, Caye and Rebe, the second, Nadia and Gúzman, the third Omar, Ander and Alexis and the last Carla and Samuel. So, can't you wait to launch it too?

Playing with Fire - 23/06/

“On a paradisiacal beach, young singles meet and get involved. But there is a challenge: to win the $100.000 prize, they have to forgo sex.”

Well, there's not much to add here, the series is basically what it says in the synopsis. It's basically a reality show, with spicy games and a lot of fun. Good for those who like “hot” things.

Godzilla Single Point - 24/06

"United by mysterious music, a student and an engineer lead the fight against a powerful force that could destroy the world." Anime fans, are you there? Yes, it's finally your turn!

And you have rights to a giant robot, lots of giant dinosaurs and a potential catastrophe! Godzilla Ponto Singular will present an unpublished story, unrelated to the series already published on the platform. From the trailer, it sounds exciting.

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The Naked Director (2nd season) – 24/06

“In the 80s, a very determined Japanese turns obstacles into opportunities and revolutionizes an entire industry. Your name? Toru Muranishi.”

Muranishi was a famous Japanese porn filmmaker who revolutionized the sex industry with his filming methods, becoming known by the nickname "Porn Emperor". And it is exactly this line that the series follows, telling a little of his history and career.

The A List (2nd season) - 25/06

Mia and kayleigh from the a list facing each other | netflix June releases
Compared to teen series like Riverdale, the A list soars over the supernatural and psychological terror

"Romance, rivalries and great supernatural mysteries mark the days at a youth camp on a remote island." Okay, one more suspense. Suspense fans hit the jackpot this month full of news for you!

The A List can be compared to series like Riverdale and Stranger Things, in other words, it has a more adolescent theme with mysteries. In it, you meet Mia, who goes to a summer camp. There, strange things happen. With a strong supernatural content, this series is for people who have a stronger psychological.

The BBC was Netflix's partner in the production of the first season, but jumped ship due to poor public response, so Netflix tackled the new season's production alone.

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The Seven Deadly Sins: The Dragon's Judgment – ​​28/06

"After her kingdom is ruled by tyrants, a princess tries to find a group of dangerous knights to help her reclaim her lands." One more anime, and this one is better known by people who usually watch anime on Netflix, after all, The Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) reaches its 5th season (or fourth, since a season is special and has only 4 episodes) )!

The Seven Sins are a group of knights who eventually broke up. A princess, however, begins a journey to find them. This is the initial story of the series, which is like a common hero and fantasy anime. It's one of the most popular animes these days, so if you haven't seen it yet, hurry up and see it!

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Sophie: Murder in West Cork – 30/06

Black and white photo of bust of sophie toscan du plantier | netflix June releases
Documentary tries to bring some justice to Sophie's case

"A shocking murder in rural Ireland initiates a large and complicated search for justice that lasts decades and goes beyond national borders." From the description, it looks more like a suspense series, but it is a documentary, based on real facts.

Sophie Toscan du Plantier was brutally murdered in West Cork, Ireland (1996). The main suspect? Journalist Ian Bailey, but even sentenced to 25 years in prison, he maintains his freedom to this day. The purpose of the documentary is to revisit stories from the past, in search of justice that has not been done until today.

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My Mother is a Piece - 01/06

“Feeling slighted by her children, Dona Herminia seeks refuge in her aunt's house, where she remembers the difficulties and tribulations of being a mother.” This film is not so old but it is already a classic of Brazilian comedy.

Starring the eternal Paulo Gustavo in the role of the main Dona Hermínia, the film tells about her family experiences, with her ex-husband and children. It's extremely funny, if you haven't seen it yet, run to see it. If you've seen it, see it again, because it doesn't matter how many times you see it, it's still funny.

Elvis Presley: The Searcher - 01/06

“In this documentary series, archival footage and interviews with great icons shed new light on the life, passions and anguish of the legendary Elvis Presley.” Oops, another documentary. This one deals with the life and music of the King of Rock, Elvis Presley.

For those who are a fan of music and, especially, rock. And, even more, for fans of the singer, it's a full plate. Get a new insight into the King's career.

