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With a week to go, Riot Games' MOBA promises to

The League of Legends Wild Rift Americas server, the mobile version of LoL, will launch in Brazil next Monday, 29/03, and promises to be a revolution in the MOBA market for mobile devices. That's because we will find everything in the League of Legends universe in the palm of our hands, with several emblematic personalities, fun adventures and strategic gameplay.

League of Legends Wild Rift is the mobile version of LoL, played on a smaller map compared to Summoner's Rift. Like other MOBAs, the game is a 5v5 battle, where your goal is to take down the other team's Nexus, located in the heart of the base directly opposite yours.

wild rift
League of legends: wild rift coming soon (image via riot games)

In 2019, during Riot Games' tenth anniversary celebrations, League of Legends Wild Rift has finally been announced among a number of other games. The alpha test lasted one month, in June 2020 in Brazil, and now the open beta test will be active in our region.

See everything that happened in the alpha version of the game: Wild Rift Will Arrive In Alpha Regional In Brazil


Like other mobile MOBAs, the team on the left is the blue team, while the team on the right is red. All matches are mirrored due to the controls on your smartphone screen, where the move button is on the left and the skills are on the right.

Wild Rift has three lanes: the top, the middle and the bot. Among the lanes is the jungle, which contains epic monsters or minions. Therefore, champions fit different roles in the game at designated locations on the map.

Altogether, 49 champions have been released, based entirely on their version of League of Legends. Although some changes have been made, such as exclusive skins, their names and abilities have not been changed.

wild rift
Wild rift: new moba from riot games (image via riot games)

Since League of Legends Wild Rift is entirely based on the PC game, players will find it very easy to learn, but it costs nothing to look for Wild Rift tips. And yet, there are some important differences that you need to note.


Most champions are identical, but with minor differences. In Riot development videos, released months ago, they pointed out that most champions will play and behave identical to their PC version.

As there are five positions in the game, you can choose one of five exclusive functions to play. The top usually includes a hand-to-hand fighter. The middle is the shortest lane on the map, where wizards and assassins play. The bot lane consists of a long-range shooter and a support. Snipers are the biggest damage takers in the game, but also the most vulnerable, so having support at your side is essential.


The rune system was adopted from League of Legends and works as a personalized page that offers enhanced and personalized attributes, being divided into primary, the strongest, and secondary, which offer smaller statistics.

Runes are defined outside of games or during champion selection, the stage when both teams spend time choosing their individual selections and planning their draft before entering the game. The second personalization feature is the Summoners' Spells. Each player can choose two in each game, each bringing a unique utility with him. The most common spell is Flash, which teleports your champion a short distance in the desired direction


In LoLzinho, you can only buy items when you are in base and League of Legends Wild Rift is no different. The source is an area at the edge of your map, inside your base, behind the Nexus, where you are reborn and returned. Here, you regenerate health and mana and purchase items.

Most items in League of Legends Wild Rift are the same as LoL, with the exception of a few unique and exclusive items. Bruisers and snipers usually go to AD, where they buy attack damage to increase their offensive power. Snipers also benefit from critical chance, attack speed and useful life.

Wizards love ability power, or AP. These items increase the magic damage done, and many include mana, mana, or cooldown regeneration, which further increase their effectiveness. Against strong compositions by AD teams, tanks opt for armor and health. Against a more AP-based team, magic resistance will be your best friend. There are several other mechanics, but, like every game, you will learn and understand by playing.


