Black Desert Halloween Event

Chips 1, 2, 3, Haunted House and many other activities will be available for a limited time during the Black Desert Halloween Event

Pearl Abyss kicks off the Black Desert Halloween Event celebrations today for the PC version and tomorrow (15) for the console version with a series of activities that will reward players through November 10th. This year, the Black Desert development team opted for a steampunk look and prepared a series of antics that will both scare and excite adventurers around the world.

Mad scientist Marni has built a spooky amusement park for Halloween, specially designed to send shivers down anyone's spine and which includes the Haunted House, with quests like finding a crying child's lost bear. On the way, the adventurer will encounter ghosts and various obstacles hidden in the shadows, but completing the mission will reward him with a special dice that can be used in the mini game Adventure of the Ancestral Dark Spirit.

Black Desert Halloween Event
Black Desert Halloween Event

Black Desert Halloween event with lots of little games

In addition, Marni's Suspicious Playground hosts several mini games and events that will guarantee items and rewards for those who complete the challenges. Among the activities present are:

Fried Potato 1,2,3: Among the many new activities available this year through the Halloween celebration is the mini game Potato Chip 1,2,3, in which players participate in an electrifying version of this child's play.

Robotic creatures: Next to NPC Marcellin, two robotic creatures called MOD Oog Mk IV and Mk V are fighting and adventurers can try to predict the winner to earn rewards.

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Adventure of the Ancestral Black Spirit: Marni features quests that lead players to hidden rewards and Event Dice, which can be used in the Halloween special edition of Ancestral Black Spirit Adventure, a board game accessible through the Black Desert menu and which guarantees even more rewards.

Gosphy Wizard Mascot: Players can be awarded the Gosphy Mage pet as they venture through the park.

Attendance Rewards: New attendance rewards are available during celebrations, including 100 Cron Stones, Halloween Costume Box and Marni's Unstable Fuel.
Also in celebration of the event, Pearl Abyss is making available to the entire community, for free, a DLC with items equivalent to more than R$ 100 for redemption through Steam or the game's official website. The package includes:

  • 1x [Event] Bright Memory Weapon and Costume Box
  • 1x Board of Valks (+60)
  • 5x 300% Skill and Combat EXP Scrolls (60 min.)

For console version Black Desert players, the Special Gift Pack contains all items present in the DLC and is available for free from PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

For more information about Black Desert Online, visit the official website.

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About the Black Desert franchise

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