10 Promising Cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse to Keep an Eye on the Future

All these cryptocurrencies promise interesting and unique features of the future and coming metaverse

Have you heard about Facebook's 'Meta' and the promising cryptocurrencies in the metaverse the company plans to create? It took less than two weeks for Disney CEO Bob Chapek to also talk about his own corporate ambitions for the platform. It's the Iceland tourist board (like the rest of the Internet) was quick to parody Mark Zuckerberg's ad with his own commercials encouraging a visit to the country.

Still, investors seem to realize the Metaverse's economic potential. The top three cryptocurrencies in the virtual world – Decentraland, The Sandbox and Axie Infinity – have seen their market valuations soar to $19 billion since Mark Zuckerberg took over.

Today, we're going to take a look at those coins and seven other high-potential cryptocurrencies fighting for a place in the sun in the Metaverse. And while many fail to survive, the few survivors will certainly reward investors for years to come. Want to know what Metaverse is? See this video:

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The Most Important Promising Cryptocurrencies of the Metaverse

Let's face it: picking long-term winners in a new industry is tough. CompuServe, the Internet's first mega-portal, is now a footnote in the history books. And most millennials, under 30, have never heard of AltaVista, Ask Jeeves or WebCrawler.

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Today's metaverse Cryptocurrencies are very similar to this. No one seems to be sure which cryptocurrencies will gain ground in the future, so investors are (logically) on the lookout for any potential project. Many of these newcomers are still months away from launching products. To help investors sift through the pile of possibilities, here are 10 of the most important Metaverse cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on.

Cryptocurrencies to buy

Some Cryptocurrencies have already established winning platforms. Three in particular stand out:

SushiSwap (CCC: SUSHI-USD): Earlier this month, SUSHI developers unveiled Shoyu, a new non-fungible token (NFT) platform. The trading platform allows artists to create 3D galleries, allowing Metaverse visitors to see art as if they were in real life. Depending on the execution, the start-up decentralized FX platform (DeFi) may soon have the advantage over the competitor Uniswap (CCC: UNI-USD ).

Gala GAMES (CCC: GALA-USD): With 1,3 million users, Gala Games has become one of the biggest gaming platforms in the cryptographic world that no one seems to know about. Led by Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer, the company seeks to make "blockchain games you really want to play." This straightforward premise makes the company a standout among the sea of ​​imitation game companies.

Decentral and: Second Life's original cryptographic competitor has undergone a renaissance. After dropping 70% to $0,50 this year, the token has since rebounded dramatically to $4. Decentraland is now the most advanced encryption-based digital world, hosting real-world companies like Sotheby's on its platform. This makes it a prime acquisition target for Facebook's competitors.

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Promising cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies to wait

Other cryptocurrencies have promising projects underway, but investors should wait for the product launch or preview before committing.

Bloktopia (CCC: BLOK-USD): Polygon-based Blocktopia is trying to create an immersive 3D experience in a 21-story “skyscraper”. The team has already signed with KuCoin and Solana. And if its 250.000 Twitter followers are any indication, BLOK could one day eclipse other Cryptocurrencies in the virtual world.

My Neighbor Alice (CCC: ALICE-USD): While indie game creator Antler Interactive isn't expected to release “My Neighbour Alice” until sometime in 2022, the buzz surrounding this Animal Crossing-style game has already reached its peak. ALICE currently holds a market capitalization of $550 million, making it one of the most significant cryptocurrencies today. Let's hope the game is as good as people expect.

Dvision Network (CCC: DVI-USD): This South Korea-based company has become one of the most advanced NFT platforms out there. The value of DVI jumped from $0,50 to $3 in a matter of weeks, driven in part by NFT and LAND virtual airdrops. Investors, however, should wait to see the platform completed before investing.

The Sandbox (CCC: SAND-USD): When Animoca Brands purchased the mobile game “The Sandbox” in 2018 for $4,875 million, few could have predicted that the NFT version of the game would generate a $4 billion cryptocurrency. Still, investors anticipating a successful game have done just that, although the Sandbox may not restart until 2022.

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Cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on

Our final Cryptocurrency group has winning teams, but they need to morph into an unproven business model to succeed in the Metaverse.

Axie Infinity (CCC: AXS-USD): The world's largest game token by market capitalization also has one of the largest user bases: 2,3 million people sign up every month. There is, however, a problem with user concentration. 40% of its users are based in the Philippines, and AXS will need to go beyond its simple gaming platform to attract a wider range of users. We have various guides about the game here on the site.

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Axie Infinity

veracITY (CCC: VRA-USD): The Veracity team founded the company in 2018 to help video content creators track audiences and earn rewards. Since then, the VRA has become an aspiring Metaverse token in NFTs and eSports. Although it has not yet achieved a “great”, the ability to be a pioneer of Veracity makes it a company to watch.

Boson Protocol (CCC: BOSON-USD): Boson tries to blur the line between real and virtual goods by allowing users to tokenize real-life items for in-game currency. This promising business model offers an interesting investment angle for people looking for “underdogs”.

Although most Metaverse cryptocurrencies eventually disappear, some “shining stars” will eventually succeed. You may be able to invest in some of these and succeed or end up with a bomb in your hand. Keep an eye out for information that pops up on the subject and good luck. Now if you want to read more about criptomoedas, keep an eye on our website.

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