Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

Warzone players: you who play Call of Duty: Warzone casually, have you ever thought about following the game's competitive scene but you don't know much about who the players are and why some are so famous? Well, this post is just to guide you and show you great names in the battle royale in the national environment that can please you not only for being great players, but also as great streamers.

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Who are the best Warzone players?

But first, it is necessary to understand one thing: the game, being recent, still has its custom matches in beta mode, that is, it is still undergoing tests and that is why there are several championship formats Call of Duty. Kill Race (whoever kills the most wins) and Wagers (quartet but divided into pairs) are some of the alternatives, but in public lobbies. And all the players mentioned in the article tend to do well in any format. Check out!

Best Warzone Players

ninexT (100 Collar) - Mouse and keyboard

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Who are the best Warzone players?

We started this list with nothing more and nothing less than Nino Pavolini, better known as Tninex. For those who don't know, this guy is the main name of CoD Warzone in Brazil and who knows in South America. Coming with a huge bag of experience from Apex Legends and PUBG championships, ninexT migrated to Call of Duty at the beginning of battle royale and soon made noise due to his surreal movement and his large amount of kills per game.

"Soapy", "European", are some of his nicknames that he carries for fun and giving "classes" to his audience in your lives happening by Facebook Gaming. Nino representing his team “100 Coleira (100C)” has already won several titles, among the most important are the 3x Brazilian Champion of the streamers and professionals kill race tournament organized by Activision and LATAM, as well as many other individual awards such as MVP of championships in private lobbies. Nine that has even caught the attention of Ronaldo Fenômeno, who monitors the young gamer's career.

Tonyboy (BEN$A) – Mouse and Keyboard

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Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

Controversial, winner and rusher. These three words define Tonyboy, one of the greatest CoD Warzone players in Brazil and South America. The young athlete is already known by Fortnite players where he was one of the great content creators of the game, where he was even noticed by Ninja, one of the biggest streamers in the world. Tony, as well as ninexT has been in Warzone since its launch, doing magic in the game and drawing attention in battle royale.

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Controversial for making acidic comments that aren't always properly swallowed by the audience, Tony has always been different from the rest. It created fashion in the game and inspired several other players to do the same, even though it was difficult to match him. Winner for winning everything and more. Just before creating BEN$A, Tony made a lot of money playing alongside ninexT and Sn4rfx for the 100C, including official Activision championships.

The author of this article already had the honor (and bad luck) of facing Tonyboy in an open lobby match and didn't like the experience because it's almost impossible to beat the man.

After creating BEN$A, Tonyboy invited his gang to meet in a gamehouse, where he shares the same roof as his streamer friends to play Warzone in a mansion. Today, BEN$A is the biggest Warzone team in Brazil with the biggest names in the scene. Tony manages to stand out in both private lobby and kill race. The same does lives also by Facebook Gaming.

Gepege (BEN$A) - Control

Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

Gepege is the first controller on the list and must be remembered on this list for being one of the best in Brazil! GPG that began its Warzone career playing on a humble PS4 and a partially burned-out screen, already drew attention to getting impressive numbers of kills on material as limited as the console for playing Warzone. For those who don't know, the console only has 80 FOV (field of view) and this is a cause for complaint for gamers, where on PC the FOV is easily adjustable.

However, for GPG this was never a problem because it was always differentiated. Today, with his PC, living in the BEN$A gamehouse, Gepege has become an even better and inspirational symbol for many Warzone players. The young player has already won several titles from both Kill Race and private lobbies, among them, The Streamers Challenge organized by Activision itself.

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You can find Gepege doing lives through Facebook Gaming.

Stolen (JUXT Gaming) – Keyboard and Mouse

Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

The Monxtron, as it is known in your lives on Twitch, Matheus Stolen is one of the representatives of Juxt Gaming, one of the best Warzone teams we have on the national scene. Also known as King of RAM-7, weapon that he uses the most and loves so much in the game.

Stolen is an extremely cold and calculating player when he is in kill race matches and a strategist in private lobbies. His intelligence and skill are clearly notable in decision moments, like the final stretch of a match. With his weapon of confidence, Stolen is a huge player.

Besides being highly skilled, Stolen is also very charismatic and funny, things that make him one of the most important Warzone players in Brazil.

F0rever (JUXT Gaming) – Keyboard and mouse

Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

You know that player who only needs a bullet to decide a game? This guy is Forever, easily one of the best, if not the best Brazilian sniper in Warzone. Forever's performance in private lobby championships is always very encouraging due to his snipads in various corners of Verdansk with his SP-R.

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On several occasions, Forever has been the MVP of major championships due to his video-worthy plays. For being more strategist and sniper, the player in addition to making many kills is also an excellent support making appointments for his fellow Stolen and Parangafps to complete a move. Currently one of the smartest players we have today.

You can follow Forever on Facebook Gaming.

nSlxsh (NAROX) - Control

Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

Want to follow a smart and highly skilled player in control? The ideal guy is Slxsh! This guy, when he has his CR-56 (Galil) in his hand, he doesn't have it for anyone! The former BEN$A player does damage in Verdansk along with his teammates n4no and Garciia.

Winner of several tournaments, Slxsh is a very versatile solid player who can solo a squad with enormous ease thanks to his action shots. In addition to being an excellent player, Slxsh is an excellent person who draws attention for his humility that he conveys in your lives that take place on Twitch.

Rayana – Keyboard and mouse

Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

Intelligence? Rushadora? We have! Rayana is easily one of the best players in Warzone! The player who has represented the 100C a few times, no longer needs to prove anything to anyone because of her high performance in championships of any format.

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The player who, in addition to being a competitor, raises several flags regarding representation for being a woman in a community that, unfortunately, is still sexist. Rayana helps to increasingly lessen these problems that are still involved in electronic sports, and that includes Warzone. Rayana is also on Facebook Gaming.

More about Call of Duty: Warzone

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Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software and published by Activision. Released March 10, 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game is part of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) title, but does not require purchase. Warzone allows 150-player online multiplayer combat in the fictional city of Verdansk, which is loosely based on the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. It features a cross-platform progression between the two games.

Warzone was released for free as part of the 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game on March 10, 2020, following a series of glitches and leaks the previous month. The game's existence was leaked a month earlier by a post on Reddit, and a software glitch in the same month briefly allowed players to view an earlier version of the battle map. On March 8, 2020, two days before release, YouTube streamer Chaos posted an 11-minute video claiming to feature Warzone gameplay. The video was removed and, on March 9, Activision officially announced that the game would be released on March 10th.

On December 16, 2020, Warzone received a major content update, with the integration of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which added all of the game's weapons, accessories and skins to Warzone. Plus new maps and game modes. As before in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, all post-launch content is free, with only cosmetic store items purchasable through microtransactions. The Battle Pass system has been unified between Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, with no need to purchase the game for progression. In addition to the Battle Pass, the XP system has been integrated between the three games, making it possible to level up the player regardless of which player is playing.

Who are the best Warzone players in Brazil?

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