Everything We Know About Halo Multiplayer

Announced at E3, here's a summary of everything we already know about Halo multiplayer, Halo Infinity's free online mode

343 Industries gave us a first look at Halo multiplayer, Halo Infinite's free mode during E3 2021, and now we're getting even more information about how the weapons, armor, and sandbox experience will work. Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC later this year, allowing friends to play free multiplayer across platforms using crossplay and cross-progression.

In addition to being free, Halo Multiplayer will also include a battle pass that never expires once purchased. We still don't know how much the battle pass will cost, but Halo Infinite players will be able to purchase old season passes and choose which battle pass to focus progression during the game.

343 Industries is working heavily on customizing armor, weapons and vehicles, without random loot or loot boxes. The battle pass will provide armor and probably more, and Halo Infinite players will also be able to play to gain customizations that include customizing a character's voice or adding prosthetics.


For multiplayer Halo “there will be millions of customization combinations for Spartans on the battlefield,” explains Ryan Paradis, director of online design at 343 Industries. Armor customizations will include different coats, emblems, effects and all typical armor pieces such as shoulders, gloves, knee pads, helmet and visor will be customizable in Halo multiplayer.

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multiplayer halo

Weapons will also include a variety of customizations, and even vehicles will have customization options as well. Players will be able to customize each item in-game or through the website. Halo Waypoint and mobile apps.

Many customizations are unlocked during gameplay, and just playing. All customizations are purely cosmetic and each season will feature new looks that players can collect. 343 Industries has not revealed whether different armor sets will have different power sets in Halo multiplayer.


Classic Halo weapons are making a comeback, including an Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Gravity Hammer, Needler, Plasma Pistol and even sticky plasma grenades. There will be a variety of heavy weapons, with one demonstrated in the trailer that can destroy vehicles. Using two weapons at the same time will not be possible at launch, but 343 Industries doesn't rule it out entirely.

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343 Industries also showed how combat works in Halo Infinite. Some gear is returning with Halo Infinite, and you can use a new in-game hook for a tactical move and combine it with other gear to complete the objectives. The grapple can also be used to move quickly around a map or to pick up weapons and objects that can be used. Other players can also pick up items like their protection during gameplay and even choose when to use them instead of instant activation.


Vehicles are a big part of the battle arena in Halo Infinite. A new vehicle called the Razorback can carry additional weapons in the rear and is designed to be a cousin to the classic Warthog. The Warthog will be available in Halo Infinite, and is part of a series of vehicles that will be delivered by Aircraft rather than appearing in bases. Weapon pods, as in the days of Halo 2, will also drop during combat for refueling.

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However, using a vehicle is a risk. A Warthog's wheels can explode due to damage and vehicles can catch fire after a certain damage threshold. This means that you must choose when to abandon a vehicle wisely.

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Academy and Training

If you're new to Halo, there's even a gym mode to let people get used to the gameplay, feel and terminology of the game. In Halo Infinite, you'll use bots in a separate training and tutorial area, with a variety of difficulty levels so they can also be used as training partners.

This area is a separate map from the environments we saw in the trailers. It's not clear how many maps will be available in Halo Infinite yet, but we've seen indoor and outdoor maps that offer the variety of melee combat or ranged and vehicle usage.

As Halo Infinite is being released simultaneously on PC and Xbox, crossplay and cross-progression will be included in the launch. On Xbox Series X, arena mode will support up to 120fps, and on the PC side there will be support for ultra-wide monitors, triple keybinds, advanced graphics options and other customizations.

343 Industries didn't go into depth on how it plans to balance crossplay between players using a joycon vs. mouse and keyboard, but there will be input-based matching for the classified parts of the game. The studio has also committed to a server-side anti-cheat system that includes detecting hackers based on their in-game behavior.

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Spartans, what is your profession?

Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter franchise created by Bungie and now produced by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios.

The game series' plot revolves around an interstellar war between humanity and an alien theocratic alliance known as the Covenant. The Covenant are led by their religious leaders, The Prophets, and worship the ancient civilization known as the Forerunners, who disappeared after fighting a race of parasites known as the Flood.

In the game, we take on the role of super soldier John-117, also called the Master Chief, and we must save humanity from Covernant's war and alien domination. To help us, we have the Cortana artificial intelligence (which currently also helps us in Windows 10). The term “Halo” refers to the Halo rings: gigantic habitable structures that were created as weapons of mass destruction to destroy the Floods. Halos are similar to Orbitals found in Iain M. Banks's Culture novels, and author Larry Niven's Ringworld concept.

Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. A “tech preview” will be available later this year, and you can register on the website. Halo Waypoint to have a chance to gain access to the test. You can also read more about Halo on Our site.

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