Carnival - 02/06

“After breaking up, an influencer travels with her friends to Carnival in Bahia, where she learns that real life is much more vibrant than she imagined.” And there's more Brazilian production on Netflix!

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And it's another comedy, what Brazil knows how to do best. But beyond that, it's a film about the strength of friendship, as well as fame and the culture of cancellation. Nina discovers she has been betrayed and ends their engagement. Afterwards, she and her three friends will spend the carnival in Salvador. And it's in this silly plot that the film develops completely and becomes something totally different.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie – 03/06/

"When a dark power takes over the Earth after a total solar eclipse, only a gathering of Sailor guardians can bring light back to the world." This one is for old school anime fans. Of course, for the current ones too, but the power of nostalgia in this release is great.

The film is separated into two parts, and is adapted from the “Dream” arc of the original manga (this arc had already been adapted before by the Sailor Moon SuperS animation and now gets another version). Kill the longing for your favorite protectors in this new chapter of Sailor Moon!

The Orphanage - 03/06/

“A family moves into a mansion where it used to be an orphanage. Shortly thereafter, strange things start to happen." For those who like suspense and don't have the patience to see episodes and more episodes of a series, here's a movie for you.

When we say that the director of this film, JA Bayona, received help from Guillermo del Toro (Labyrinth of the Faun) for the production of this film, we already know that this is a big production. Approved by critics, the story follows Laura, who moves with her family to the place where the orphanage where she grew up was located.

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Strange events, however, begin to happen, mainly surrounding Laura's son, Simón. Get ready for scares and events that will blow your mind. For fans of supernatural suspense, it's definitely a must-see movie.

Klan infiltrated - 03/06/

"The first black detective on the Colorado Springs police team teams up with a fellow Jew to infiltrate a group of white supremacists." Yeah, you can already see the path that this movie will take.

It's a work about racism (no, really?), but the most interesting thing is that it was inspired by the true story of Ron Stallworth, who managed to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan and do important investigations for nine months.

Infiltrated the Klan, however, mixes fiction with reality to the point that it's hard to know what really happened and what came out of Spike Lee's head, but that doesn't make the movie bad in any way. If I haven't convinced you to see this work yet, how about this: the film won the 2019 Oscar in the Best Adapted Screenplay category, and not only that, it competed for Best Picture (as well as in FOUR other categories)! So, were you curious?

Extreme - 04/06

"In this electrifying suspense, a retired hitman decides to get revenge on his own brother." Yes, you guessed it, another suspense. Well, at least this one is less on the horror side, and more on the action side.

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Xtremo is a revenge movie. And a lot of fighting. That's what I can say to add to the synopsis, which counts pretty much everything. If you like these two factors, go for it.

The Guardian - 05/06/

“After surviving her husband's domestic violence and learning to fight back, she wants revenge and to protect other victims, whatever the cost.” Is it revenge you want? Then take one more! And power for women!

There's not much to say to add to the synopsis, Sadie experiences violence from her husband, and learns to fight to protect herself. But she wants to go beyond that, and become a Watcher, to help other victims like her. A great drama and suspense film, because in her journey, Sadie has to confront her own past.

For the Cats We Love - 05/06/

"The celebrity cat Abatutu presents this adorable homage to the felines, with a collection of home videos that portray fun and cute moments." YES, a movie about cats!

After so many heavy debuts, here's something to relax: For the Cats We Love it's just that: another hour of cats playing tricks! If you're a big cat fan, you need to watch!

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Madagascar 3: The Wanted – 06/06/

“Next stop: New York! But to get back home, Alex and his friends need to hitch a ride with the circus!” Another well-known movie that hits the Netflix catalogue!

The most beloved zoo animals are still trying to get home. This time they get involved with the circus. You should already know how good the movie is without me talking. Anyway, it is to watch again as many times as possible!

Awake - 09/06

"After a global incident prevents humanity from sleeping, a troubled ex-military man struggles to save her family and faces chaos in society and in her own mind." And back to suspense. This is another one of the most anticipated releases of the month!

