Axie Infinity hits $30 billion mark

Axie Infinity, hit the US$ 30 billion mark. See what experts think about the potential of the crypto gaming market

For Orlando Telles, Mercurius Crypto's research director, the Play to Earn format, in which players can trade and generate income, is the main responsible for the accelerated growth of blockchain games. Among the biggest highlights of the cryptoactive universe this year is, without a doubt, the blockchain game market, especially the game Axie Infinity (AXS). In the last month, the game has accumulated an appreciation of more than 98% and, in the last ninety days, a 1500% growth in value, according to CoinMarketCap.

This week, Sky Marvis, the company responsible for developing the Axie Infinity, received a contribution of US$ 152 million. As a result, the game is currently valued at around US$30 billion, a value higher than that of big game companies in the traditional market, such as Ubisoft.

axie infinity hits the mark
Axie Infinity hits the mark

Axie Infinity breaks the record mark. know what it means

Orlando Telles, research director at Mercurius Crypto, a research house in cryptoactives, explains that, despite all its relevance, the game is recent and is still in the process of implementing some of its features. Thus, few investors actually understand its economic dynamics and the model that established it: the Play to Earn format

With the Play to Earn model, players can not only trade, but also generate income, which already happens in this universe, but not in a legitimate way. For Telles, this is a revolutionary modality and one of the great factors for the success of blockchain games. However, the expert points out that it is essential to establish pillars focused on community integration to make the movement sustainable.

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Based on the developer team's statements, the main pillars can be highlighted: Rewarding value creation: Everyone's time is valuable. People should always be rewarded for creating value, especially in games; Co-creation: A game is a creative partnership between its developers and the community that plays and builds value around it; and Co-ownership: Your game assets are your property. As a player, you deserve ownership rights and must own the games you like.

These factors, according to Telles, reinforce the idea that the Axie Infinity it should not be seen only as a game, but as a brand building to franchise applications in the world of games and entertainment. This dynamic makes the asset more attractive and stable when compared to its competitors. However, the platform still depends a lot on its community, which should be carefully evaluated.

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