For Singles: 15 Movies That Will Make You Enjoy Christmas Singles

See a list of 15 movies for you to enjoy being single this Christmas

Christmas is coming! That special day for you to get even closer to that person you love. But what about singles? What to do to calm the loneliness after a day populated by happy couples? So, here's a list of 15 movies for you to enjoy and enjoy being single, because it's always good to remember that you don't have to be committed to be happy!

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Movies For Singles To Enjoy Christmas

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Why immerse yourself in romances if you can watch a good movie where you are enough to be happy? Some things can only be done by someone who is alone, and it is often better to be alone than in bad company! Yes, it's a cheesy and clichéd phrase, but it's formed by the purest truth.

Then check out movies that are far from the cheesy romance, and that will raise your self-esteem to infinity!

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500 days with her

Cover of 500 days with her, shows the protagonist with a t-shirt with several photos of their relationship | singles movies
When a super romantic finds what he imagines to be the love of his life. Source: AdoroCinema

"Oh, but you didn't say anything about romance and it just starts with one?" Well, 500 Days with Her (in English, 500 Days of Summer, alluding to the name of one of the main characters, Summer) it's not quite your sugar water romance that will make you want a love to call your own.

On the contrary, the film shows that romantic relationships are not always the best choice. To start with, we have a novel from a male point of view (something that, in my view, is very little explored in cinema, and when it is, it is done grotesquely). In it, we'll see Tom fall head over heels in love with Summer. Yes, when I say madly I really mean it, the animal gets lost in love.

And Tom is not one of those rude men who see women as an object of desire, to use and abuse. Tom is a different guy, who just wants to love and be loved in the same measure. Awn, that's cute, isn't it? Yeah, but here's the catch: Summer isn't on the same page in the book of love as he is. She has a different vision and goals than his regarding love.

And the differences only grow, making the relationship more and more difficult. The purpose of the film is to bring a more realistic view of love. And it will make you be very careful when choosing someone and, above all, have expectations over this person. 500 days with her tells how a relationship can go wrong, and not be as perfect as the movies out there paint. It's a perfect movie to enjoy being alone.


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Archer hawk

For singles: 15 movies that will make you single for Christmas | 938930ed image 2021 12 20 113316 | married games movies / series | someone special, cinema, comedy, eating, praying and loving, like being single, valentines day, disney, education, bliss, movies, fox film, picture movies, legally blonde, megaromantic, even if nothing works, netflix, pixar, romance, single, single, singles, sony pictures, brave, warner bros | singles
Dog Pizza is the star of the series

It's not a movie, but a Christmas series for those going away from their family, just like Clint Barton. The series is the newest endeavor by Marvel/Disney in relation to the MCU and surprised everyone with its Christmas atmosphere. While everyone expected a series of superheroes, with action, explosions and super powerful beings, Marvel delivered a family series, with a lighter and more fun atmosphere, in addition to the incredibly cute Pizza Dog!

During the Battle of New York in 2012, young Kate Bishop loses her father, but is saved by Clint Barton's well-aimed arrow, Hawkeye. Inspired by him, she began training in archery and martial arts. One day, while witnessing her mother being threatened by a partner, she breaks into a private underworld auction and uses the clothes of Ronin, the secret identity of Clint who has killed several mobsters and crime bosses, to escape. But now, every organized crime is after her to get revenge thinking she is the Ronin.

Clint now joins Kate in trying to free her from criminal pursuit as he uncovers a secret involving Kate's mother's fiance and dangerous criminal forces. All this, in the midst of the New York Christmas atmosphere, with lots of snow, blinkers and ugly sweaters.

Eat Pray and Love

Eat to eat, pray and love, shows julia roberts eating and falling in love | singles movies
A liberating journey towards self-knowledge. Source: AdoroCinema

If you're used to looking at bookcases in stores around, you've probably seen this name stamped on one of the books. That's because it figured a long time among the best sellers, and was very successful after its release. But little has been heard about the film that adapted this autobiographical story.

