Put Characters in the Relacha Teapot in Genshin Impact

miHoYo Game Update 1.6 will allow you to put characters into the Relacha Teapot in Genshin Impact

This is what all players have been waiting for since the announcement of the house building system: finally the game will allow you to put characters in the Teapot of Relacha in Genshin Impact. Finally it will be possible to make that little house you always wanted to live with your waifu or your husband in the game.

In an announcement today made by the official Genshin Impact account on Twitter, the upcoming 1.6 update will introduce the “Companion Move-In Feature” for the Relacha Teapot system, which will allow players to ask their trusted companions and comrades to enter their own private paradise with them.

Characters in the teapot
Characters in the Relacha Teapot

This is a small update for Genshin Impact players who have increased the friendship level of a particular companion throughout their adventures in Teyvat. If you're not familiar with the Relacha Teapot system, this is a feature that was introduced into miHoYo's game with Update 1.5, which allows players to buy their own land to build their own house. You can read all about it on Our site.

Put the characters in the teapot in genshin impact | f95e9550 image | married games tips/guides | android, genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, playstation, singleplayer | characters in the teapot
Put Characters in the Relacha Teapot in Genshin Impact | android, Genshin Impact, ios, mihoyo, Multiplayer, pc, playstation, singleplayer | characters in the teapot

Put characters in the Relacha Teapot and earn bonus XP

On Genshin Impact's official website, the developer details how the feature will work. First, you must have completed the 'talking over the Idle Teapot' quest in order for you to place characters in the Speedpot in Genshin Impact, and companions who eventually move into your Teapot will continually receive bonus Companion XP.

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As the Adeptus Energy Level increases, so does the Friendship Level gain rate of characters living inside the Teapot. While you can chat with any buddy who has moved into your house, more conversations will be unlocked at higher Friendship Levels, so there's a system in play here that will allow you to get to know your most loyal Genshin Impact friends better.

This great new feature will come to Genshin Impact next week, June 9th, when Update 1.6 is finally released so you can put characters in the Relacha Teapot. There is a plethora of other content that will also arrive with this update.

You will literally be able to sail on the high seas with your own boat. A feature that will debut in miHoYo's open world game. Elsewhere, there will be a new event that will unfold over four weeks, and there are new outfits to unlock for Barbara and Jean. You can find out what's new in version 1.6 by reading about it here.

Characters in the teapot
Put Characters in the Relacha Teapot in Genshin Impact | android, Genshin Impact, ios, mihoyo, Multiplayer, pc, playstation, singleplayer | characters in the teapot

Explore the World of Teyvat with your characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free open-world gacha game (similar to the loot box), but with microtransactions within the game, published and distributed by miHoYo. In it you step into the shoes of the Traveler, an explorer capable of traveling through worlds, but who was trapped in Teyvat, a place reigned by the Archons and facing a war against unknown enemies, and must find a way to return to his home world and find your missing twin brother.

And for those starting out in Genshin Impact you still have here at Married Games a Complete Guide to start your journey really well and the Complete list of playable characters so far! Genshin impact is available for PC, Android, iOS, PS4 and, soon, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 with crossplay between platforms.

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What's up? What characters do you befriend high? And which of your characters goes to your Teapot of Relacha? Comment and share with your friends who will start playing!

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