Annual Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival has been canceled

O Annual Fan Festival Final Fantasy XIV in North America it was canceled and the next 5.3 patch for the game was postponed again due to the ongoing outbreak of covid-19.

"The North American Fan Festival was scheduled to be held in San Diego in half a year from November, but after much deliberation, we made the difficult decision to cancel the process"

wrote the game's director, Naoki Yoshida

“Although we have made several arrangements to adapt to the developing pandemic; we feel that we cannot guarantee the health and safety of the participants, artists or company employees who would be attending the event. ”

He completed

Annual Final Fantasy Fan Festival in the world

Yoshida said that Square Enix is ​​already analyzing possible dates and locations for the event in the first half of 2021; but that, due to new security guidelines and requirements, the company is also looking for ways to hold the event digitally. Fan parties in Japan and Europe, respectively in December and February, are still scheduled to move on, but you never know.

Yoshida said the team at FFXIV is currently working with “85-90% capacity” due to work due to domestic restrictions. 

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“Our quality control team, in particular; has been hit hard by the loss of its regular workspace and will only return to full capacity until mid-June, ”

he wrote

“However, with the support of all departments; they are making progress on patch preparation, and the FFXIV team as a whole is working at full speed ”.


Anyway, remember to access more news, but also access the official game website.

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