15 Secrets of Monster Hunter Rise to Succeed in Hunting

Are you going on a hunt in Capcom's new monster franchise game? Don't go before you know what the Kamura Village is hiding in this cool list with five secrets from Monster Hunter Rise

The new game in the Capcom monster hunting and carving franchise is already a success and exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. As always the preparation of the hunter is essential and can decide the success and failure of the hunters. Eating the right food, taking your traps or bombs to be used on monsters, petting your dog's tummy (who is a good hunter? Who is it? It's you! It's you, cute puppy… ah… sorry) when hunting. Therefore, we have listed some Monster Hunter Rise secrets for you to do at your base, in Kamura Village, before leaving on a mission.

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Get it, Rex!

Secrets of Monster Hunter Rise: What to do?

Some of these things are just cool and can earn you some cool decor items, or to sell and earn some zenys (which is always welcome) and some involve activities that you can do with your friends and others and you can do. give items that will help and a lot in time to face the monsters. And these are important, after all, no one wants to run into a Rathalos without being properly prepared, right?

Visit the Coromucho nest

15 Monster Hunter Rise Secrets To Succeed In Hunting | d4e17377 cohoot | capcom, monster hunter, monster hunter rise, multiplayer, nintendo, nintendo switch, singleplayer | monster hunter rise secrets tips/guides
Don't mind me, I just came to pick up valuable items to sell

On the island of Dojo dos Amigos, where the training dummy is located, there is a tree that can be climbed through some vineyards on its side or with the use of the new Cabinseto resource jumping on the platforms. At the top, you'll find the Coromucho's Nest. It is interesting to visit this place, as there you can find some items and secrets of Monster Hunter Rise.

The ideal is to visit him every four or five quests, as it is the time it can take to get new things. In general, you will get random and small things, like fish, but eventually you can find some very good items like golden eggs, trap tools and even some Divinabacaxi, an important resource for you to increase the level of training of your friends. , so that they can collect more materials and be more effective in exploration and combat.

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Visit Argosy

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Want a good reason to visit Argosy?

An old acquaintance of fans of the franchise, Argosy is a ship that travels between continents and can bring rare items from elsewhere to you. Argosy, in addition to a store, also functions as your farm, similar to what happened in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, when you moved to Seliana. There you can grow items such as plants, honey, insects and other resources.

Of course, in addition, you also don't want to miss checking out the rare items that may be available such as kelbi horns, traps or other consumables. You can also buy items that can be sold for money (zeny), since at Argosy you must use your other points to buy the items there.

Some items can be worth 1000 to 10000 zenys, which means that when reselling you can get a good profit from the items you find on Argosy. Keep an eye on him and visit him regularly.

Train your Miaucenarians

One of the most important secrets of Monster Hunter Rise. In the Recruiter of Friends you will always be able to find new Amicães and Amigatos to be recruited and used as explorers, the Miaucenários, and to send them to different maps so that they bring many items for you. Always keep them well trained, recruit new cats and, if you have a Divinabacaxi in stock, give it to them to keep them always performing at their best.

Do not forget to stop by the Dojo before leaving on a mission, either to leave them training or to send them on the exploration, because the more trained, the more items they will bring you in the end. You can specify which type of cat you are looking for, either by a specific skill or even by its color. Or, if you prefer, just use what the Recruiter has available at the moment.

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A gift from the ninjas

Visit the Merchant

Whether Kagero, the town merchant, or the guild area vendor cat, you will always want to take a look at this guy. Not only because he will have different items to sell at each visit between the quests, but also through the Lottery resource. In addition to consumable items that you can win at luck, which is always very useful, you can also get some collectible items. These items can be statues that you will use to decorate your room.

In addition, when you unlock the function, the Merchant will function as the Founder, where you will get your Gems and Jewels. So, it is always good to get used to the “farmland” path, as this is one of the important secrets of Monster Hunter Rise: You will visit this NPC a lot.

Talk to everyone

Speaking of visiting the NPC's, our next tip is: talk to the inhabitants of Kagero as they may have something to talk to you about. As you progress through the story, they will be able to give you different side missions or even give you things for free. Stroll around the city and look for speech bubbles to locate the NPC's that have something to say.

Another way is to open the map and it will simply show you where someone has to get a new mission or someone who has something interesting to say. Most of the time, they will give you a side quest that will either lead you to a new weapon or new piece of armor or just unlock something new. Anyway, talk to everyone because there will always be some new Monster Hunter Rise secrets to discover.

You in Control

There are two control modes in the Monster Hunter Rise. Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is recommended for anyone who started playing Monster Hunter through Monster Hunter World or Rise. Type 2 is recommended for anyone who plays since Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Either way, there will be control for you!

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Another option is the Delta Essentials FO202, a keyboard and mouse adapter for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch. They are options for FPS games on the console or for those who want to play Monster hunter and are used to the PC.

Go fishing!

Now you no longer need to leave an area for the fish to return. In addition, the Amola Fish Scale is a common item and you can use it to sharpen your weapons more easily. Not to mention that you can find several specimens of endemic life in rivers and lakes, to decorate your room with pets or just complete your hunter's notes.

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Lunch is guaranteed

You are being watched

Be careful, in a world so inspired by feudal japan, there are certainly all kinds of mystical and legendary figures walking around, like samurai and ninjas. They can be anywhere. Anywhere, even, even in your room. Yeah, you could be being watched in your room right now.

Let's give you a hint: Look carefully behind the poster behind your Housekeeper, one that is called Fukashigi - The Informant. Well, he is not just a painting, he is there. Right behind the poster. Talk to him and get important information from the game, from the monsters and that can help in your hunt. Maybe he knows more secrets of Monster Hunter Rise than we do!

