Battletoads experienced at BGS 2019

Battletoads will return to the roots of Beat in 'Up, but with puzzles, racing and strategy. The game was very popular in the 90s with its jokes and high difficulty as a trademark.

I never played the old versions, but based on what I played during BGS 2019, I can say that it is a fun game to play with friends, with considerable difficulty. However, it would be one of the games that wouldn't hold me for a long time.

When you start playing Battletoads it is a bit confusing amid so many punches, kicks and tongues, but soon you learn to coordinate these skills and make great combos.

About Battletoads

The main characters remain the same, the space frogs Rash, Zitz and Pimple. The new version maintains 2D gameplay, with a cartoon graphic more appropriate for today. The game is focused on the player focusing on striking the "same line" as the enemies, a mark of beat'em up in general.

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Battletoads continues to have epic battles

Battletoads' success in the 90s was so great that the game gained sequences for the Mega Drive and SNES consoles, as well as a crossover with Double Dragon, another very popular game at the time.

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Battletoads will have multiplayer mode for up to three players, where each player can choose the same character. We must not forget the achievements that you can unlock in the Xbox One's achievement system. It is possible that the game will also be released for PC, something that usually happens with Microsoft exclusive games. Battletoads has so far been announced as exclusive to Xbox One and will be part of the Xbox Game Pass.

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