Ariana Grande keeps animation of the Fortnite event

Following the line of inviting music artists, the last event of the Fortnite received the singer Ariana Grande, between the 6th and 8th of August. She performed on the Fenda Tour, where she had a gigantic image of the artist and activities for the participants.

Ariana's show was just the one that happened. The pre-show was attended by Sia, Marshmmaello and Wolfmother.

In addition, the audience can fly through a garden again, while enjoying the musical numbers and even acquiring the artist's skin. All very playful, interactive and fun!

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Instagram image of Ariana Grande

Trend of big shows is here to stay

It is a mistake to think that the event was only that way because of the isolation and restrictions regarding face-to-face meetings. For some time now, video game championship organizers have been adding music to cheer up the crowd.

In fact, when it comes to music and e-Sports, they've never been closer together. According to video game betting site, this is one of the big trends, that is, the union of game sound, especially if the musical rhythm is trap.

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Trap is a subgenre of rap that emerged in the early 2000s but has recently dominated the gaming world. So much so that most of the last national and international events had the presence of trap artists.

In 2019, for example, it was Travis Scott who shone on the screens of Fortnite players. The artist was joined by around 27 million players simultaneously participating in a unique experience at the launch of Astronomical.

Large Aryan instagram image
Instagram image of Ariana Grande

Brazil has not been left out either. In 2018, the opening of CBLOL was attended by Emicida who sang “It's just a little game”. The following year, MC Jottapê and Mano Brown joined in the event of the Brazilian League of Free Fire. Last year, it was Yung Buda and Rincon Sapiência's turn to participate in the Rainbow Six Siege Brasileirão final.

It is worth noting that the choice of artists has not been for nothing. Yung Buddha, for example, already revealed to Betway who likes and follows the gamer scene. “From my teens to my adult life I always played FPS, such as Counter Strike”, he says.

The interesting thing is that, in addition to the events becoming more interactive, the chosen artists have some identification with the public or with the games themselves. In the case of Ariana Grande, she is one of the most popular singers of the new generation and is well known by those who play these games. So why not unite the two universes?

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The expectation is that from now on the events will become more than a meeting point and, yes, a moment with even more leisure and fun for everyone! So hurry up and keep an eye out for everyone in Fortnite.

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