Big Changes in Dead By Daylight

Oh, dear ones, I haven't talked about it in a while Dead by Daylight around here, but with the first big update of the year, we have big changes that possibly changed the whole goal of Behavior Studios' asymmetric multiplayer.

Big changes in Dead by Daylight

Dead by daylight changes

Repair changes in toolboxes

Due to the fact that toolboxes are a big step forward for the survivors and that unbalance the game, the developer opted to decrease their loads, but increase their speed, which greatly increases the strategy involved in using or not using the boxes. Letting the player choose to use them to maximize the gains from this use

  • Toolboxes have a much lower impact on startup and can no longer be used the entire time you repair. The amount of time saved with a toolbox is much less overall.
  • There is more strategy involved when you should use your Toolbox. (for example, do you use it immediately and risk being interrupted before finishing the generator or save it for a moment when the killer is approaching and the generator is almost ready?)

The boxes will also have their add-ons revised after this change.

Dead by daylight sabotage

Changes in sabotage

Most survivors have the tactic of leaving the hook sabotage at 99% and after someone is knocked down and taken to the hook in question, it is broken and makes the killer more difficult.

The following changes were made to balance the game:

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  • Sabotage now takes just a few seconds, but progress is reset if you cancel the interaction.
  • The number of hooks that can be sabotaged with a single toolbox is very limited.
  • Sabotaged hooks reappear much faster.
  • Hooks can now be sabotaged from any angle.
  • Bear traps can no longer be sabotaged.
Dead by daylight perks

Changes in Perks

Due to the changes mentioned above, some perks have undergone changes to keep pace with the game

The Saboteur

  • See the hook auras within the killer's transport range when a survivor is caught.
  • Sabotage a hook without the need for a toolbox, with countdown.

Hangman's Trick

  • Receive notification when hook sabotage begins.
  • While carrying a Survivor, see any Survivor's auras within the hook area.


  • Broken hooks with this advantage will remain broken for three minutes
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Item Retention Changes

the items will not be destroyed if all of your charges are used. Instead, the item will be disabled for the rest of the game. If you escape with an item with no remaining charges, it will be added to your inventory as usual.

At the same time, we will do this so that all add-ons you equip are consumed after departure (whether you escape with the item or not). This is in line with the Killer add-ons, which are for single use. THE Ace in the Hole will allow you to keep any add-ons with which you escape the match.

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New Feature: Breakable Walls

Breakable walls appear in predefined locations, such as pallets. Unlike pallets, a Survivor cannot interact with them in any way. The killer, however, can walk to one of these walls and destroy it whenever he wants.

For now, they will be exclusive to the next map, where different uses will be experienced. Breaking a few can make a window loop stronger, allowing you to recover much faster. Others can open new paths to move around the map more quickly. 

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When breakable walls are added to other maps, they will appear differently to suit the Kingdom theme. Although they may look different from one map to the next, the team will ensure that they are easily recognizable, so that it is clear which walls can and cannot be broken quickly.

In addition, any benefit or supplement that affects the speed of breaking pallets will be extended to breakable walls. Assassin powers that can break pallets will also be able to break these walls

Big changes in dead by daylight | dead by daylight killers | married games news | changes

Assassin Changes

With the release of the next chapter, some existing Killers will receive some minor changes.

The doctor

With the update The Doctor received in the last half of the chapter, there are now two ways to inflict Madness: Shock Therapy and Static Blast. To balance the game we have the following changes:

  • Madness no longer decays passively over time.
  • Shock Therapy will add half from the level of Madness to any Survivor hit.
  • Static Blast will add um level of madness total to all survivors.

In general, the number of times you need to shock a Survivor to increase their Madness should look more or less the same, as Madness will no longer passively decay.

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In Prague

In the future, the plague will always start with a corrupted source. The objectives behind this change are very simple:

  • This ensures that Prague is able to use its corrupt purge in any match, even if the survivors choose not to clean.
  • Survivors are still able to decide not to clean up and simply endure Corruption Corruption, although they are at great risk in doing so as they will be injured.

And finally, it adds another layer of strategy to play with Prague. You can decide if you want to use your guaranteed source immediately to help you get down early, or save it for the end of the game, when some Survivors have already left your Vile Purge.

The hunter

As mentioned above, Hunter's traps will no longer give Survivors the option to sabotage them. In addition, your traps can now be reset without looking for them first. This option is available whether you are holding another trap or not.

With that the game is preparing for Chapter XV of Dead by Daylight and its new characters. We will see what he awaits.

Anyway, don't forget to access more news, but access the game page

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  1. Avatar of lightLuiz Reply

    DBD could have five killers fighting to balance it, because it's the game that privileges killers. Not all survive is rated 1 and lives on 360. Playing killer was already the easiest thing in the world, and it is getting more and more.

  2. Avatar of lightLuiz Reply

    DBD could have five killers fighting to balance it, because it's the game that privileges killers. Not all survive is rated 1 and lives on 360. Playing killer was already the easiest thing in the world, and it is getting more and more.

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