2 Years of Black Desert on PlayStation Store with Free DLC

PlayStation and Xbox gamers will receive a number of visual and consumable items to aid their progression; special events will be available through September to celebrate 2 years of Black Desert

To commemorate Black Desert's two-year anniversary on PlayStation, Pearl Abyss has announced the arrival of a free DLC for its Adventurers on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The free DLC consists of a variety of in-game items. One of the rarest items in the pack is the Classic Box of Precious Memories. Adventurers can open it to get a classic costume for their character.

Players will also receive a box with five scrolls of Combat EXP and 300% Skill, which will help their characters evolve faster, and the Advice of the Valks pack and the Incredible Craftsman Memory Pack, which will allow them to upgrade their gear.

Finally, the DLC will also give you three Special J Scrolls, which increase the drop rate of items by 100%. This effect can be stacked along with the Item Gain Increased Chance Scrolls. The free DLC will be available on both PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store until the end of September.

Black Desert has also prepared a series of events and rewards, plus special participation prizes that are better than ever, including the Caphras Stone Pack, Winging Moon Blessing Pack, and the Marine Romance Costume Box.

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Special game time challenges – where the more time you spend playing, the better the rewards – will reward you with items such as Ancestral Spirit Powder, Panto's Golden Seal and the High Quality Medicine Box. These items will help players progress on their journey through the world of Black Desert.

2 years of black desert
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2 years of Black Desert with lots of action

Black Desert is Pearl Abyss' open-world action MMORPG franchise that redefines the genre, bringing cutting-edge visuals and skill-focused combat. With the most advanced game character customization system on the market, users can break the mold and create unique characters that truly represent themselves. The franchise also features intuitive controls, meticulously designed worlds and extensive lore that will thrill newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs alike. The Black Desert franchise has more than 40 million players worldwide across PCs, mobile phones and consoles.

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