What happens when a person cannot sleep? And what happens when thousands fail? Chaos. “Disorientation. Hallucinations. Hysteria." That's the movie's premise. How to stay sane in such an environment and unravel the mystery, so that, finally, people go back to sleep?

Din and the Dragon Genius - 11/06

“Din is a headstrong boy who wants to get back in touch with his childhood best friend. When he meets a dragon that makes dreams come true, he sees that anything is possible.” Another cute cartoon to enjoy with the family!

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Din and the Dragon Genius adapts the well-known story of the genie in the lamp and the three wishes into something surprising. Follow Din's adventure on his journey to regain his childhood best friend in this movie!

Bumblebee - 13/06

“In 1987, to escape the Decepticons, Bumblebee hides on Earth. But when he makes friends with a teenager, his enemies come back to stalk him.” Yes, he is back in the Netflix catalog!

Bumblebee is a spin-off from the well-known Transformers franchise, set 20 years before the first movie. It explores the friendship between Bumblebee and Charlie, as well as the war between the Decepticons and the Autobots.

Captain Phillips - 15/06

"Four Somali pirates hijack a cargo ship and hold the captain hostage, sparking an explosive confrontation with the US Navy." Yeah, another suspense. And with one more thing: based on a true story.

The film tells the story of Captain Richard Phillips when his ship, the Maersk Alabama, was hijacked by Somali pirates in 2009. Phillips is played by Tom Hanks. How will he manage to escape alive from this one?

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My First Love - 15/06

Vada forward with hand on forehead and thomas j behind both laughing | netflix June releases
1991 movie enters catalog this month

"This amusing and moving film about reaching adolescence chronicles a remarkable summer in the lives of precocious 11-year-old Vada and her best friend Thomas J." This 1991 classic stars an 11-year-old Macaulay Culkin and shows two young men living their adventures that introduce them to teenage life.

Ice City - 16/06

Couple dancing together about to kiss ahead, with a palace in the background | netflix June releases
A beautiful and magical film, but also with a political and social side

"In icy St. Petersburg, a cheap petty thief wins the heart of an aristocrat's daughter, but this romance is not going to be easy."

It is a historical drama with romance. With absolutely beautiful costumes and landscapes, the film promises to please fans of fairy tales, with a delicate and captivating story, but which also deals with political issues and society in a pre-revolutionary Russia.

Paternity - 18/06/

“In this film, inspired by a true story, a widowed father deals with doubts, fears, disappointments and baby bottles by taking on the task of raising his daughter alone.” A movie that promises to make the parents on duty with tears in their eyes!

This promises to be one of those movies that will entertain you while still warming your heart as you follow Matt on his journey to become the best possible father for his daughter, while dealing with issues like the pain of loss.

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The House of Flowers: The Movie – 23/06/

"The La Mora sisters devise a plan to break into their former family home to rescue a hidden treasure of significant importance." This film derives from the series, called A Casa das Flores. If you do, you know what I'm talking about.

Well, if you haven't seen the series, I recommend you see it before venturing into this movie. It's a dark comedy about family and secrets with a touch of good old Mexican drama.

Three identical strangers - 28/06

“Three teenagers meet by chance and discover they are identical triplets separated at birth. They love the news until the truth comes out.” It sounds like a made-up story, but no, it's a documentary.

Discover the story of Eddy, David and Robert. Triplets that were separated at birth for the sake of a dark and controversial scientific study. And what happened to them after these discoveries.

What Men Like - 30/06

"A woman finds she can hear men's thoughts and uses her new ability to carve out her way in a predominantly male industry." A romantic comedy was missing from the list, right? Not anymore!

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What happens when a woman can hear men's every thought? That's what Ali will show us in What Men Like, a film that is a remake of the 2000 production What Women Like, which is also in the Netflix catalog.

There, she works in the world of sports, where, unfortunately, men are still the majority, but she can use her new super-power to get along professionally, putting her family relationships and friendships at risk along the way.

And that's it for June 2021. So, the show you were hoping for will get another season this month? Are you looking forward to the premiere of any of the movies, whether it's watching it for the first time or having fun again? Leave it in the comments!

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