Blender: Manipulate objects - 4 Hacks illustrated

The manipulation of objects in Blender is a major component when dealing with 3D, it may seem too obvious, but often, something simple, is more complex than it appears!
Confused right? Didn't understand anything either? Okay, come with me and you will understand.

Selecting objects in Blender

To select is very simple and direct, just click with the left mouse button under the desired object, and if it has an orange highlighted line (like the cube in the image below) it means that the selection is already active.

Selected cube - blender: manipulate objects
Selected Cube – Blender: Manipulate Objects

In the post about Blender interface we talked about the basic tools, so I’m not going to go into detail on that here ok? I will focus only on actual manipulation!

Manipulating objects in Blender

This part ensures that you will understand how to manipulate objects in Blender, not only correctly, but also easily, guaranteeing some hacks that will help you a lot on a daily basis

When we have our object selected, be it scale, rotation or transformation, we can manipulate it in 4 ways.
The most common is to fix on an axis, X, Y or Z, it is usually performed using the action key we want S to Climb, R to Rotate and G to Transform (from Grab) and then press the desired axis key.
However, the second way is to DENY the axis, yes, you invert, instead of moving the X axis, you negate the axis holding the Shift + {Axis: X, Y or Z} this will negate the axis, and you will be able to move simultaneously on the Y and Z axes.
The third is to lock in a “view”, this unfortunately works for transformation only. If you are in the front view when pressing key 1 you can move freely on the X and Z axes leaving the Y axis locked.

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Top view showing the axes of action - blender: manipulating objects
Top view showing action axes – Blender: Manipulating objects

As you can see in the image in the left corner we are in the front view and in the right corner we see the axes that we can move.

The fourth way is the free one, I don't recommend it very much because it never works well and very rarely you will reach your goal, it is basically to press the action button and see with the mouse.

So, now it's easy, isn't it? I think that manipulating objects with Blender has never seemed so easy hehehe

The next step with Blender?

Well we have a lot of content still ahead, but I'll give you a spoiler here:

In the next publication / video, we will model a wooden barrel, in that pirate style, you know? Step by step, everything well explained for you to follow!

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