00 Nation hires malbsMd for its CS:GO lineup

The young Guatemalan revelation was featured in 2021 in international tournaments and 
joins the team that will have Marcelo “Coldzera” as IGL

00 Nation, an esports organization linked to art, fashion, sports and music, announces the arrival of Mario “malbsMd” Samoya and the departure of Alencar 'trk' Rossato from its CSGO lineup. The 19-year-old Guatemalan youngster arrives to occupy the position of rifler after a year where he led the statistics of his former team in the main championships played in Europe, such as the two seasons of the ESL Pro League and the IEM Cologne. 

00 nation hires malbsmd for its cs:go lineup
00 Nation hires malbsMd for its CS:GO lineup

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Malbs entered fps history and became the first player from Guatemala to appear in the world rankings. The player reaches 00 promising a lot of commitment and dedication in the new season.

“I'm fulfilling some dreams today, being able to play in an international organization with all this structure and next to Cold is much more than I imagined. I came from a reality of few resources. When I started, I played with a PC that oscillated between 70 and 100 FPS, getting here is not just my victory, but my family and everyone who cheered for me. You can be sure that I will donate and dedicate myself to the maximum to bring the titles and so that this dream never ends”, said Malbs.

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The news for 2022 doesn't stop there, the full lineup and its coach will be announced over the next few days, and soon everyone will be together at the Game Office, in Norway. The organization thanks 'trk' for all the effort, application, dedication and work on behalf of our team.

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About OO Nation:

00Nation is an international organization focused on creating, developing and managing youth culture through esports, music, fashion, art and entertainment﹒Fortnite's top players Nyhrox and Endretta; world-class Street Fighter Phenom and Veggey players; artists like Jonny Hurts and Masarati; actors like Herman Tommerrass have recently joined 00Nation. 

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