Alchemy Stars wins Portuguese subtitles and theme music

Anime-style mobile strategy game had more than one million entries before launch and now receives a translated version in Brazilian Portuguese

More and more we have games with PT-BR translation and it's time for Level UP's RPGs! Alchemy Stars wins Brazilian Portuguese subtitles and theme music! An innovative mobile RPG that combines turn-based strategy with card gameplay, it arrives in Latin America with Spanish and Portuguese versions available for Android and iOS phones.

Alchemy Stars is a strategy game that combines online RPG and gameplay and card collection with an epic story, captivating graphics, high quality and resolution with dynamic soundtrack. The game takes place in a fantasy world that combines science and magic, with innovative strategic gameplay. Combat challenges players to master the attributes of different elements to formulate the best plan of attack.

Alchemy Stars wins subtitles in PT-BR. Look

Check out the clip by Isis Vasconcellos with the Portuguese version of the theme song here.

The game has about 760 words that have been localized into Brazilian Portuguese, and the translation process has been doubled as it is in two languages, in collaboration with Level Up (a veteran and pioneering game company in the Latin American market of online games, located in São Paulo, Colombia and Mexico since 2004), several tests were done to ensure that all the elements fit and make sense in the interface and in the gameplay.

Watch the game opening dubbed in portuguese here.

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Level Up was responsible for finding local musicians for the regionalization of the game and in Brazil the musician, cosplayer and content creator, Isis Vasconcellos, was chosen. Isis (1,5M followers) became famous on Youtube for covering anime songs. The original Japanese song “White Midnight” (白夜 – Byakuya) by singer-songwriter Reol was released in July and already has millions of views globally.

Alchemy stars wins subtitles
Alchemy stars

About Level Up

Level Up is a company of the Tencent Games group and has the mission to bring the world's leading game developers to people in Latin America. With more than 300 employees in offices in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, Level Up operates in the publishing and distribution of games and is the largest distributor of digital games in Brazil, with partners such as Sony, Microsoft, Garena and Ubisoft. The company also offers marketing services, including social media, influencers, press relations and eSports, and customer service in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Alchemy Stars is available in Latin America for Android e iOS. Follow the news on Facebook or Discord by Alchemy Stars. Enjoy and read more News on our website and leave it in the comments if you liked this new feature.

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