EA Access: Steam page is now live

In October 2019, EA said it would bring its games to Steam, and it really was done. However, the company also said it would bring EA Access, its subscription service, along. At the time, this ebook was supposed to arrive in the American Spring, (between March and May); however, due to all the latest events in the world, it was postponed, and today, we had the release of EA Access page on Steam, even if the service is not yet available.

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Ea access page on steam
EA Access: Steam Page is now live | EA Access

About EA Access on Steam

EA Access on Steam will have the same operation as the current Origin Access, which belongs to the company's own launcher, which has a feature very close to the Xbox Game Pass: All subscribers have unlimited access to several games from the developer, in addition to pre-launch games, 10% discount on all EA game purchases on Steam and exclusive member challenges and rewards.

There are still no price mentions on the EA Access page on Stea, however, the current service costs R $ 47,90 for 3 months or R $ 109,90 per year. If the price arrives at the same or similar, it will surely please the fans a lot.

Hey, looking forward to the service coming to Steam? comment below on your opinion about the subscription service!

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