Beat the Stormterror in Genshin Impact

The game's first big challenge, Dvalin - The Old King of Heaven, awaits you weekly in the Stormterror Challenge in Genshin Impact

The history of the Four Winds of Mondstadt

Before Mondstadt's protector and one of the guardians of the Four Winds, Dvalin, the Dragon of the East, got tired of his task and abandoned his post, believing that the city betrayed him and that his role as protector surrounded his freedom. The Old King of Heaven isolated himself from the world in his Burrow, avoiding contact with humans, until he was corrupted by the Abyss Order to attack the city he loved so much.

Stormterror in Genshin Impact is one of the first and most challenging weekly bosses in the game. He is the first big boss of the campaign and you will face this dragon during your campaign. After defeating him, Dvalin will become one of the weekly bosses and you will be able to challenge him to get artifacts and Prototypes of Northern Weapons.

If you found the fight against him in the game a piece of cake, know that it will not be the same during your battles against him as a weekly boss, as he becomes much more aggressive and uses his powers much more often. Get ready for combat and follow these tips to beat the Dragon of the West.

Facing the Stormterror in Genshin Impact

To face the Stormterror in Genshin Impact you must first beat it in story mode, in Act III: A Blue Shadow - Defeat Dvalin. After that, the domain will be open and you will be able to visit it to face the dragon. When you defeat it, you will use 60 original resins to collect your reward. You will gain 300 Adventure Exp, but the amount of XP for Companionship, Mora and the quality of the artifacts are defined by the level of the challenge when entering the Domain.

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Here you will have access to artifacts, from the Gladiator's Judgment set and the Traveling Troupe, as well as items such as Dvalin's Claw and Dvalin's Plume, which are used to upgrade talents. Character ascension jewel fragments can also be obtained by facing and defeating the Stormterror in Genshin Impact.

Meet the Western Dragon Attacks

Scratch: Dvalin disappears from view, then flies towards the center of the platform, dealing a great deal of damage.

  • Moving to the right or left of the platform is an easy method to avoid the attack.
  • Time your dodge or run at the right time to avoid damage. This method can be used if you are unable to get out of his attack range.

Dragon breath: Dvalin lands on the platform beside the player and releases a powerful breath, moving slowly to the left or right. Although this is a very slow attack, prolonged exposure to the breath will guarantee certain death for the character.

  • After Dvalin lands, run to the other side of the platform. Deal as much damage to your claws as possible to break your shield.
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Bite: Dvalin turns his head towards the area where the player is. It is a quick attack that does moderate damage.

  • To avoid this attack, stay in the center, at the rear of the platform, or keep a wind current floating over it.
  • It is possible to damage the claws and head after he attacks, but there is a smaller hitbox for him compared to the Dragon's Breath, as well as less time to damage the claws when his head returns to the flight position after a few seconds.
  • It is possible to avoid damage by timing your run perfectly.

Wind Pump: Dvalin throws two pairs of wind bombs at him, exploding on impact.

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  • The attack is aimed at you, but not guided, so it can be avoided by moving continuously in one direction.
  • This attack is always used before using the Energy Rain, allowing the player to prepare for the next attack.

Power Rain (Caelestinum Finale Termini): Dvalin releases a rain of Wind Bombs to attack a group of platforms you are on. The affected platforms, now called "Cracked Platforms", cause continuous damage to the character who remains on the field.

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Cracked platforms cause constant anemo damage

The longer the character stays on the platform, the greater the damage taken. Stormterror in Genshin Impact can do this up to 3 times, after which, all platforms will be affected. The camera will be locked on Dvalin, preventing the player from moving while Dvalin performs this attack.

  • The easiest way to get rid of it is to fly, using the wind currents generated by the anemo-grains, to other platforms that are not affected by the attack;
  • Using a shield or the Zhongli Pillar or the scalable Geo Traveler's monolith, the player is able to stay on the “Cracked Platform” without suffering damage. However, the shield will not be able to absorb the damage forever as you continuously receive damage and the Geo constructs will eventually break.

