Black Desert: New Hashashin class comes exclusively to consoles

Today, developer Pearl Abyss announced that the Black Desert game will receive a new class for console players. The new character is called Hashashin, and is the 19th character to be added to the game, and will be released on July 22 only for consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).

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Hashashin is the warrior of Aal, who can manipulate sandstorms with the power of a native Valencian god. For example, he has an ability that allows him to imbue the memory of a specific place in a sandstorm that allows him to teleport to that place, since he is not far away. It can also create sandstorms to chase enemies or ambush them from above. As a desert dweller, he can travel a little faster in the desert and has slightly greater resistance to desert disease compared to other classes. In hand-to-hand combat, he uses Shamshir as his main weapon.

Anyway, starting today, adventurers can pre-create their own Hashashin in the famous Black Desert character creator. Therefore, those who do can expect some interesting rewards, including mythical quality equipment and a set of abysmal accessories.

black desert hashashin
The new class of Black Desert Online, the Hashashin

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About Black Desert Online

According to its definition on Steam, Black Desert Online “is a breathtaking MMORPG, with a massive open world and incredible next-gen graphics. Let the Black Spirit guide you on your journey. Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat as you hunt monsters, eliminate bosses, defeat your enemies and fight your way to the top. Your adventure is waiting! ”

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