AWE trailer confirms Alan Wake's return

The second expansion for the third-person shooter Control, entitled AWE, would somehow intersect with the cult hit that came before Control, also from Remedy, Alan Wake. The expansion title is a kind of reference, on the one hand, and several excerpts from Alan Wake's story are also mentioned throughout Control.

During the presentation of State of Play, Remedy made it official. First, the sound of a typewriter and then a menacing warning: "Whatever you do, stay in the light", an obvious reference to Alan Wake's gameplay, which involved pulling the cable between lampposts to avoid being defeated by the gloomy “Taken”.

Remedy revealed a bit more about the AWE expansion on the PlayStation blog, explaining that it will focus on the Federal Bureau of Control's Investigation Sector, which closely examines Altered World Events or AWE, which are described as events in which paranatural forces violate our world with sometimes serious consequences, being closed several years ago after “things went terribly wrong”. Now, Control Director Jesse Faden seeks to recover it, hunting for a mysterious being that has haunted the area for years.

Awe will focus on the disappearance of Alan Wake
AWE Trailer Confirms Alan Wake Return | AWE

The expansion will add a new form to the Service Weapon called Surge, which fires sticky grenades that can be detonated remotely. There is also a new type of enemy, the Hiss Airborne Ranger, which carries a shotgun and can fly, and a new Changed Item at the Investigations Sector hub that will allow you to repeat fights against campaign bosses you previously completed. The Labyrinth Ashtray will also be present, a horde mode has been added and there will be some other surprises as well. Of course, there will also be new rewards, including new clothing.

“Over the years, we've included easter eggs in our games that listed some of the Remedy games, as you saw if you played Control… but what if they weren't all just Easter eggs? And if there really is a plan in place for more than a decade about how some of our games are connected - a universe connected to the medicine, if you prefer - and the reward for certain things is… below the line? ”

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Remedy wrote.

To access the expansion, you must have completed the campaign's seventh main mission. The AWE expansion is part of the Control season pass, but can also be purchased separately by those who already have the base game.

About AWE Control

After a secret agency in New York is invaded by a supernatural threat, you become the new director struggling to regain control. This supernatural third-person action adventure game challenges you to master a combination of supernatural skills, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments, while fighting for a deep and unpredictable world.

Control was released on August 27, 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the official website.

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