Why am I recommending this book to singles on Valentine's Day? It's simple, Eat, Pray and Love is about self-knowledge and self-sufficiency. It's a deep journey with your inner self to see and understand yourself better.

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Elizabeth has everything a person could want in life, a marriage, a home, a good job (okay, a little conservative, but I get the point). But she doesn't feel happy and fulfilled, on the contrary, she is lost and confused.

She then makes a decision: to leave everything behind and embark on a journey to find herself. In her adventure, she goes through Italy (eating), India (praying) and Bali (loving). Yes, the film does have romance in its story, but this is far from being the main focus of the script, and you can learn a lot from it.

Eat, Pray and Love is available on Netflix.


Forgot Me 1 and 2

For singles: 15 movies that will make you single for Christmas | 755f3da2 image 2021 12 20 110610 | married games movies / series | someone special, cinema, comedy, eating, praying and loving, like being single, valentines day, disney, education, happiness on the wire, movies, fox film, picture movies, legally blonde, megaromantic, even if nothing works out, netflix, pixar, romance, single, single, singles, sony pictures, brave, warner bros | singles
Who doesn't want to be forgotten from time to time?

There are a ton of plot holes in Home Alone that today would be fixed with a cell phone. But let's put all that aside and focus on the all-too-real story at the heart of both Kevin McCallister's films.

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Kevin is the epitome of the single person on holidays. Of course, we wouldn't love to be alone ordering pizza and watching old movies. We would even board a flight and enjoy a new place alone for a few days. And we are survivors, we could find a way to survive without anyone with us.

But who are we kidding. Once the grace wears off and the pizza crust hardens, we all have to deal with the fact that we're alone and our moms don't answer our calls. There's a big lesson to learn here – find your own “bird freak”.

Call on that friend you can vent, the one who will help you deal with your loneliness and protect you from the horrible thugs who keep following you around. Maybe they'll even watch some of these movies with you!

even if nothing goes right

Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo side by side leaning against a car | singles movies
A film about a man and a woman who meet, but not for romance. Source: AdoroCinema

"Are we all lost stars, trying to lighten the darkness?" Have you ever heard this song. She competed for the Oscar in 2015, but unfortunately lost the award. The title? Adam Levine's Lost Stars, which by the way, debuted in theaters with a role in this film.

And yes, it makes sense for me to quote the song because it's part of the movie's soundtrack. With a bit of a cliché, Even if Nothing Goes Right tells the story of two people who meet through music. Ahem, you've seen this before. But the genius of the work is what happens afterwards. Let's go from the beginning.

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Gretta is English, but moves to New York because of an opportunity for her boyfriend. What happens is that this relationship ends, and she finds herself alone in an unknown country. As a singer, she starts singing in bars to earn a living. And it's on one of those nights that her path crosses with that of Dan, a struggling music producer who sees in her the potential to become a star.

And it is the battle between the two of them in search of success, but without going over their beliefs about what is right and fair, that even if nothing goes right centers. Not only professionally, the two will grow a lot personally on this journey, which will seek to corrupt them, just as it does in real life.

This is one of those films that treats the characters as real people, with whom you can identify, and, above all, it brings real situations to the story, without the flourishes and embellishments that cinema usually brings.

And most of all, what stands out in Even if Nothing Works is the cast. As already said, Adam Levine, lead singer of the band Maroon5, participates in the film. The main characters, in turn, are played by none other than Keira Knightley (the eternal Elizabeth, in Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice) and Mark Ruffalo (yes, the Hulk).

Just for the cast, you should have convinced yourself to watch. But here's another reason: it's a full plate for music lovers. But calm down, it's not a musical where people start singing out of nowhere in the middle of the street. It's a film centered on music and music production itself.

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Even if nothing works out, it's available on the Netflix.


how to be single

Cover of the film, shows the 4 friends sitting happily | singles movies
The definitive guide, or almost. Source: AdoroCinema

Well, I think the title needs no explanation, right? There's nothing better than a comedy about men and women living their singleness to the fullest! A loving commitment? Yeah, they can try, but a lot will go wrong.

