Ascent: New Cyberpunk RPG game announced

The Ascent, a new solo and cooperative cyberpunk RPG, was announced today during the Inside Xbox stream.

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One of the latest Xbox Series X games, The Ascent - by developer Neon Giant and publisher Curve Digital - takes place in a cyberpunk world, where a mega corporation called Ascent, which owns almost everything, has just collapsed. However, this causes a lot of confusion and chaos, security and order are in disarray, and with no one to offer protection or security; everyone is at their mercy. According to an Xbox Wire post, you will have to “stop hostile gangs and companies from taking control” in order to find out what really happened in this sci-fi game.

the ascent
Ascent: New Cyberpunk RPG Game Announced | ascent

Swedish developer Neon Giant is made up of a small team of experienced game industry veterans with a history of working in action game franchises. The reveal trailer gave us a good look at this new sci-fi game and its distinctive cyberpunk vibes; and even between the cyberpunk-filled year of 2020, The Ascent's vibrant world and attention to detail stand out.

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About Ascent

Anyway, Ascent will also have support for Smart Delivery, which is a new technology that comes with the Xbox Series X. It allows you to buy a copy of a game and play between generations of console; in addition to being able to identify which Xbox console you're using. to provide the best version of the game for the hardware that is running. Anyway, Inside Xbox Stream presented our first look at the game scenes on the next generation Xbox console; which is yet to launch at Christmas 2020.

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