Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare have Season 7?

A next season and more news are planned for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

Call of duty modern warfare
Call of duty modern warfare

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Leaks Suggesting an Next Season

Based on the leaks from BKTOOR, there should be no problem launching future seasons of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. As highlighted in the image below, it is written ” Buy the Battle Pass for season 6 and collect up to 1300 CP as you level up. Use them to purchase Battle Pass from next season so that the action never stops. "


However, CoD points are linked to our Activision accounts, which may mean that these 1.300 points can be useful for purchasing the first season of Cold War content.

Even if we see the MW logo, we must remember that Warzone is still linked to Call of Duty Modern Warfare and will soon be directly linked to Black Ops Cold War.

In addition, we must not rule out the possibility that the text presented above is just an ordinary copy and paste and that the information is totally generic between each station

Another option could be possible, including one in which seasons would be available between each game. Since Modern Warfare and Warzone are still linked, nothing could stop the deployment of a 7th season for Modern Warfare and Warzone, with the 1st season starting in the Cold War

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Call of duty modern warfare

A Battle Pass of the 1st season for the Cold War has already been confirmed, so it is unlikely that this theory will be realized.

So there are still many doubts hanging over Season 7 of Modern Warfare. It is quite possible that only data miners will be able to guide us on the subject in the future, with leaks coming directly from Modern Warfare. This could be a real indicator, but at the moment it is too early to make any real speculation.

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