Blender: Configuring for the notebook

O Blender uses both the numeric keypad and the middle mouse button as part of the control, but notebook has neither of these two options, what now?

Stay here with me and I'll explain you how to configure it.

1: Blender settings

To access the settings of the Blender we click on “Edit” and then on “Preferences”.

Blender: configuring for the notebook | image 10 | married games news | blender, linux, mac, 3d modeling, pc | notebook blender
Accessing Blender settings - How to configure Blender for Notebook

Then we navigate to the “Input” section, where we have the items we need to change.

Enabling emulation

Here we will enable the options “Emulate Numpad” for Blender to use the line of numbers on your notebook.
And also if you don't have a mouse, “Emulate 3 Button Mouse”, so by pressing Alt and the left trackpad button on your notebook, Blender will recognize it as the middle mouse button.

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Blender: configuring for the notebook | image 11 | married games news | blender, linux, mac, 3d modeling, pc | notebook blender
Blender Input Settings Screen – How to Configure Blender for Notebook

And then did you like this tip on how to get your notebook ready to work with Blender?
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Alias, if you still have any questions about how to configure Blender for your notebook, leave a message below in the comments or access our Discord, there we have an area dedicated to Blender.

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