All about Blade in Fortnite

Epic added vampire hunter Eric Brooks, also known as Blade in Fortnite, in the Season 4 item store for Chapter 2.

One of the most anticipated revelations of the recent V14.20 update with Wolverine was the addition of Blade to the game.

He joins a list of Marvel superheroes with names like Iron Man, Thor, Groot, She-Hulk and others, while Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 continues to raise the bar with its elaborate Marvel crossover.

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Many Marvel characters were added in Chapter 2, Fortnite Season 4, and we will undoubtedly see more throughout the season. The Marvel characters being added will be available for purchase at the Fortnite Item Shop with the V-Bucks coin.

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Epic has not announced which Marvel Skins will be added to the game, but dataminers were able to find files that were added in update v14.20 that reveal a new Marvel character that will be coming to the game.

Check out the new Blade items in Fortnite

An exclusive Blade package has been added to the updated item store:

Players can also spot sinister beings lurking in the shadows, which could possibly refer to a limited time event or even the highly anticipated Fortnitemares event.

There are two Blade skins in Fortnite, along with the Daywalker's Sword, which can be used both as a Pickaxe tool and as a back accessory.

Here's an exclusive look at the Sword of the Daywalker Pick:

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Blade in fortnite
All about Blade in Fortnite | epic games store, fortnite | Blade in Fortnite

A cool new Blade emote has also been added, check it out:

The addition of Blade to Fortnite is sure to spark more interest in the character, who is undoubtedly one of Marvel's toughest superheroes of all time. With its iconic flowing black coat and red sunglasses, the Fortnite version is a recreation of a Marvel icon.

The addition of Blade blends perfectly with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, which has so far been an absolute gold mine in terms of content for Marvel fanboys around the world.

The Blade Item Pack is now available in the Fortnite item store for 2.300 V-Bucks:

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