CoD Warzone: 3 new features - Subway station, Night modes and Zombies mode

For addicted FPS fans, there were some leaks of game images that mention a piece of content possibly arriving at the beginning of the game. Seasonings 6

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One of the leaks brought supposed images of a night mode arriving at the game, while a video from the Call of Duty League showed what appears to be an entrance to a subway station. However, it remains to be clarified whether the Zombies Royale mode and the night mode are the same. Verdansk will be launched in the dark and players will have to be very careful about what is hidden in the shadows. Dusk would be a perfect opportunity for the developer to make use of a night vision gadget as well. Warzone has so far had no reason to allow players to see in the dark. The approaching night mode can change that.

Check out the images of the night mode:

Other information has pointed to the addition of a subway system for months, indicating that the game may have an entire underground area on the map.

Zombies mode: Call of Duty Warzone

After the recent mid-season update, data miners have discovered (via Charlie Intel) a Zombies Royale mode for the war zone, where players will come back to life as hungry zombies after death. The attached description states that zombie players can become human again by consuming the hearts of other fallen players. The only way to win will be to be the last surviving team with a living human.

Photo: zombies royale | call of duty: warzone
Photo: Zombies Royale | Call Of Duty: Warzone

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