What is WordPress? All About the Internet's Most Important Website Builder

You must have heard about WordPress, right? Something about creating websites, blogs or how easy it is to do something on the internet, looking for programmers or designers with experience in WordPress or, if at some point, you thought about creating a website for you or your business and came across that word? At its core, WordPress is the simplest and most popular way to create your own website or blog.

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). It is a popular tool for individuals with no coding experience who want to create websites and blogs. The software costs nothing. Anyone can install, use and modify it for free.

In fact, WordPress is on over 40% of all websites on the internet today. Yes – more than one in four websites you visit are likely powered by WordPress. So, it is possible to say that WordPress is one of the most important things on the internet, like Google.

Let's talk a little about this system and give some tips for those who start to use WordPress to create websites, blogs and much more. If you have any questions or suggestions on the subject, just leave it in the comments.

Who created WordPress and how long has it been around?

WordPress was created as a standalone project in 2003, originating as an offshoot of an earlier project called b2/cafelog. WordPress is open source software, so nowadays it is made by a huge community of contributors and programmers who create add-ons for the system. But if we were to trace the origins of WordPress back to its roots, its original creation was a collaboration between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Since then, Matt Mullenweg has largely become the face of WordPress. And he is also the founder of Automattic, which is the company behind the for-profit WordPress.com service. The history of WordPress between its founding as a blogging platform in 2003 and today is a long one, but suffice it to say that WordPress has advanced and, thanks to its contributors and huge community, has become the most popular solution for creating any type of website. But and you? Why should you use WordPress? why should you learn to develop in this software that is already present in more than 40% of the websites on the web? Well, no matter what kind of website you want to create, there are plenty of reasons to use WordPress.

On a slightly more technical level, WordPress is an open source content management system licensed under GPLv2, which means anyone can use or modify WordPress software for free without needing to know a programming language or develop websites in code. pure.

A content management system is basically a tool that makes it easy to manage important aspects of your website – like content – ​​without needing to know anything about programming. The end result is that WordPress makes the building a website accessible to anyone – even people who are not developers or programmers.

What is the function of WordPress?

Initially, WordPress was a simple blogging platform, but it soon developed into a feature-rich Content Management System (CMS). The software is written in the language of PHP script. All website content including settings, blog posts and pages is stored in a database such as MySQL which is the most popular choice of database but some website owners choose to use a workaround, like MariaDB or SQLite.

Don't worry if this all sounds technical. Your business of lodging handles the technical side of running WordPress so you can focus on creating content and marketing your website. That's where the beauty of WordPress lies! The software allows anyone, regardless of their technical experience, to quickly create professional looking websites using a user-friendly admin area.

In many cases, not even creating the look of the site (which already requires a little technical knowledge) you need. There are several sites that offer Themes, that is, they are pre-made layouts so you can simply download and use them on your site, without even needing a single line of code. And what can WordPress do? In the early days of the 'WordPress' software, people asked themselves “What can WordPress do?”. With WordPress functionality expanding so much over the years, we think a question to ask today is “What can WordPress not do?” how the software can be used to build virtually any type of website.

Of course, WordPress will always be known as a fantastic website and blog building app and that hasn't changed until today. But at the heart of WordPress is its editor. Known as Gutenberg, the editor lets you create and style pages using simple formatting toolbars and a modern drag-and-drop page builder. Whether you're publishing blog posts daily or using WordPress to add static pages, you'll love how easy it is to use the Guttenberg editor.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com – What's the difference?

The WordPress version available at wordpress.org/download/ is known as the main version of WordPress and although you can create a website with it using the default WordPress theme Twenty twenty, the vast majority of website owners use a more advanced WordPress design, the Themes They also install plugins to add more features and functionality.

By using themes and plugins, you can expand what you can do with WordPress. This allows you to create a variety of sites, including directories, discussion forums, portfolios and galleries, blogs and magazines, e-commerce sites, business sites, online courses, hotel reservations, dating sites, quiz sites. and answers, knowledge bases, and simple resume websites and much more. In short, WordPress can be used to create almost any type of website. You just need to find the right WordPress theme or plugin to help you do that.

However, if you are new to WordPress, you might be confused by the fact that there are two versions of WordPress, on sites with different domain names.

  • WordPress.org – The version where you choose your WordPress domain apart from the software;
  • WordPress.com – The free and limited hosting version of WordPress;

The self-hosted version of WordPress found on WordPress.org is more popular as it is generally much more flexible. There are no restrictions on how you use the self-hosted version of WordPress, so you can customize your site as you see fit and maintain full control over your content. As the name suggests, with the version where you choose your WordPress domain, you need to purchase a website hosting package from a company like Locaweb so that your website remains online 24 hours a day. Day.

Historically, build a website with the self-hosted version of WordPress required the site owner to handle most administrative tasks. In addition to installing WordPress, you had to manage updates for WordPress and for installed WordPress themes and plugins. you also had to keep website backups and keep your website safe to prevent hackers from infiltrating your site.

While weekly maintenance remains an essential task for most WordPress users, the arrival of managed WordPress hosting companies has eliminated the need to do everything yourself as they handle most of the administrative tasks for you.

On the other hand, WordPress.com is a WordPress service that includes hosting for you. This allows you to focus all your time on updating and marketing your website. It's free to sign up for WordPress.com and launch your own website, but you need to upgrade to the $25 per month personal plan to use your own domain name and remove advertising.