Omega Pump: Dvalin dives, appears on the other side of the arena and begins to attack. He then releases a gigantic pulse bomb towards the platform that causes massive damage to the characters that are hit.

  • Stand above the platform using the wind current to avoid damage or move to another platform.
  • Unlike Energy Rain, the camera will not be locked on Dvalin while this attack is performed, making it difficult to see if Dvalin will perform this attack or not, as he is on the other side of the arena.

Lightning Power: Periodically, there will be circular indicators on the ground showing where the energy pulse will reach (the actual radius is not precisely defined). These rays do low to moderate damage, but if you can't avoid them, your HP will be cut.

  • It spins in the air for a period of time and causes a permanent condition in all parts of the arena.
  • Dvalin uses this attack after 2 minutes of activating the Energy Rain for the second time. This attack is active for the rest of the fight.

Fighting the Stormterror in Genshin Impact

This is a fight that you must face alone. It is not possible to call a friend to help fight the Stormterror in Genshin Impact. There are 5 distinct stages in the fight against the Stormterror in Genshin Impact, and in each stage there is a different combat environment due to the Energy Rain strikes and the Energy Lightning strike. The time limit is the duration given to the player to break Dvalin's shield before the game automatically transitions to the next stage.

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The game will also make the phase transition when Dvalin's shield is broken a total number of times. Dvalin performs the next transition attack when the time limit or shield limit is reached. In Phase 3, the Energy Lightning will not fire if the player breaks a total of 6 shields in 2 minutes. Simply put: If you delay in the fight or break a certain amount of shields before defeating the dragon, the fight will advance to the next level automatically. See the phases and requirements:

Current PhaseTime limitShield LimitNext transition attack
12 minutes1Power Rain
28 minutes3Power Rain
32 minutes-Power lightning
42 minutes6Power Rain

Dvalin can be easily attacked by characters with melee and ranged attacks during the Bite and Dragon's Breath. As long as you can destroy your shield within the time limit of each level, you won't have to worry about his area attacks and can break the shield with your melee characters.

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Here comes the Rasante

Characters with a bow are useful for dealing damage from a distance. You can shoot him with targeted shots while he is in the air and these attacks can be used to create elementary reactions and break Dvalin's shield. In addition, when Dvalin's shield is lowered, they can save time by climbing Dvalin's neck, as it is possible to use charged shots to shoot Dvalin's crest from a distance.

Ganyu's charged shot can deal area damage and make 2 hits, which can help break Dvalin's shield and damage him in his vulnerable state. Other arc users, such as Venti and Fischl, may work as well. Otherwise, the usefulness and relevance of Arco's characters directly correlates with their general ability and use of them during battle, so be sure to spend some time seriously thinking about whether or not you want to bring them in first.

Reposition in the center of the platform after each Dvalin attack (the grass conveniently positioned on the platform is the point). In this location, you will be safe from Bite and allow you to manipulate the direction of the Dragon's Breath. Breaking your shield will cause you to fall into a vulnerable state. When that happens, you need to climb up on your neck and reach the purple blood crest at the top.

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Climb the side closest to the head (requires only 1 jump to reach the top). Start to rise when the attack indicator appears, otherwise the player will be stuck in the neck. Saving your time with this can guarantee a lot more time for attacks and potential damage. Xiao's Elemental Explosion, Nuo Dance of Conquest of Evil, can help you get up there faster.

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The Dragon's Breath

It is recommended to save the Elemental Blast to deal great damage during the vulnerable state of the Stormterror in Genshin Impact, as this will help to end the fight sooner. Gathering energy for Elemental Explosions is difficult in this area, so picking up some before the battle in the open world is also a good idea.

There are Anemo-grain at both ends of each platform. Collect three of them to create an upward wind current, which you can use to avoid the Bite and Omega Bomb, or move to other platforms that will not be affected by the Energy Rain. The wind current is permanently activated on any platform affected by the Energy Rain.

