5 Incredible Exclusive Playstation 4 Games

Playstation games you have to give it a try

Playstation - Exclusives are the games that move the industry in an incredible way. They are responsible for selling consoles worldwide and that is why we always want to follow that console of our hearts.

Today we’ll talk about 5 amazing games Playstation 4 that made me lose my breath with his great abilities; but if I don't speak your favorite game, comment so that we can make a list 2 of that.

This list only refers to games released on Playstation 4 and not Remakes or Remasters


Marvel's Spider Man

The web release game that protects the population while having to live a double life is one of my Playstation favorites, as it really puts you in the shoes of Spiderman; but with an incredible and functional history.

The narrative leads us to face several enemies of the webhead around the city very effectively; because the comments of the characters are very much in line with their comic counterparts, giving a very realistic look to those who are big fans of the characters in the comics; but that does not mean that those who have not read the stories will have difficulty understanding anything. The game explains everything very well for those who still need to become familiar with this universe.

God of war ps4 banner

God of War

Kratos' return to the screens was surprising, because when it was announced at E3, the game took everyone by surprise and a big question arose for everyone. What would be the plot of the game?

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Santa Monica has brilliantly managed to bring the God of War back, but now older, more experienced and trying to teach the weight of our choices to her son Atreus while also showing it to the player.

Even though it is a game with a good dose of fighting and powerful clashes; the game is not limited to this, presenting us with an impeccable character development that brings us closer to the character; and makes us understand more fully all the paths chosen by him while looking for just a moment of peace.


Infamous second son

A young man acquires powers after an incident with super powerful inmates and because of that his whole family has pieces of concrete allocated in his bones, but his newfound ability may be the solution to fix this big problem

But how to do that?

We can be great heroes who go after healing with all our willpower to save everyone

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Or we can go to our target without caring about the body count.

Infamous allows us to be the hero or villain of our own history with a narrative line for each side

While dazzling us with its beautiful graphics and fluid gameplay for a version of the city of Seattle in which we will live the whole game.

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Erica is an investigation game in which we must discover events related to our past and about a murder, but with incredible control mechanics, as we use our cell phone to control this story.

The game that is all recorded with real actors has a great interaction between the narrated and played moments; giving us the feeling that the interactive film can take us to new possibilities of gameplay in the future.

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Being a slightly different game, but incredibly fun is certainly a great recommendation.

Until dawn ps4 banner

Until Dawn

Young people decide to go on a big date in the same house where a tragedy happened years ago, but this time things seem to be worse.

Someone is there with them this time and it can take the player to places where he didn't want to be

Embarking on this horror game that references classic 80s and 90s with great skill, we will fight to keep all young people alive

In a game with several possibilities where we live the butterfly effect itself and we are faced with great possibilities of change in the plot.

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Playstation still has a lot

There are still other giant titles that we can talk about here, but for today we are left with just those. If you have a game that you think we can talk about in a new list, comment.

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