Pokemon GO exceeds one billion downloads

At first, Pokémon GO has already passed the one billion downloads mark! The information was revealed in a Japanese commercial for the game


Anyway, the launch of the title for mobile phones happened in 2016.

About Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a free-to-play augmented reality electronic game aimed at smartphones.

The game is developed between Niantic, Inc., Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android platforms.

The game was initially released in July 2016 for some countries, eventually expanding to the rest of the world.

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Using the global positioning system (GPS) and the camera of compatible devices, the game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures called Pokémon, which appear on device screens as if they were in the real world.

An optional accessory, Pokémon Go Plus, alerts users when Pokémon are nearby.

Pokémon GO was released with balanced reviews. Analysts praised the concept of the game and the incentive for players to become more active in the real world, although they criticized the frequent technical problems that were evident at launch.

Despite these criticisms, the game became a global phenomenon and one of the most used mobile applications in 2016, downloaded more than 750 million times worldwide.

He was credited with popularizing games based on geolocation and augmented reality, encouraging physical activity for players and driving local businesses.

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However, the game also attracted controversy by contributing to the occurrence of accidents and disturbance of public order.

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