5 Fortnite challenges to do with friends

If you want to challenge your friends check out these challenges in Fortnite to do with them and then you can tell us what it was like to try to meet them with your friends, I'm sure they will have fun and laugh a lot.

Sometimes Fortnite players want to make things a little difficult. Winning gets tiring at times, doesn't it? The game's challenges are all over. The Battle Pass has been completed and all rewards are already in the account. What else would you and your friends have to do?

Inventing challenges in Fortnite with friends is a great way to pass the time or simply renew the experience. There are so many different things to do, simple and complex. It is also a great way to showcase your Fortnite skills in many different ways.

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5 challenges in fortnite to do with friends
5 Fortnite Challenges to Do with Friends | epic games store, fortnite | challenges in Fortnite

Fortnite Challenges

1- Do not build anything

This is quite self-explanatory. The goal is to achieve that coveted victory without building. Friends can jump into separate Solos matches and see who survives the longest. Otherwise, Duo and Squad is a great place for entire teams to test this challenge. Players will have to use Fortnite's natural environment to survive this challenge. Do you think you can win a match without building anything? I've already won one like that. Watch a video about this challenge.

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2- No conversation

This Fortnite challenge may just be the most difficult of them all. Duo and squad mode is all about communication. Knowing when a teammate is in danger or where a specific item has been found is vital to survive. In this challenge, players must silence their microphones and cannot drop anything. Thus, there is no communication between teammates. Players need to win by pure instinct and teamwork in the game.

3- One for each side

This is one of the most fun Fortnite challenges, where you and your companions each go to the four opposite ends of the island. This is a challenge made only for squads. All four players land in different corners of the map. It can be adjusted to land at the POI closest to the corner or right at the edge of the map, as on an island. Players then have to figure out the best way to survive while plundering and try to come together as a team again and win the match.

4- Who kills more?

Friendly competition as one of the challenges in Fortnite is always fun. This challenge focuses on eliminations, pitting teammates against each other. The main objective is to finish the game with the highest number of eliminations among your friends. With enough sweat and determination, players can easily turn this challenge into a victory.

5- You can't kill anyone

Winning without eliminations is surprisingly impossible. It is much more difficult nowadays with vehicles, more qualified players and unforeseen closings. However, this may be the most satisfying challenge in Fortnite. The goal is simply to win without eliminating anyone. Players will have to put their faith in the enemy's storm or stupidity.

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Remember that you can do these challenges in other Battle Royale games as well. Do you know any more legal challenges? Tell us here in the comments.

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