Like the LoL, in League of Legends Wild Rift we also have a tier list, that is, the best and strongest champions to play today. Connect:

  • Jungle: Master Yi, Amumu, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao and Evelynn
  • ADC: Jinx, Ashe, Jhin, Miss Fortune and Ezreal.
  • Assassins: Zed, Master Yi, Akali, Evelynn, Fizz and Ahri.
  • Fighters: Camille, Fiora, Garen, Jax and Tryndamere.
  • Wizards: Ahri, Annie, Aurelion Sol, Lux and Orianna.
  • Supports: Blitzcrank, Seraphine, Alistar, Sona and Braum
  • Tank: Blitzcrank, Garen, Amumu, Nasus and Malphite

Another tip is about the controls. For many players, the MOBA universe will be new, so they will lack custom and knowledge about Wild Rift controls and gameplay. Check out Wild Rift tips on the topic in the video:

To better learn the game and meet the champions little by little, there is always the easiest way and one of the best Wild Rift tips for you is about the champions. The game looks simple from the outside, but you'll find that nothing is as easy as it looks when you join a game. Many different objectives are spread across the map, and each champion will have specific role tasks to accomplish.

Observing guides and other people will be your best source of information to improve in League of Legends Wild Rift, but that knowledge will mean nothing if you cannot put it into practice. Choosing a simple champion that is suitable for beginners will allow you to better observe what is going on around you, as you will not be dealing with complicated mechanics.

Beginner champions are not necessarily weak. In fact, many of them are some of the most powerful characters in the game. The difference that makes them easy to play is their skill kits. Wild Rift Tips: Try to focus on your role objectives while playing with the following champions and observe your surroundings as much as possible. Follow the list:

  • Top: Dr. Mundo and Garen
  • Jungle: Amumu and Master Yi
  • Mid: Annie and Lux
  • ADC: Ashe and Miss Fortune
  • Support: Alistar and Janna

The game is fun. You can play anywhere, the matches are short and frantic and the gameplay is well suited for touchscreen devices. However, like all games of the genre, it takes the battery away very fast. So one of the best Wild Rift tips is to always take your device’s charger with you if you’re thinking of playing League of Legends Wild Rift somewhere.

For League of Legends Wild Rift to run smoothly and without choking, there are minimum system requirements. However, don't worry, because for both Android and iOS, the requirements are low and the game must be able to run on most devices around the world.


  • Operating system: Android 4.4 and higher
  • Memory: 1,5 GB of RAM
  • CPU: 1,5 GHz quad-core (32 or 64 bit)
  • GPU: PowerVR GT7600


  • Operating system: iOS 9 and above
  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM
  • CPU: 1,8 GHz dual-core (Apple A9)
  • GPU: PowerVR GT7600


Despite being a relatively new game in the MOBA universe for mobile devices, Brazilian fans are already excited to follow the professional scene of Wild Rift. Some organizations have already expressed interest and even announced the creation of a team for future tournaments.

Several countries already enjoy the game, with Brazil being one of the last to receive the open version. Pre-registration is now available for Google Play and Galaxy Store on Riot Games official game website. On March 29, the download was available for both iOS and Android. The official launch will take place until June of this year.

To help you on your journey, here is a glue with essential terms and will serve as Wild Rift tips. Keep these names safe, because you will surely hear in the games:

  • Champions (not heroes): Characters for you to select and use in the game
  • Champion selection: the stage before the start of the game, in which players have a fixed time to select the desired champion
  • Summoner spells: two spells that provide extra utility
  • Send: used by jungle hunters to deal real damage to monsters, minions, and objectives, such as Dragon and Baron
  • Flash: teleports you in a short distance, used to engage or escape
  • Runes: custom pages that allow you to select enhanced stats for your champion
  • Bruisers or fighters: melee champions who build damage and defenses
  • AD or ADC: long-range sniper
  • Abilities: Spells that each champion has
  • Items: the items provide stats added to the champions, which help them throughout the game
  • Ability Power (AP): Attribute that increases with magic damage
  • Attack Damage (AD): Attribute that increases with physical damage
  • Nexus: the crystal at the base of each team that determines the winner of the match
  • Source: where champions emerge, regenerate from HP / MP and buy items
  • Torres: towers that line up on each lane that defend their base
  • Lane: the designated route on which a champion plays
  • RPM when champions move around the map
  • Dragon: main objective along the river at the bot
  • Baron: Main goal from the middle to the end of the game along the river at the top
  • Trinket: when placed, gives vision around a certain area for a limited period of time
  • Vision control: how well teams control vision around an area on the map

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