Ragnarok Online's 17th Birthday Party in Brazil with Events and New Items

Game features events that can give exclusive items in the game and recalls the best moments of these 17 years of Ragnarok Online in Brazil

Ragnarok Online celebrates its 17th anniversary in the country with in-game and out-of-game events for the entire community through October 4th. There will be four in-game events that will give special coins that can be exchanged for in-game items, some even exclusive. Learn more about the activities:

  • Celebration Event: The event started on August 31st and runs until October 4th. There are several NPCs around the map related to each other that give players tasks to be performed and that, in exchange, give them special coins.
  • Anniversary Event: The event started on August 31st and runs until October 4th. The objective of the quest is to find all the GMs in the game in the city of Prontera. You need to deliver multiple items in exchange for experience and rewards. Finalists also guarantee an exclusive look.
  • Fairy Event: It started on September 8th and runs until October 4th. A group of girls plan their revenge against the fairies, and if you agree to hunt them for 7 days, you will be rewarded with Fairy Coins. You can hunt the fairies every 24 hours and exchange the Fairy Coins for enchantments, or insert these coins into a machine and try to win the Grand Prize.
  • New Chests: Event that takes place from September 14th. With the release of the 3rd Edition of Kachua, which will feature brand new items, the game will launch 4 new Arcas that are completely new and will be made available directly in the Rops Shop.

The out-of-game actions will feature the participation of renowned artists in the gaming world, in which they recreate the iconic MVP Deviling card and invite the community and other artists to also design the card.

17 years of ragnarok online
Happy Birthday Ragnarok

During this year's Anime Friends, we will have a commemorative showmatch between renowned Brazilian guilds, disputing the traditional War of the Empire. This year's event takes place in a 100% virtual format and can be watched on the official Anime Friends channels on YouTubeFacebookTwitter Instagram., on September 30th and October 01st. In addition, we will also have testimonials from recognized players in the community, telling their stories with Ragnarok over these 17 years.

Follow Ragnarok's official social networks on Instagram, Facebook and Discord to learn more about the actions and stay tuned for news about the game's 17th anniversary in Brazil.

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17 years of Ragnarok Online

Ragnarök Online is a free MMORPG distributed by Level Up. It draws on elements of medieval fantasy to create a universe of fictional adventures in which you can build various heroes and evolve them in whatever way you see fit. You'll also be able to create groups, form clans, exchange items or simply have fun chatting. To experience fantastic adventures go here!

A Level Up is a company created in 2002 in the Philippines and which has been in Brazil since 2004 with the mission to provide unforgettable experiences in digital entertainment. With offices in Brazil and Colombia, the company's main investor is Tencent Games, one of the largest mobile games companies in the world, and works with a universe of more than 1,5 million active users per month.

Ragnarok's First Promotional Video in Brazil

Level Up has teams specialized in marketing, IT, customer service, relationship with the player community, game localization and other activities related to the publication and dissemination of online games. The company continually invests in the development of the Brazilian electronic competitive scenario, with several initiatives related to e-Sports.

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