Anjo Tintas and GameJamPlus sign a partnership contract

Partnership aims to encourage the game market in the country, in addition to bringing entertainment and fun to players

Anjo Tintas, one of the largest industries in the sector in Brazil, signed a contract with GameJamPlus, the world's biggest game development marathon. The objective of the partnership is to promote the games sector in the country, in addition to participating in all the steps that will lead to the creation of a game of its own to promote the brand. 

The first stage of GameJamPlus, which took place between October 8th and 10th, received more than a thousand participants from 60 locations around the planet. More than 200 projects were developed in 48 hours and now the teams that stood out move forward in the marathon. 

Filipe Colombo, CEO of Anjo Tintas, believes the partnership will help to make the Anjo brand better known, bring entertainment and provide a greater connection with the public through the joy that the paint colors convey. 

Anjo Inks and gamejamplus sign a partnership contract
Anjo Tintas and GameJamPlus sign a partnership contract

Angel Paints and GameJamPlus

“I believe that the games market only has a tendency to grow more and more. Brands that do not approach this universe will be left behind. For sure, the games are an opportunity to make the brand stand out, even among the young audience”, says Filipe Colombo, CEO of Anjo Tintas

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The idea of ​​getting closer to the gaming universe was born in 2010, when Filipe Colombo studied for a master's degree in the US, China and Dubai, a period in which he became much closer to that world. “The evolution in technology in this segment attracted me a lot. Since then I'm always following. I think paints and colors have everything to do with games”, says Filipe. 

For the second stage of the marathon, the 100 games that stood out the most will pass to the incubation period. “Every year that passes, the competition gets fiercer. This year's participants came with a lot of creativity and talent. The judges are tasked, each year more difficult, with selecting the best projects. We were always surprised by the quality of the games created in such a short time in the first phase”, says Ian Rochlin, CEO of GameJamPlus. 

There will be 4 months of activities until the projects are properly ready to be evaluated again in February, when judges from all over the world will play each of the games created and developed by the teams. “Our panel of judges will test one by one, evaluating the technical qualities of each project, how much they evolved from the first stage to the second and how well structured the business plan for marketing the game in the future is. The semi-finalists will come out of this evaluation and will qualify for the grand final of our marathon”, explains Felipe Alvarenga, Communication Director at GameJamPlus. 

In this 5th edition, GameJamPlus reached more than 20 countries, such as France, Philippines, Cape Verde, United States and Bolivia, among others. In Brazil alone, more than 17 states have headquarters with their teams competing for various awards, in addition to the title of Best Game of the Year. If for developers, this race has already started, for lovers and enthusiasts of the indie game scene, it's time of placing the bets. 

About Angel Paints

Anjo Tintas is one of the largest Brazilian paint industries in the country and operates in the civil construction, automotive, industrial and packaging sectors. More than producing and delivering quality products, since 1986, Anjo Tintas has overcome technological, market and future challenges. In this process, innovation is an indispensable item and walks with Anjo Tintas as part of its DNA. The new appears as the driving agent in the search for good results. This search is in line with the commitment to work for a balanced environment between community, market and ecological issues. For Anjo, doing with excellence is going beyond. 

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About Game Jam Plus

Founded in 2016, Game Jam Plus is a movement that believes that the citizen is the main agent of transformation in the environment in which they live. Stimulating the creation and professionalization of new projects, the movement carried out collaboratively in more than 20 countries creates connections between independent developers, renowned professionals and investors. The aim of the movement is to be innovative within this chain by providing not only the social and entertainment side, but also having the expertise to transform games into business. 

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