Valorant Tournament: Riot Announces World Tournament

Shortly after the closed beta of Valorant was closed, the competitive world is already showing great interest. The Valorant team brought together influencers from all over the world for a Valorant tournament that will have more than US $ 200 thousand (almost R $ 1.2 million) as prizes and will be the first global event of the game, with participants from Brazil, Latin America, North America, Europe , South Korea and Japan.

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Then, as stated in another post, Valorant will have its official return on June 2nd, with all progress reset, and the Valorant tournament will also take place after its launch; however, with the exception of items that were given by the Beta battle pass.

Global Valorant Tournament
Valorant Tournament: Riot Announces World Tournament | Valorant Tournament

Anyway, today, the Riot games also released a video about the return of the game to the community, check below:

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