Anthem: Bioware will remake the game

First, the Eletronic Arts in 2019 he put a lot of pressure on his new game, Anthem; Unfortunately, the game was not well received by the community, due to its bugs, errors and Pay-to-win.

Anyway, BioWare director Casey Hudson disclosed in a official statement of the game, that the developers will remake a large part of the game.

We recognize that there are still many fundamental elements that need to be done to enhance the experience, and this will require more than an update or an expansion. In the coming months, we will focus on remaking the long-term experience, mainly reinventing base gameplay with clearer goals, more motivating challenges and progress with significant rewards - but still preserving the fun of flying and fighting in an environment that mixes fantasy and fiction. scientific.

However, of course Anthem will continue to function in the same way. But, the game will not receive more seasons between updates. No preview of the new version was given.

Anthem bioware will remake the game
Anthem: Bioware will remake the game | anthem, bioware, electronic arts | Anthem

About Anthem

In a world unfinished by the gods, a dark faction threatens humanity. The only thing that prevents villains from conquering a coveted ancestral technology is Freelancers.

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Join up to three players and assemble powerful, tailor-made, state-of-the-art armor. Explore vast ruins, fight brutal enemies and recover supernatural artifacts. With each mission, you and your spear gain more power. Face the dangers of a constantly changing world. Join your forces to defeat evil. Win as a team.

About Bioware

Anyway, BioWare is the company responsible for several successful titles, such as the Mass Efect, Dragon Age and Star Wars The Old Republic franchises. Unfortunately, the company had Anthem as a stain on its career, since until then, the company had all games with high quality.

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