As the title suggests, the film uses and abuses clichés about being single and enjoying life as if it were your last day.

The film follows the story of four women, namely: Alice, the main character who ends a relationship for years in order to get to know each other better and enjoy life, Robin, the root maiden, party girl and party-goer, who will “teach ” to Alice how to live “better”, Meg, Alice's sister, a doctor who rejected the idea of ​​being a mother, but for some reason will change her mind, and Lucy, who searches for her soul mate through dating sites and apps.

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What you will see during the 110 minutes of film is exactly these four women living the way they think is right to enjoy life. And yes, there is romance in the movie. Even because being single is not everything in life.

Highlights include Rebel Wilson, figurehead already stamped in several comedy films, best known for her role as Amy Gorda in the Perfect Pick movie series, playing Robin, and Dakota Johnson, the 50 Shades of Gray Anastasia, in the role of Alice. The chemistry that these two have on screen is interesting.


Turn your living room into a real movie theater

The Vacation of My Life

For singles: 15 movies that will make you single for Christmas | b7d05d83 image 2021 12 20 111722 | married games movies / series | someone special, cinema, comedy, eating, praying and loving, like being single, valentines day, disney, education, happiness on the wire, movies, fox film, picture movies, legally blonde, megaromantic, even if nothing works out, netflix, pixar, romance, single, single, singles, sony pictures, brave, warner bros | singles
Enjoy your Christmas as if it were the last

Close your eyes and imagine the worst date you've ever been on. Okay, now I'm going to bet that everything you've just imagined is nothing compared to the date the Queen Latifah character goes through throughout the Holidays of My Life movie. Long story short: she hits her head so hard on a locker during the date that she has to go to the hospital, where she discovers she has only three weeks to live.

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If she can turn that awful date into something positive, you can outrun that awful person Tinder who showed up 45 minutes late at the date place and made sure you were footing the bill before ordering the most expensive thing on the menu. The message here is simple, enjoy your life, alone or together, as if it were the last day of your life! Queen Latifah had to hit her head to figure this out, but you don't have to!


For singles: 15 movies that will make you single for Christmas | 0f981a25 image 2021 12 20 105410 | married games movies / series | someone special, cinema, comedy, eating, praying and loving, like being single, valentines day, disney, education, happiness on the wire, movies, fox film, picture movies, legally blonde, megaromantic, even if nothing works out, netflix, pixar, romance, single, single, singles, sony pictures, brave, warner bros | singles
One of Jim Carrey's best performances

Who says you have to be in a good mood and happy all the time this Christmas if you're single? You have a right to sulk and dislike the holiday, just like the protagonist of this classic Christmas comedy. The Grinch is probably going through a situation similar to yours that day and is also out to destroy everything.

The adaptation of the book by the American author Dr. Suass tells the story of a green fur-covered creature called Grinch who lives in a place close to Vila dos Quem, who love Christmas and are always celebrating it. Tired of all the singing and happiness, the Grinch teams up with his dog Max to steal Christmas.

In that case, you have two options to view, or if you want, view both. The 2000 Jim Carrey movie or the 2018 animated version starring Benedict Cumberbatch. The Jim Carrey version also has a bonus of being voiced by Guilherme Briggs. So, if you're tired of having to be happy all the time, the Grinch can be a good (or a bad) companion.

Someone special

Cover of the film, shows the three friends lying side by side | singles movies
What to do when your nine-year relationship goes wrong? Source: AdoroCinema

Yes Yes. Another movie that has everything to be “a group of friends enjoying life going to parties and etc”. But calm down, don't give up yet! Because this one will deceive the unsuspecting. He is so much more than that.

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Jenny is our main character this time. She receives a job offer in another city and will have to move. But for that, she needs to end her nine-year relationship. There. Imagine what nine years of history built together is like, which ends like this, overnight. Yeah, she'll probably be destroyed.

And then, friends to the rescue! Blair and Erin join her to give the "friendly shoulder" and create together great experiences that overcome the negativity of Jenny's recent breakup, and of course, a good farewell before the new start.

