Cars will arrive at Fortnite on Wednesday 5th

Cars are coming to Fortnite this week. The new vehicles, or at least some of them, will be added in a patch on Wednesday, August 5, according to a tweet from the official account.

We've known for some time that Fortnite has been adding cars, and there are already a few on the map, although they can't be driven yet. On posters around the island, we saw a truck, a large platform, a sedan and the car featured in the tweet embedded below, the Whiplash. According to the tweet, the name Whiplash is "a warning".

It is hard to imagine that the cars do not drastically change the goal of Fortnite, the pace of the game and the reversed tactics. In 2018, super market carts were of great help. Now an entire fleet of vehicles will be added, including one that is apparently so fast that we must be afraid.

Initially, the absence of cars in Fortnite set it apart from other battle royales, such as PlayerUnknown, almost as much as its buildings. Ground vehicles were an essential part of PUBG from the start and contributed to its popularity, with the first prominent clips always showing stupidly bouncing Soviet cars while eliminating squads. Their addition to Fortnite now looks a little strange.

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However, now after so long, it was decided that the cars will be added this Wednesday when the “Joy Ride” update is released.

More details about Cars in Fortnite

According to rumors and Easter Eggs it was possible to find car posters around the map, correlating the car styles we saw earlier in the third season battle pass trailer. The posters feature the sporty Whiplash, the Prevalent that looks like an ordinary car, a truck called Mudflap, and looks like the red truck is called Bear.

We can also see in another image that the truck carries one person in the back and another in the passenger seat, indicating that the vehicles will allow you to take your entire squad around eliminating enemies.

New cars in fortnite
Cars will arrive at Fortnite this Wednesday the 5th | Cars

Fortnite will likely require players to refuel after a certain distance. Update 13.20 actually contained some hints that players could refuel at gas stations and also with gas cans found during the loot. Like when flying a helicopter and small icons of gas cans appeared on the mini map.

Fortnite third season

We knew that the cars were coming to Fortnite since the third season in June, but until now, the vehicles were not available in the game. Epic had previously said that more areas and resources would begin to appear as the water that flooded the third season's map gradually diminished, but it was unclear exactly when the cars would be added; then on July 23, Epic said the vehicles would not be ready for "a few weeks" yet.

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Cars aren't the only new addition to Fortnite this week; floodwaters have also recently subsided, as has a new area called Coral Castle, which is basically the Atlantis version of Fortnite. The area is located to the north of Litoral Limpido, and its centerpiece is an ornate castle, full of loot chests.

There are still a few weeks to go before the third season of Fortnite is over, which means that Epic still has a lot of challenges for players before the season ends. But don't worry, we'll post guides for all the next challenges.

Fortnite is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC through Epic Games, check out official page.

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