RICOCHET Anti-cheat System may have been leaked on the internet

Anti-Cheat Police Department report indicates that Call of Duty's anti-fraud system may be in the hands of cheaters

Update on 16/11: For those who are thinking about taking advantage of this RICOCHET Anti-cheat leak to use cheats and cheats in the game, it's better to think twice, because a post made on Official Call of Duty blog can discourage cheaters on duty. According to the post, penalties applied to cheating players can permanently ban you from all games and DLCs. Past and future.

"Permanent suspensions are permanent and permanent and can be applied to past, present and future titles of the Call of Duty franchise."

This means that someone who has been banned from, say, the recently released Call of Duty: Vanguard may not be able to start any CoDs from then on. The team made it clear that this drastic punishment can only be obtained for “extreme and systematic breaches of security,” which, of course, includes in-game fraud.

More interestingly, they can also ban forever those who “try to hide, disguise or obscure their identity or the identity of their hardware”. Additionally, temporary disqualifications will remain in effect, which can last for 48 hours, two weeks, or even longer, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Original story from 15/10: The anti-cheat system RICOCHET promised to make the lives of hackers and cheaters much more difficult by playing Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard, but apparently a reported leak on Twitter points out that the RICOCHET code has already been leaked, which could allow cheat and hack developers to discover the system's strengths and weaknesses and circumvent the system to start winning the fight with the new anti-cheat.

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There was a lot of excitement in the Call of Duty community on October 13, 2021, thanks to the official unveiling of the new RICOCHET anti-cheating system for Warzone and CoD: Vanguard, but it looks like the celebration was a little too soon. A situation very similar to what happened with Ubisoft's “Easy Anti-Cheat”, when cheats were already sold and used during beta testing.

ricochet anti-cheat
RICOCHET files may have been leaked

Anti-cheat RICOCHET leaked?

This anti-cheat system works at the kernel level and is (or was) the franchise's plan to combat one of Warzone's most significant problems since its release, which has been a predominant number of hackers and cheaters that the waves of bans have yet to were able to stop. However, a recent report stated that the kernel driver for the Warzone and Vanguard RICOCHET anti-cheat system was leaked online and could give cheat developers an edge in trying to figure out how to work around the new anti-cheat system before it is released.

According to a report from the Anti-Cheat Police Department, the kernel driver for the Call of Duty anti-cheat, RICOCHET, was leaked on October 14, 2021, and the developers are working on reverse engineering, which would allow them to have an edge when it comes to developing new hacks which may not be detected by the RICOCHET anti-cheat.

Activision has not yet confirmed whether the reported leak has occurred or not, and we will continue to update this news with any new information regarding the potential leak of Call of Duty RICOCHET anti-cheat.

CoD: Vanguard will receive server-side updates for the anti-cheat RICOCHET when the new game is released on November 5th. CoD: Warzone will receive server updates for the new system when the game update when Battle Royale mode airs later this year, which is also bringing a new Pacific warzone map for players to try out. The PC kernel level driver will be released for Warzone in the same new map update, while the PC kernel level will come soon to Vanguard in Multiplayer mode.

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Source: Anti-Cheat Police Department

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