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"Oops, they found me"

An old message

In the area of ​​Floresta Alagada, there is an old message for adventurers who are willing to find it. For that you need to reach the top of the Ancient Temple, using its Cabinsetos and running on the almost vertical walls. It will take a little patience, but when you get there, you will have to blow up the entrance with a barrel bomb

Inside, in addition to the old message, you will still find a divine rhino, which you need to complete the mission “The radiant rhino”. Taking advantage of that you got this, go get the others that are in the following areas:

  • Along the border wall behind the pyramid in Sector 2/3.
  • On the cliff between sectors 9 and 11.
  • To the east towards the area between sectors 10 and 13 along the border wall.
  • In Sector 11 at the top of the map along the boundary wall.

More materials

It is now easier to get material from the monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise, as you do not need to leave the map for the monsters to reappear. So, if you just killed a Rathalos and want to get more material from the monster, just wait a while and it will reappear.

Of course, this can be a problem if you have a very strong monster in the area that, luckily, you just killed, because in a few minutes it will come back to take satisfaction from you. So, it is better to plan your steps well on each hunt.

Think like a hunter

This is one of the biggest secrets of Monster Hunter Rise for victory: know your enemy and your environment! You are a hunter, so think like one. Have you ever imagined a hunter running towards the hunt with the gun in hand and screaming like a berserk? Then. They don't do that. Hunters are patient, they watch the prey, they watch the environment, they look for ways to attract it to a more favorable ground and they know their enemies. Explore the region, see the monster's route, find out what natural traps exist on this path and use them wisely.

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Of course, some things can't be done in a hunt, but start watching your enemies, learn their movements and attack patterns (watching him fight against another monster can be a good thing and if he leaves weakened then even better), discover their weaknesses, decipher their clues for the bigger attacks ("when Anjanath opens the crests, it will start to fire. It is time that I run"). You need to think about all of this before you act, and believe me, this goes for almost every hunt in the game and will save you many deaths.

15 Monster Hunter Rise Secrets To Succeed In Hunting | 3423cbcf angel | capcom, monster hunter, monster hunter rise, multiplayer, nintendo, nintendo switch, singleplayer | monster hunter rise secrets tips/guides
Hunting unprepared is certain death ...

Visual clues

If you are new to Monster Hunter or have played a little, you may have noticed that monsters have no health bars or health indicators. So, to know when the monster is about to die or ready to be captured requires observation and attention to the signals that the monster gives. Broken or cut parts are a good way to know that the monster has already lost a good amount of health, but that is not all.

Scars start to appear on his body, indicating that the area is already weakened, so keeping the focus of attacks there is a good way to do more damage. When he is very weak, the monster will try to hobble away. There is the time to hit hard, as it indicates that he is dying. Of course, it also indicates that he will become more ferocious, so be careful. If the idea is to capture the monster instead of killing it, letting it escape to its den and waiting for it to sleep is a good alternative to get it more easily.

Keep focus

Monster Hunter has more than a dozen different weapons at the player's disposal so he can choose which ones to use and one of the secrets of Monster Hunter Rise is knowing how to use them properly. So, mastering their handling is important for the success of the hunt. So start with one you like and master it, learn all the movements and techniques before hunting.

Want to try another one? Great, but take it easy and focus on a maximum of two weapons at the beginning. When you are Pro on that weapon too, then you can go out and play with the others. And if you're an experienced player in MH, don't forget that Cabinseto adds new moves and possibilities, so it's good to take a refresher course before going out to fight the monsters.

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Speaking of weapons

I want to see someone do this with the fuzilarco

It is not a secret of Monster Hunter Rise, but, it is good to remember: for those who are starting, the best weapons are the Double Blade, Long Sword and Espadão. They are basically hacking weapons in which you hit the monster and everything is fine. Of course, they have several cool techniques and have their strengths and weaknesses, for example, the Double Blades will give you a lot of speed, but the damage per attack is low. Espadão is slow, but has great damage.

If you started now, look at these weapons with care and try them out on your first hunts before going to play with a Dynamo Blade or a Transmachado. Of course, their effects on fights are cool and you may think your weapons aren't that cool, but you'll be excited when you see someone doing the “beyblade” on the monster's back.

Use Cabinseto wisely

One of the new features of Monster Hunter Rise is in Cabinseto. Your new way of getting around the skies of the world. Similar to the Monster Hunter World claw, but with much more freedom of movement, Cabinseto is also a great ally in the fight against monsters. But, like everything good, it doesn't last long.

So, one of the secrets of Monster Hunter Rise to be victorious is to use it wisely. Do not be tempted to leave using his attacks whenever you are available, even if it is to ride the monster. Wait for the best moments to fire the attacks and use them carefully. After all, you may even need them to get away if the fight gets too hard.

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"Go web, go!"

Monster Hunter Rise is a unique adventure

Travel to Kamura Village, a place set in feudal Japan, and get ready to defend your new friends from the monsters that surround the place. Hunt giant creatures and grab their parts to make bigger and better weapons and armor. Use Cabinsetos to move vertically across the scene and take advantage of the tactical advantage to reach unexplored locations or attack monsters. For this new adventure you will count on the unprecedented Amicão and the always faithful Amigato. Sharpen your sword and go hunting.

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Monster hunter rise is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and will hit PCs in 2022. Read more about Monster Hunter at website and answer in the comments: team Amicão or team Amigato? Did you like to know these secrets of Monster Hunter Rise? Did you like Cabinseto? We want to know.

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