Beginner's Guide to Valorant!

First of all this is a beginner's guide to Valorant and FPS's in general. So if you're just starting out here you'll have everything you need to play Valorant.

What's Valorant like?

Valorant is a game that mixes, weapons, a lot of shooting and skills; where two teams of 5 players aim to plant and disarm the Spike, or bomb, as you prefer to call it.

Players have only one life per round, if they die they only come back the next, so the team that wins 13 rounds wins.

In all matches your team will defend and attack; the attacking team must escort Spike so that it is planted and detonated at one of the points marked on the map as A, B or C; if the bomb is not defused within the time limit the attacking team wins.

The defending team needs to prevent Spike from detonating with all their strength. However, even if Spike is planted, your team can disarm Spike to win the round; to disarm, just get close to her and hold the 4.

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Beginner's Guide to Valorant
Beginners guide to Valorant! | Beginners guide to Valorant

At the beginning of every round, you can buy your weapons and skills, to do this press B. Every time you survive a round without dying, you take your items with you to the next; so if the round is already lost to your team, try to hide so you don't die, so you take your weapons to the next round and save money.

Beginners guide to valorant! | d6a92d23 wiv 3 round by br | married games news | beginners guide to valorant
Beginners guide to Valorant! | Beginners guide to Valorant

You can help your teammates by buying weapons for them, if you have the money and the desire to do so, as well as you can request the purchase of a weapon for your teammates.


Before the match actually begins, all players will choose the Agent they want to play. Each Agent has a special role and abilities that help to win the match, having the possibility to perform combos and tricks.

Beginners guide to valorant! | ba179fdb wiv 2 roles by br | married games news | beginners guide to valorant
Beginners guide to Valorant! | Beginners guide to Valorant

Duelist agents are characters with the objective of causing a lot of damage, having more aggressive abilities. Initiating Agents with a focus on creating a good opportunity for your team to win the matches. Sentinel agents are the ones who control the territory, ensuring that your team is not caught off guard. Finally, the Controlling Agents are the ones who create favorable situations for your team, whether to plant Spike or disarm.

Here at Married Games we are making a series of guides on how to play with each Valorant character, check out the ones that have already been released:

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Valorant has many weapon options for players of all styles, having 17 weapons with different prices. But above all, a weapon is no better than another because of the price, do not buy a weapon just because it is the most expensive, test each one to see which one best suits your style of play and character. It is worth spending some time in the training camp to get to know the weapons better.

Valorant weapons
Beginners guide to Valorant! | Beginners guide to Valorant


Each map has a way to play, so you will have to learn to adapt your style of play for each of them, it can take a while until you know how to deal with each advantage and disadvantage of each one, it is normal to be a little lost in the beginning, you will soon remember every passage from them all. Each character can have advantages and disadvantages on each of the maps.

Some maps only have points A and B, but there is also a map with points A, B and C; as well as portals and doors that can be destroyed and clear the way. You can check more details of each map on site from Riot.

Beginners guide to valorant! | 30573b09 wiv 5 maps by br | married games news | beginners guide to valorant
Beginners guide to Valorant! | Beginners guide to Valorant

How to shoot

It is not enough to just have a good weapon and know what your character does, you need to hit the shots too, right. There are three basic tips that will ensure that you hit more shots, the first of which is listening, when an enemy is walking around you carelessly you can hear them, so pay close attention, because through the sound of the steps is possible to know which direction they are coming from.

Second: Do as much as possible to shoot still, seriously, do not shoot while walking, if you shoot while walking the shots will spread completely, missing most, you will rarely be able to kill someone like that; so stop to shoot, it may seem strange or easier for the enemy, but this will ensure that most of your shots go to the right place.

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Third: You can combine your skills with weapons, making you enemies faster or taking enemies by surprise. There are many possibilities for combos. Be creative!

Beginner's Guide to Valorant
Beginners guide to Valorant! | Beginners guide to Valorant


After a fight, analyze what is happening on the map, how many allies and enemies are still alive, who they are, what they can do, their position and what you still have to use against enemies. Remember to communicate with your team and pay attention to the information passed on by your teammates.

How to play valorant
Very important tips on how to play Valorant

Our beginner's guide to Valorant ends here for now. We will soon have in-depth guides on how to play Valorant on our website.

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