Yeah, I know. And I already said that too, it sounds more like a cliché. But trust me, you will be surprised if you take the time for this work. Someone Special is about understanding what it's like to be alone and why it's so important. By the end of the movie, you'll have delivered your laughs and tears to Jenny and her friends, but you'll also feel empowered and special.

Someone Special is a production on Netflix and is available on the platform.


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Cover of the film, shows the protagonist surrounded by roses | singles movies
What if your life turned into a romantic comedy? Source: AdoroCinema

Another Rebel Wilson movie. Here, she plays the main character, Natalie. This one is for you who are absolutely tired of romantic comedies, as it is a total satire of the genre.

Natalie hates romantic comedies, she is a skeptic when it comes to romance, which is the true opposite of her co-worker, a card-carrying romantic. One fine day, when assaulted, she ends up unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds herself trapped in a world of exactly what she hates most: a romantic comedy.

Megaromantic is extremely fun, making fun of the biggest clichés of romantic comedies and comparing them to the cruel reality of real life. In the end, it's another film about self-love and self-confidence, which shows that opportunities can be within our grasp, just look up and look around to see them.

Megarromântico is a Netflix production and is available on the platform.


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Cover of the film, shows the two friends in happy party clothes | singles movies
A dip in South African cinema. Source: AdoroCinema

Yes, another Netflix production about single life. But calm down, I guarantee you this movie is different. For a start, it escapes the axis of US-Europe productions, it's a film from South Africa! That's right, and I might even guess that you may never have seen a movie made in this country. Or if you've already seen it, congratulations, enjoy and see one more!

Dineo believes he will only find true happiness when he gets married, but he has no luck in his romantic relationships. Her friend Noni, on the other hand, is the stereotype of the single woman who wants to enjoy life. And it is from these two extremes that history is built.

Yeah, I won't deny it, you're going to see some (various) clichés in this movie. But every now and then nothing is more comfortable than the good old cliché, which is already known. Despite the clichés, the story is built on a perspective that not only enjoyment, nor only love relationships, one lives life. Yes, the good old, nothing in excess is good, everything must be done (and lived) in moderation.

So what will be seen in this film is the balance of extremes, as neither one of the two women can be happy and full in the way they thought was right. It's a journey that ends, guess what, in self-love. Although predictable, it's a cultural dive worth taking, so here's the tip for you to watch the movie.

Solely is a Netflix production and is available on the platform.

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Merica with a bow and arrow in his hand in a forest | singles movies
Merida wants to own her own destiny. Source: AdoroCinema

Ahem, that's exactly what you read. Will have Disney princess movie on YES list! I might as well have put The Princess and the Frog on this list (which by the way, if you didn't see it, run to see because it's a good movie!), but what stopped me from putting this movie was its romance elements, which are, say, very strong.

Valente, on the other hand, does not have any novels, which is why I prefer him in this text. Quite the contrary, in the film we see Merida, a medieval princess, go through the ritual of being betrothed to one of the princes of her father's allied kingdoms. But she doesn't want that, and she revolts against her parents, more specifically against her mother.

Right now, the magic does its job, like a good old Disney movie. But Merida then, alone, has to figure out how to break the spell and restore everything to what it was before. All this while trying to get away from marriage. Will she make it?

Valente is a good film about the strength that a woman has within herself when she wants to achieve a goal. To remember that, even alone, we can win the world.

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Valente is available on the platform Disney +.



Cover of the film, shows the protagonists lying one on each side, with their heads pressed together | singles movies
“not all education is in the books”. Source: AdoroCinema

Going against the goals of this list once again, Educação is a film about a novel. But, once again, a romance gone wrong. It's a film set in 1960s London.

The protagonist is Jenny, a 16-year-old girl who can't wait for adulthood to come. And the opportunity to live it comes in the form of a man: David. Okay, we have a problem here: David is almost twice Jenny's age. Yes yes I know. The warning signal lights up. But after all, remember that we are going to talk about a novel that went wrong.

