Call of Duty: Warzone gets snipers and shotguns mode

Call of Duty: Warzone; Players can practice their close-range and long-range shooting skills in a new mode: “Scopes and Scatter Guns Trios”. It doesn't come off the tongue, right? It is essentially a mode of snipers and shotguns.

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call of duty warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone gets a sniper and shotgun mode | Activision, Call of Duty, infinity ward, pc | Call of Duty: Warzone

The mode promises to bring you “to new playing fields”, which implies that everyone is using medium-range weapons, which doesn't seem very true. Fighting on a map full of snipers sounds like a terrible time if, like me, you can't shoot anything, but maybe all the pressure will make you a fantastic sniper. Or you can just browse the map hoping to find people who can unload some shotgun bullets.

There are also some new packages for you to earn money, allowing you to buy a pair of legendary weapons and two epic customization options, plus various items, skins and more for Otter.

Infinity Ward cleaning up Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters

A Infinity Ward is also cleaning up the Call of Duty: Warzone cheater infestation. According to the developer, 70.000 bans have been released, and this will reinforce the battle royale with more security updates and improvements to the game's reports. “We're watching,” Infinity Ward warns players threateningly. "We have zero tolerance for cheaters."

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About the game

Anyway, Call of Duty: Warzone takes place in Verdansk, an expansive city with several named zones and more than 300 points of interest. Each zone has different landmarks, such as the Gorengard Lumber Yard or the Gora Dam; Therefore, zones occur in different types of environment, such as cities and rural areas, for exclusive commitments. Change your drop location in each match to get a better terrain configuration and take advantage of what Verdansk has to offer.

So, if you need to escape the gas in the closing circle or reach another area, get a vehicle.

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