Before trying Dvalin, be sure to check that your team has a good Elemental Resonance. While not as important as the characters you bring, resonance can still provide useful buffs, such as + 25% Attack with two Pyro characters, + 15% Critical Rate for 2 Cryo characters, as well as 2 Geo characters to improve the sustainability of the shield if you are not yet strong enough to take it down before it activates the Energy Rain.

Drinking or eating Increase Attack or Defense items will help you immensely in this fight against the boss. The main examples of useful foods include, but are not limited to: Portions of Jade, Adeptus Temptation, Golden Crab, wind resistance potion. In addition, the Nutrients scholarship (which you earn when you reach a certain level of Recognition in Mondstadt or Liyue) will also help you, as you will be able to eat whenever you need to.

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Climb and hit the Stormterror's weak spot in Genshin Impact

For higher difficulty levels like IV, V and VI, shield characters like Noelle, Zhongli and Xinyan are useful, as their shields can counter the damage from Stormterror attacks in Genshin Impact and the area damage created by Energy Lightning. . To help ensure that your shields are suitable for the constant damage you will receive, try placing 2 Geo characters in the group for the Elemental Resonance buff.

It is important to rely on running and speed to survive this fight against the Stormterror in Genshin Impact; Kaeya and Razor are especially useful, as their passive skills decrease stamina consumption by running by 20%. If fitting these characters for you is a problem, any Adventurer Plate can also be used to achieve the same effect.

The Traveler in Anemo and Geo forms can be useful; since the Whirlwind effect caused by Palma Vortex can be useful to break Dvalin's shield and cause damage to it, as long as there is another element to mix with (the dragon is immune to anemo). Earth Awakening and the Shooting Star Sword can also be used as projectiles to deal explosion damage.

To use as a DPS, most elements are effective against Dvalin, including Pyro, Electro, Hydro and Anemo (as long as combined with another element). Pyro and Electro characters with high explosion damage can help to destroy Dvalin's shield and cause damage to it. They can also cause elemental reactions to destroy your shield faster.

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Elemental Rain

Hydro characters, such as Childe and Xingqiu, are capable of causing great explosion damage. Pyro characters like Diluc, Hu Tao, Klee, Yanfei are useful, while Bennett can increase attack and healing. Electric characters like Keqing, Razor and Beidou can also be useful. Anemo DPS characters like Xiao can also drop Dvalin's shield and deal damage quickly.

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Provocation skills are useless here; the main examples are Amber with her Baron Coelho and Ganyu with her Qilin Trail. This is because the only window of opportunity where his skills can be used is when Dvalin grabs the platforms with his claws and starts using the Dragon's Breath. So, unless you time the elemental blast blows quite a lot (or you have Amber's constellations), they may not help much.

Although it may seem simple, try not to fall off the platform during combat. It may seem silly to say that, but this is one of the factors that most disturbs during the fight. In addition to losing energy, falling off the platform will cause you to lose the attack window during the Dragon's Breath. It is also important to be on the ground during the Elemental Rain.

Since the camera is locked in Dvalin during the animation for Elemental Rain, your character will be stopped in the air and falling. So, if you are flying over the platforms and over the hole between them, when the animation is over, you will already be out of range of the platforms and there will be no choice but to fall.

Travel to the World of Genshin Impact

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Welcome to Mondstadt, Traveler

Genshin impact is a free open-world gacha game (similar to the loot box), but with microtransactions within the game, published and distributed by miHoYo. In it you step into the shoes of the Traveler, an explorer capable of traveling worlds, but who was trapped in Teyvat, a place reigned by the Archons and facing a war against unknown enemies, and must find a way to return to his home world and find your missing twin brother.

Genshin Impact is available for PC, Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, soon, Nintendo Switch with crossplay between platforms. And for those starting out in Genshin Impact you still have here at Married Games a Complete Guide to start your journey really well and how Farmar many Primogens.

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