David introduces Jenny to everything she dreamed of and a little more, and makes her give up her education and future for the relationship. But what she will discover about her "prince" leaves her shocked and adrift.

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Education is not a good, happy movie about growing up and finding your love. It's a movie about how “love” can be tricky and deceive people. You can be sure that you will be more than happy with singleness after following the relationship between Jenny and David. And, keep your eyes open regarding your love interests.


Great movies deserve a cinema-quality screen

Legally Blonde

Cover of the film, shows the protagonist with her extravagant clothes and books in her hand, while people stare at her in the background | singles movies
Legally Blonde is about going beyond appearances. Source: AdoroCinema

Yeah, I couldn't leave this masterpiece out! I know, you've probably seen this movie. But, what is really good is always good to review! And I, at least, will never get tired of Legally Blonde.

Elle Woods is the current hero. She is a fashion student, the typical preppy girl. And when I say “typical”, you can think of any stereotype of the type that Elle will be embodying it. The amount of rose that surrounds it hurts the eyes. Believe it. But don't let that make you give up on the movie, by any means.

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Well, like any good preppy, Elle has a rich boyfriend. But everything falls apart when, thinking that she will be asked to marry him, he wants to end the relationship. All this because you want someone more “serious” in your life. To prove herself worthy of the man she loves, she then decides to go to the same law school as him, and show herself more “serious”.

Yes, it all starts with her willingness to prove herself to the man she loves. Corny. Very breezy. But that's where things start to get good. Because she proves that looks aren't everything in this life, and even though she's practically a life-size Barbie, she can be smart and, well, using the word "serious" again.

All in all, this is a wonderful film about empowerment. Elle's career at law school is fraught with bumps, as you can imagine. But it gives that good taste to see her overcoming everything and, more than that, without ceasing to be who she is to reach her goals, oh, it's too beautiful.

Elle was the most outstanding role in the career of Reese Witherspoon, who won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2005 for the film Johnny & June. Legally Loira was so successful that she received a sequel in 2003, two years after the release of the first one. There are still expectations for a third movie, which will be released in 2022.


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Happiness by a Thread

Cover of the film, shows the protagonist only with her face, bald, wrapped in flowers, a comb and a little hair machine | singles movies
Happiness by a strand is a film about self-love that starts with the hair. Source: AdoroCinema

You can say: you already expected me to put a bonus. Queen of indecision as I am, I can never pick the right number of movies to nominate. And I included this one as a bonus because it talks less about single life and more about self-love and self-confidence.

Okay, I talked the whole text about self-love and self-confidence. But isn't that what being single is all about? It's if enough, and love yourself above everything and everyone. And that goes for someone who is in a relationship too. Before the other, yourself. And that's such an important message in this time of pandemic, because people are putting self-love aside. But believe me: if you don't love yourself, no one, and I repeat, no one, will do it for you.

And that's why I bring this movie so beautiful and captivating. And he brings this discussion on top of something that is under wide discussion these days: black people and their hair. Violet strives to be perfect, and she believes she has achieved that perfection in her life, flawless from head to toe.

But when things start to go wrong, she makes an important decision: to shave her hair, which has always been one of the symbols of her perfection, straightened and well-groomed. From there, starting with the symbology of hair, she will stop following what others consider to be perfection and go on with life in the way that she wants.

Yes, this is one of those movies that brings a little warmth in the heart, because we need to love each other, and our unconscious knows that very well. And that's exactly why I end this beautiful list of movies to enjoy single life with, yes, romance. But not a romance between two people, but a romance between one person and herself, best of all.

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Happiness by a String is a Netflix production and is available on the platform.


So, what did you think of my movie suggestions to enjoy life alone (or, if you want to watch it with your partner, feel free, because loving yourself is not just for singles)? Did you like the movies? Or is there one that you think should be on the list? Like Enjoying the Crazy Life, If You Drink, Don't Marry, American Pie, to name a few classics, but these you've probably seen.

Tell us what you think of our list in the comments and take the time to read more about movies on our website.

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