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WordPress Control Panel

Upgrading to the BRL 45 per month premium plan unlocks additional features such as advanced design customization and Google Ads integration. While you can host WordPress yourself for just a few bucks a month, I would say that WordPress.com is generally a more affordable solution for new WordPress users and is an attractive option for those who don't want to be responsible for keeping their site online.

But, be aware that the hosted version of WordPress is less flexible and requires you to pay more to unlock features that are free in the self-hosted version of WordPress. This is why, in the long run, most WordPress.com users gravitate towards the self-hosted version of WordPress. Despite that, WordPress.com is a fantastic introduction to the world of WordPress for those new to building websites and want to learn everything about the topic.

What can I do with WordPress

Creating a website with WordPress seems easy these days, doesn't it? You just installed a theme and that's it, right? Well, although WordPress was initially envisioned as a blogging platform, nowadays it has become the most popular CMS and the biggest publishing stage with over 40% of the internet running on the platform.

Now you can use WordPress to create all possible types of website. All you need is an idea and the resources for it. The possibilities and innovations that you can implement in your construction are practically limitless, which is why we are going to talk a little about the types of websites you can build with WordPress.

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Blogging in WordPress is easy

Blogs: WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform and quickly grew into the powerful CMS we know today. During the last 16 years, the components of blogs and personal websites are still present and powerful. In fact, they have become more refined and mature. If you're looking to create a blog or personal website, you'll find plenty of tools to quickly manage and scale your WordPress site.

Commercial website: WordPress is an easy way to build a professional looking business website and it is so powerful that many reputable brands are using WordPress to boost their web presence. Several companies such as Sony Music and even White House use WordPress on their website. Before building your business website, you must have clear goals in mind, according to which you will develop the website. If you don't know what you want to achieve with your business WordPress site, it will be nothing more than a waste of money and time.

E-commerce website: WordPress has become the ultimate solution for building an e-commerce website. There are amazing plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads that can turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce platform. Your e-commerce website should have the following essential functions like the ability to provide users with seamless product navigation, a way for users to choose products and place them in their shopping cart, and a transparent and secure checkout process. We'll talk more about that soon.

Portfolio website: Want to show your work? You can easily do this with a WordPress portfolio site that has beautiful image galleries and sliders. It's one of the best ways to ensure your work gets noticed. A well-crafted portfolio website tells everyone exactly who you are and what you do. You will successfully build your presence while presenting examples of your skills and achievements in a visually appealing way.

Online community: With WordPress, you can build any kind of online community you can imagine! If you own a business, an online community can help you stand out from the competition and engage your target market. As a blogger, you can reach your niche audience and build a loyal following.

Websites for magazines and digital publications: Magazine and digital publishing can be a combination of news, stories, entertainment or other reporting. If you think about users' browsing habits, most websites they visit are just for news and entertainment. So, with the right theme, you can create your online news site in just a few clicks.

What you need to make your own WordPress website

Everyone, regardless of their experience, can launch a WordPress site. If, however, you're a computing newbie, consider launching your first WordPress site with WordPress.com, as you won't have to worry about backup details, complex configurations, or advanced security. It's all up to the WordPress service itself.

The whole process is simple and you can always transfer your site to a self-hosted setup later if you wish. All you need to do is create a WordPress.com account and select whether you are creating a blog, business website, professional website or online store and then you will be asked to enter some basic information about your website such as name and description. . Then you just need to activate a WordPress theme and start publishing content.

To host WordPress yourself, you need to do three things:

Many hosting companies offer “Free” domain names to new customers, however, I strongly recommend that you register the domain names yourself so you have full control over your property. The cost of a domain will depend on which domain extension you need and where you buy it from. For a .COM domain, you can expect to pay for hosting on sites like Locaweb or others. You can search for the domain that suits you best and choose the plan of your choice.

The hardest part of buying a domain name is finding a suitable name that is available. Once you've found a good domain name, the actual process of purchasing the domain only takes a few minutes. With that, your blog will be live. However, over time you will see that there are deeper things, plugin updates and other details that you will have to learn if you want to keep your site up and running. For this, you can use a good WordPress course and learn all the system tricks to keep your website in top shape.

WordPress is the most popular way to build a website for one simple reason: its ease! If you want to build any type of website, from a blog to an ecommerce store, WordPress is a great choice.

Quick FAQ

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to host and build websites. WordPress contains plugin architecture and a template system, so you can customize any website to suit your business, blog, portfolio or online store.

Is WordPress good for a beginner?

Despite being the most flexible and powerful platform, WordPress is quite easy to use for beginners. It comes with a simple panel with different menu options listed in the sidebar. You can easily create posts and pages, customize your website design, add navigation menus and much more.

Is it better to use WordPress or HTML?

If your website doesn't require updates, regular changes or any additional content, HTML is a better choice as it will make your website perform faster. If you want to grow your business website and constantly update it, WordPress is the best choice.

Does WordPress host your website for free?

Yes, WordPress hosts on WordPress.com and has both free and paid plans available. When you host directly on WordPress.com, there are no upfront costs and you won't need to purchase a separate domain name. WordPress will automatically install and update for you.

Now, leave it in the comments: Do you already use WordPress on your website? Do you have a plugin or theme that you think is essential? Talk to us and take the opportunity to read more about tech e WordPress on our website.

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