Battlefield 6: Confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, possible Battle Royale and trailer

Battlefield 6 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the year, especially because of the large amount of information leakers are releasing to the community, but this week, the CEO of Eletronic Arts spoke a little about the new title of the franchise that will arrive on consoles and PC later this year.

Battlefield 3 image | battlefield 6: confirmed for ps4 and xbox one, possible battle royale and trailer
Battlefield 6: Confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, possible Battle Royale and trailer | battle royale, battlefield, dice, electronic arts, Multiplayer, singleplayer | battlefield 6

Battlefield 6 will contemplate the new generation

The first information that was extracted from Eletronic Arts is that Battlefield 6 will be made with the PS5 and Xbos Series X / S in mind. However, Andrew Wilson, EA CEO, has already made it clear that the game will have its version for the old generation of consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, information that kills rumors that the Battlefield 6 would not come to the old devices for good. .

The idea of ​​launching the game for two different generations still leaves some fans behind, taking into account that Battlefield 4 was also in the same situation that the new title will find itself, and this caused a series of bugs and made the release of BF4 a headache for developers. With that in mind, Andrew Wilson is not afraid of a failure in the launch of BF6 and believes it will be “an incredible experience for PS4 and Xbox One and even better on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S”.

Free-to-play Battle Royale coming?

Another issue that has been hanging around Eletronic Arts and DICE for a while is related to whether we will see some free to play content as a Battle Royale in Battlefield 6. According to EA CEO, there is not much to comment on the presence or not in a large-scale way like this, but what the leakers indicate will have something very close to how Warzone works for Call of Duty.

EA is certainly aware of the resounding success that Warzone was and will probably want to respond to the height, but for now everything happens in a secret way inside the company's studios and in the coming weeks we will have more news related to that.

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Through Battlefield official Twitter account it was announced that in June we will have a trailer and it will be “epic”, according to director Blake Jorgessen. Check out:

I would love to tell you what I saw in the trailer last week - I can't because it would be censored, but just to emphasize Andrew's point, I think people will be really impressed. And I will tell you in the new generation it is even more spectacular, but it will be great on any console, it will be very exciting, I think.

In the tweet, the exact day that the trailer will be released was not disclosed.

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